9 Best Building Construction Companies in the UAE

Building Construction Companies in the UAE

There are many Building Construction Companies in UAE, but which one is the best for your project? It can be tough to decide, especially if you don’t know much about construction. In this blog post, we will list the 10 best Building Construction Companies in UAE. We have carefully researched and evaluated each company to come up with this list. We hope it helps you choose the right company for your next construction project!

1. Khansaheb Civil Engineering LLC:

Khansaheb Civil Engineering LLC was founded in 1935 and since then it has developed into a highly esteemed company. Khansaheb is known for its professionalism, integrity, outstanding quality, dependable delivery as well as a high level of customer satisfaction. Khansaheb’s extensive experience encompasses all building and infrastructure sectors. Their commitment to excellence over the past 85 years has been a crucial reason behind their success and continued growth as a respected business leader in the industry.

2. Arabtec Construction LLC Dubai:

Arabtec Construction LLC ( Arabtec ) is a pillar of the Arabtec Holding PJSC, established in 1975 and based out of Dubai. Arabtec specializes in delivering social and economic infrastructure projects, such as high-rise developments, airport terminals, luxury villas, and iconic landmarks.

Arabtec has become a multinational powerhouse with completed projects extending to the United Arab Emirates, across the broader GCC region, North Africa, and beyond into Asia. Over the years Arabtec has gradually built an array of accolades to form a reputation that places it as a leader in global infrastructure construction.

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3. Al Habtoor Group:

Al Habtoor Group is a remarkable story of growth and success. From humble beginnings as a small engineering firm in 1970, Al Habtoor has since developed into one of the region’s most respected conglomerates. Al Habtoor has diversified its holdings, with interests ranging from hospitality to automotive, real estate, education and publishing.

Al Habtoor has held strong despite changes in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) landscape; now more than seven decades later, Al Habtoor is firmly entrenched as an essential part of the UAE’s socio-economic fabric. This rapid growth has solidified Al Habtoor among both local and international business circles and truly sets it up for continued success in the future.

4. AlSahel Contracting Company LLC:

Al Sahel Contracting Company LLC is a top-tier construction and contracting company in the United Arab Emirates. With a strong track record of timely project completion and excellent customer service, Al Sahel has become a leader in the industry, holding itself to the highest standards of safety, quality, and efficiency. Their innovative solutions to complex problems have won numerous awards from eminent organizations, making Al Sahel an authority in this field.

Al Sahel strives to provide its customers with a seamless experience that is affordable and hassle free so that their projects are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Al Sahel is committed to creating projects that will stand the test of time.

5. Dutco:

Dutco Group of Companies is deeply intertwined with the history and development of Dubai. Dutco was founded in 1947 when Dubai Transport Company began business, and since then it has grown to encompass a wide range of activities including mechanical and electrical engineering, civil engineering works, piling & soil improvement, dredging, survey and reclamation, pipeline engineering, information technology and telecommunications, logistics & freight services trading and luxury hotel operations. Dutco’s presence within Dubai has left an indelible mark on the city’s development as well as being part of its story.

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6. AlNaboodah Construction Group LLC:

Al Naboodah Construction Group (ANCG) is a renowned UAE-based contractor that specializes in civil engineering, building, and MEP construction. AlNaboodah Construction Group LLC (ANCG) has been integral to the country’s growth and development by contributing to the completion of several iconic infrastructure projects, such as Palm Jumeirah, Business Bay, Dubai Water Canal Project, Yas Island, Parallel Roads and Al Maktoum International Airport. Over the years, the company has established an unrivalled reputation by providing quality services and delivering challenging projects on time and on budget both locally and internationally.

AlNaboodah Construction Group (ANCG) will strive to continue building iconic structures that far exceed expectations for years to come.


FUJAIRAH NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CO (L.L.C.) offers an invaluable service in the engineering and construction industries, with a unique approach that eliminates the need for splitting projects between multiple architecture and construction teams. FNC’s comprehensive design solutions are tailored to both meet the customer’s needs and challenge current conventions. With FNC’s top-notch management and execution of technical, structural, and civil engineering services, FNC ensures projects are delivered on time and within budget – with the highest quality standards ever demanded in the industry.

Professional workers from FNC have incredibly wide knowledge and experience in the fields to ensure their customers get their desired results. FNC takes professionalism to a whole new level; by removing the difficulties of having multiple teams handle various aspects of a project, FNC guarantees a polished end-product that addresses all requirements within every situation.

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8. Pravarthi Building Contracting LLC:

Pravarthi Building Contracting LLC is a construction company based in the Middle East that has grown from humble beginnings to become an established name. They have earned a reputation for payig attention to detail and providing precise services to their clients, enabling them to build a loyal customer base.

Pravarthi Building Contracting LLC is dedicated to serving their clients with the highest quality design and build services whilst embracing green building principles, using state-of-the-art technologies, employing exceptional talent and completing projects on time and within budget. This approach allows Pravarthi Building Contracting LLC to add value for their clients and partners over the long term.

9. Amana Steel Buildings Contracting Co. LLC:

Amana Steel Buildings Contracting Co. LLC is a leader among the region’s turnkey contractors. With 12 offices in the Middle East, Amana offers the perfect combination of local knowledge and wide-ranging experience for their clients. Amana has demonstrated time and time again that they can deliver turnkey solutions to their customers that meet all deadlines and budgets along with their demanding quality specifications. Amana is not only trusted as a contractor, but they have also proven themselves to be experts in meeting unique challenges on any scale.

We hope this list has helped you decide which Building Construction Company to choose for your next project in UAE! Each company on this list provides excellent services and has years of experience in Building Construction. No matter which Building Construction Company you choose, make sure to thoroughly research their past projects and customer reviews before making your final decision. Good luck!

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