#1 Dubai Zoo – The Most Unique Zoo In The World

Do you like going to the zoo? A zoo is the only place where you can see different varieties of animals. The Dubai zoo was about 1.5 km in space and located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This zoo was built in 1967 by a Dubai Resident when Sheikh Rashid Bin maktoum, the former ruler of dubai, permitted Otto. J. Bulart to build a zoo on a two hectare plot in Jumeirah. It is one of the most famous and oldest zoos in the Arabian Peninsula.

Dubai Zoo is also considered as a landmark in Dubai in the late 1960. This zoo was opened 54 years ago on 1 May 1967 and closed on 5 November 2017. In 1971, Dubai Municipality took the management of Dubai Zoo.

 During the first years, a few animals are there in the Dubai Zoo like big cats, monkeys and hoofed-animals. The Dubai zoo had a small aquarium with some fishes and reptiles in it. After some years, the zoo was redesigned, rebuilt and from June 1987 there has been constant re-designing and renovation. It is the first zoo in Dubai to have the rare breed Chimpanzee and the Arabian or Gordon’s wildcat.

Since November 2017 the zoo has closed and all the animals were shifted to the New Dubai Safari Park. Some years ago, the Dubai zoo came under fire for the conditions in which its animals are housed. Animal cages are reported so small that the animals can barely move.

Animals in Dubai Zoo

There are almost 230 animal species in the Dubai Zoo. Around 248 animals are mammal specimens including foxes, hyenas, pumas, asiatic lions, jaguars, chimpanzees, baboons, monkeys, deer, bears, porcupines, giraffes, hippos, and Barbary sheep.

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In Dubai zoo, there are some endangered species like Socotra Shagor Cormorant, Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica), and the indigenous Gordon’s wilds. Not only wild animals, there are also some birds including, Ostrich, golden eagle and parrots. Around 400 specimens are reptiles.

Mostly Children love to visit zoos. Every parent needs to take their children to the zoo. By visiting the zoo, you will learn about different species. Visitors will be interested to see the varieties of animals in the Dubai Zoo. 

Dubai Safari Park

In 2003, Dubai Municipality planned to build a new zoo and to replace the old one. Due to the overcrowding, the Dubai Municipality announced that the zoo will be relocated to an open safari within the next two year. After that officials decided to redevelop the 400 hectares(990 acres) of land in AI Warqa’a for the new safari project.

With the existing zoo animals the safari house will also accommodate some new animals. Over many years the zoo is one of the major issues and has been the big talk. On 23 April 2003, the Director General of Dubai Municipality announced that the first phase of the Dubai Safari has been completed and the construction will be completed soon by the end of 2014.

The Dubai Safari Park is made across 120 hectares of land including a zoo, safari, butterfly park,botanical garden, resort, and a golf course. The safari also has veterinary facilities to take proper care of every animal. The safari has almost 1000 animals and birds.

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Later the safari is divided into African, Asian, and Arabian villages, with each village accommodating animals from those respective regions. Finally on 12 December, the Dubai Safari Park was opened for the general public. If you are an animal lover, then this place is perfect for you.

Here you will see different varieties of animals and will gain some knowledge about them. Sometimes watching animals and seeing their activities can be very interesting. So, I will suggest that you visit this place in Dubai.

Visitation of the Dubai Zoo

Here, we will focus on the opening and closing timings of the dubai zoo and about their ticket price.

Opening Hours of Dubai Zoo

●      In Summer Season (from March 1 to October 31) the zoo is opened from 10am to 6pm

●      In the Winter Season (from November 1 to February 28) – the zoo is opened from 10am to 5:30pm

●      The zoo is closed on every Tuesday

Ticket Price

Normally, the ticket price to visit the zoo is 2 Dirhams (0.5 USD) and free entrance for children upto 2 years and for the physical disabled people

Besides this, there are some small shops, seats, and prayer rooms for both men and women.


If you want to visit the Dubai zoo, then this article is a guide for you. Zoo is a place where you can see different animals and their habitats. This article will help you to know more about the Dubai zoo.

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