The most popular parcel lockers companies in the world

Parcel Lockers self-service is one of the fastest growing technologies in the field of logistics and delivery. These are autonomous devices for issuing parcels, correspondence, goods and even food products. Modern Parcel Lockers can be equipped with climate control equipment to maintain a given temperature in the cell, which is why they are actively used by restaurants, cafes and other catering companies. And this is not to mention online stores, marketplaces, delivery services and other businesses where self-service lockers can be integrated without any problems. Needless to say, creating ready-made solutions automated Parcel Lockers is a separate industry that already has its own leaders today.

The best Parcel Lockers manufacturers in the world: top 5 companies

1. Omnic

The company was founded in 2013, and today is one of the largest in the world producing ready-made Parcel Lockers solutions. Its products can be found in Europe and the USA – these are high-tech self-service locker systems that are used by large companies in all regions where the Omnic brand is represented.


The company began operations in 2001. At the moment, its products are used in a number of countries in Europe, South America, as well as in the USA. The main direction of its activity is the production of automatic storage rooms for tourist cities, beaches, shops, train stations and airports.

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This manufacturer is one of the first to launch its own Parcel Lockers network in Germany. Their e-commerce solutions are widely used in the retail industry and continue to improve. Thus, one of the company’s know-how is the use of renewable electricity sources to power Parcel Lockers.

4. TZ Smart Locker

An Australian company offering a comprehensive supply of lockers, smart lock and control electronics and bespoke software used by leading global companies around the world.

5. Luxer One

An American company that has been engaged in automated systems for business since 2005. Produces smart Parcel Lockers, rooms (lockers), refrigerated lockers, kiosks and much more to automate the storage and delivery of various products – from delivery solutions in apartment buildings to BOPIS in retail stores.

How to order Parcel Lockers directly from the manufacturer

First, you need to study the manufacturer’s market. Find out if there is a representative office of a particular company in your region – this will greatly simplify logistics and communication. Once the selection is made, discuss order details with the manufacturer, such as the number of Parcel Lockers, their types, customization options and delivery times.

After clarifying all the details, sign an agreement with the manufacturer, which will indicate the terms of the order, delivery time, guarantees, cost and other important points. Then – payment and receipt of equipment that needs to be installed in accordance with the instructions. Also check the installation time – many manufacturers of automated boxes offer such a service. It is important to test equipment and train personnel. If everything went well, just monitor the work of Parcel Lockers and, if necessary, contact the manufacturer for warranty service.

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