6 Reasons to Enrol Your Children in a School With an American Curriculum

American curriculum schools in Dubai

One of the crucial parts of choosing a good private school for your children in Dubai is understanding the curriculum the academies follow.

At present, Dubai’s private schools follow different curricula, including Australian, British, Indian and American.

These programs differ from one another and come with their own sets of benefits.

This article aims to explain how the American curriculum schools in Dubai stand out from the other programs and the benefits your little ones can gain when you choose this program for them.

Benefits of Studying in Schools With an American Curriculum

When your children study at a school following an American curriculum, they gain these benefits:

1. A widely recognised qualification

Schools offering an American curriculum undergo a strict evaluation to ensure they meet stringent academic standards set by different educational bodies.

As a result, these schools provide a high-quality education that allows students to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed academically and prepare them for the real world.

Due to the high standards of this educational program, students who complete it get a qualification recognised and accepted all over the world.

With this qualification, your children can have a significant advantage when they apply to their choice of university or college not only in the U.S.A. but anywhere in the world.

Your children’s diploma can also be one of the highlights on their CV when they start looking for a job.

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2. Focus on creativity

The U.S.A. is one of the most innovative countries constantly introducing advancements in technology, arts, and entertainment.

The American curriculum plays a key role in the creation of these advancements since it is designed to support creativity, innovation, free and out-of-the-box thinking.

American schools support their student’s creativity, liberal and off the wall thinking by facilitating open communication, participation and collaboration within the classroom and campus.

Moreover, schools following the American syllabus allow students to use computers and other technologies for learning. Because of this, they have more tools to use to unleash their creativity and innovative thinking.

Lastly, American schools provide their students with various learning experiences that help them discover and apply their creativity. These include team building exercises, drama and music classes and outdoor exploratory activities.

3. Opportunities for exploration

Schools with an American curriculum provide their students with standard based learning that focuses on the global aspects of the subjects. This helps prepare the students with a broader perspective, expanding their view of the world.

Additionally, American school students have the freedom to choose some subjects to study. These elective classes allow them to learn something based only on their interests and goals.

Examples of these elective subjects include music, photography, cooking and trade field studies, such as nursing and automotive technology.

Additionally, American school students can have the option to take advanced placement or AP courses.

These rigorous, in-depth classes teach students various subjects at an introductory college level. These AP courses include calculus, biology, chemistry, statistics and English literature.

Students who complete one AP class (or more) can take the AP tests. If they get the required score, they can obtain credits for these subjects, which their chosen college or university will likely accept. 

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These learning opportunities allow students to explore fields of study they may be interested and excel in. Additionally, these experiences give them a sense of empowerment since they have a hand in crafting the education they desire.

4. Positive teacher-student relationships

The American educational program is known for its warmer and friendlier relationship between teachers and students.

The teachers provide full support to their students in terms of their studies. Moreover, they facilitate engaging and productive learning environments that encourage sharing of opinions and honest conversations.

These settings also encourage students to be more curious, inquire and explore.

Although the classroom may feel warmer and friendlier, the teachers still maintain a respectful relationship with their students.

Lastly, teachers of American schools are known for constantly communicating and working with their students’ parents.

By doing so, parents can track their children’s academic progress and give them the support they need if they are struggling with certain subjects or activities.

5. Different elements go into the students’ grades

Unlike the British and India’s Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE curricula, the American syllabus does not require students to take a long, comprehensive final exam to check what the students learned at the end of the school year.

Under an American curriculum, students are evaluated through a combination of different assignments, presentations, group projects, quizzes, tests and class attendance.

Because of this, students can worry about and feel less stressed about their studies. Additionally, they have the chance to pace themselves comfortably to achieve their academic goals at the end of the semester.

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If students want to know how much they learned during their senior year, they can take the Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT or American College Testing or ACT.

These tests evaluate how well test-takers can analyse and solve problems using the knowledge and skills they learned in school.

Many colleges and universities require SAT or ACT from their incoming students. Some may not ask for them, but they are excellent highlights to include in their application pack.

6. Holistic development for all students

As mentioned, schools following the American curriculum expose and immerse students in a variety of academic subjects and extracurricular activities, including arts and sports.

The curriculum also encourages students to get involved in the community through volunteering and internship opportunities.

Due to these activities, students can develop holistically. They can get help with their physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.

These additional learning experiences, which encourage curiosity and creativity, can also motivate students to attend school, learn and have fun.

The holistic approach of the American curriculum is attuned to each child’s persona and learning style as well since it appreciates and supports their individuality without suppressing their growth.

If you want your children to flourish in a learning environment that promotes creativity, individuality and the holistic growth of each student, and help them obtain an internationally recognised qualification, consider enrolling them in a school following the American curriculum in Dubai.

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