About migration company Immigrantinlaw

About migration company Immigrantinlaw

Immigrantinlaw is a European immigration company dedicated to simplifying the process of obtaining citizenship or residence permits in EU countries. According to data on the official website, this organization’s lawyers help to navigate bureaucratic procedures of documents registration and assist throughout the application process.

In reviews, Immigrantinlaw is described as a reliable provider of legal support, as it works exclusively under a cooperation agreement. Below is an overview of the services offered by this company and a breakdown of who might benefit from its guidance.

The services offered by Immigrantinlaw

On the official website, it is emphasized that the main expertise of Immigrantinlaw is helping people to obtain temporary or permanent residence permits and citizenship in European states. The company provides assistance in twenty EU countries, with the most popular immigration destinations, according to reviews, being Romania and Slovenia.

As explained in many articles, Immigrantinlaw is well known for its remote support in obtaining EU citizenship. Virtually all passport procedures are carried out without the direct involvement of the client and are handled by the lawyers. As emphasized in reviews, Immigrantinlaw specialists save customers a lot of time. Travelling to another country is kept to a minimum. Clients only need to attend those procedures that are necessary for their involvement in the immigration process.

According to the descriptions on the website, Immigrantinlaw offers the following services:

  • Individual counselling. When contacting Immigrantinlaw, a person receives a free initial consultation in a remote format. Immigration experts help the client to find out whether they are eligible for citizenship under the repatriation program by assisting with archival research. They also answer any questions about the application process, giving advice and clear instructions on how to proceed.
  • Dossier preparation assistance. Immigrantinlaw experts help clients with phone consultations to gather the necessary documentation for relocation. They provide information on the list of certificates required, as well as explanations of their appearance and the need to renew them. In turn, Immigrantinlaw lawyers independently handle the preparation of certificates, namely their translation and notarization. Based on reviews, this is advantageous as it eliminates the need to visit various competent authorities to complete document collection procedures.
  • Submitting an application. This process is also carried out remotely for the client. Immigrantinlaw representatives in the chosen country visit the relevant immigration office, communicate with the authorities and submit the application on behalf of the customer. They also oversee the progress of the case and report back via phone or messengers.
  • Legal support with obtaining documents. The client arrives at the immigration authority, takes the oath and receives a certificate of citizenship in a European state. With the assistance of a lawyer, the customer then requests the registration of a passport and other necessary documents. In this way, the entire process, from consultation to acquiring EU citizenship, is managed by Immigrantinlaw experts.
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Who can benefit from the company’s services

The main benefit of working with Immigrantinlaw, as described by clients in their reviews, is the simplification of immigration procedures. In order to complete them successfully on their own, people need in-depth knowledge of EU legislation, passport requirements and good document management skills. Many, according to reviews, make mistakes when going through the relocation stages, resulting in rejection and wasted time.

Immigrantinlaw can helps to avoid such an outcome when obtaining citizenship. In reviews of the company, it is pointed out that there are hardly any complications when working with this organization’s lawyers. All stages of acquiring an EU passport or residence permit are supervised by experts, some of them without the client’s involvement.

Therefore, the services of Immigrantinlaw are beneficial for anyone who is interested in saving time when moving to Europe. Based on Internet reviews, they are often requested by businessmen and people who find it impractical to constantly fly to European states’ authorities to complete immigration processes. Immigrantinlaw support is particularly appreciated by migrants from countries following:

  • Egypt;
  • Qatar;
  • United Arab Emirates;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Turkey.

Conclusion about Immigrantinlaw

Having reviewed the services offered by Immigrantinlaw, it is clear that the company is reliable and suitable for anyone wishing to simplify their immigration to the EU. Its experts provide legal support in compliance with the agreement, which eliminates any misunderstandings in cooperation. This organization’s reputation has been stable from its foundation and there are virtually no negative reviews. It can be concluded that Immigrantinlaw is a favorable company for cooperation and contacting it when relocating to the EU definitely brings significant advantages.

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