How To Check Your Emirates ID Fines?

Check Your Emirates ID Fines

The Emirates ID is essential for all residents and citizens of the United Arab Emirates. It serves as a crucial identity proof, often used as the Resident Card. Issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), the Emirates ID consists of 15 digits containing the cardholder’s personal information, including a photo, name, contact number, date of birth, and other biometric data.

Understanding Fines

A fine is a monetary penalty imposed when you violate a rule or law. These fines are linked to your Emirates ID, and unpaid fines can lead to serious legal consequences, such as travel restrictions or even imprisonment. This article will guide you on how to check fines associated with your Emirates ID.

Types of Fines on Emirates ID

There are various fines and penalties related to the use of an Emirates ID, covering different violations of laws and regulations in the United Arab Emirates. You can conveniently pay your Emirates ID fines online through debit or credit cards. Let’s delve into the specific types of fines:

1. Breaking Traffic Rules

Breaking traffic rules is a common issue worldwide. Unsafe driving and violations can result in fines. Drive safely and adhere to traffic rules to avoid fines and legal consequences.

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2. Jaywalking

Jaywalking is when pedestrians cross roads without using designated lanes. Avoiding traffic lights can also lead to fines. Motorists can also be fined for crossing speed limits near zebra crossings.

3. Breaking COVID-19 Rules

During the pandemic, various rules were implemented. Breaking these rules, such as ignoring social distancing, can result in fines.

4. RTA Fines

Reckless driving or driving a vehicle without number plates can lead to substantial fines. For reckless driving, the fine can be AED 2000, and for missing number plates, the fine is AED 1000.

5. Delay in Renewal of Emirates ID

Failure to renew your Emirates ID on time can result in a penalty of AED 1000. Ensure you renew your Emirates ID promptly to avoid fines.

How to Check Fines Online Using Emirates ID

Checking and clearing fines is a straightforward process, with options available for both Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents.

Dubai Police Website

  1. Visit the official website of Dubai Police at
  2. Select “Fines Inquiry and Payment” under “Access Services.”
  3. Fill in the required details, including plate details, license details, and ticket details.
  4. Click on “Inquiry” to view your fines. You can check your fines here.

Abu Dhabi Police Website

  1. Visit the official website of Abu Dhabi Police.
  2. Select the “Traffic Fines Payment” option under “Public Services.”
  3. Log in using your Emirates ID for authentication.
  4. View and pay fines directly through the website. You can check your fines here.

Abu Dhabi Mobile App

  1. Download and open the Abu Dhabi Police mobile app on your smartphone (available for iOS and Android).
  2. Log in using your Emirates ID number or phone number.
  3. Register your vehicle details on the app.
  4. View and pay fines through the app.
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Customer Service Centers

  1. Visit a customer service center to inquire about your fines.
  2. Bring your essential documents, including your Emirates ID and vehicle details.
  3. Seek assistance from the staff, providing them with your Emirates ID and vehicle information.
  4. The staff will inform you about the fines associated with your Emirates ID or vehicle.

This comprehensive guide allows you to check your fines both online and offline, ensuring you are aware of and can clear any pending fines.


In summary, the Emirates ID is a crucial identification document for UAE residents and citizens. It is essential to be aware of the fines associated with your Emirates ID and how to check and clear them. Adhering to rules and regulations, especially in traffic and during pandemic-related restrictions, is vital to avoiding fines and their potential consequences.

For more information on Emirates ID and related fines, feel free to explore our FAQs.


1. How can I avoid fines related to my Emirates ID?

  • To avoid fines, ensure you follow traffic rules, respect pedestrian crossings, adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, and renew your Emirates ID on time.

2. What happens if I don’t pay my fines on time?

  • Unpaid fines linked to your Emirates ID can lead to travel restrictions and legal consequences.

3. Can I pay my fines using a credit card online?

  • Yes, you can conveniently pay your fines online using a credit card through the official websites and mobile apps.

4. Are fines the same for residents and tourists in the UAE?

  • Fines apply to both residents and tourists, so it’s essential to be aware of and adhere to the rules.
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5. What’s the process for renewing an Emirates ID, and how can I ensure I do it on time?

  • The renewal process involves submitting the necessary documents and fees. To renew on time, set reminders and keep track of your ID’s expiration date.

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