Avoid These 12 Mistakes When Doing Laundry In Dubai

Avoid Mistakes When Doing Laundry In Dubai

Finding the perfect piece of clothing that compliments your style and feels comfortable to wear is not always easy. So, when you do, you’ll want to keep it in its best condition for as long as possible.

But therein lies a problem.

You see, the more you wear your favorite clothes, the faster they wear out. However, there’s really no point in having them in your closet if you can’t use them whenever you want.

This article compiles the top 12 mistakes you must avoid when doing your laundry in Dubai to help you care for your favorite clothes without ruining them.

1. Not Separating Whites and Colors

Your mom probably taught you this countless times when you were a child, and there’s a perfectly good reason she insists on it.

Separating colored clothes from white pieces can help prevent color transfer when washing. If you fail to do this initial step, your light-colored pieces may end up with a different hue (e.g., whites may turn pink when mixed with reds).

2. Using the Wrong Hangers

If you notice misshapen shoulders on your shirts and other tops, you’re probably using the wrong size of hangers. Those with the ideal length should sit around the spot where the shoulders meet the sleeve seam.

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Also, avoid using metal hangers when air-drying damp clothes. When exposed to moisture, the metal may rust and cause discoloration on your shirts and blouses.

3. Overwashing

Overwashing can lead to fading, especially if the clothes are made with dyed cotton fabrics.

Besides reducing the number of washes, you can prevent this by turning dark-colored pieces inside out before washing them in cold water on a low-speed cycle.

4. Adding Too Much Detergent

Like overwashing, using too much detergent can also cause colors to fade faster. Overdoing it also wastes a lot more detergent and water.

5. Failing to Pre-Treat Stains

Don’t just throw your stained clothes into the washer. To get rid of markings efficiently, always pre-treat stains before washing them.

The appropriate stain removal method varies depending on the type of stain in question. However, gently dabbing the affected area with detergent mixed in cool water does the trick in most cases.

6. Drying Pieces With Elastic

Never put swimsuits, undergarments, and other pieces of clothing that have elastics in the dryer. The spinning motion and heat can stretch them too much and eventually cause them to look like overcooked bacon.

Instead, hang them to dry.

7. Washing With Open Zippers

Avoid leaving the zippers open when putting your clothes in the laundry to prevent the metal or plastic hardware from catching onto and ruining other pieces on the cycle.

8. Buttoning Up Before Washing

Always button up your blouses, shirts, and trousers before washing. If you don’t, the spin cycle can pull on them and cause the threads to loosen.

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If you keep making this mistake, you may end up with clothes with incomplete buttons.

9. Not Using the Right Iron Temperature

Ironing can help maintain your clothes’ optimal appearance. It also seals the fabric and protects the linings, making it more resistant to wear and tear.

However, this step can also damage clothing if you don’t set the iron at the right temperature.

If it’s too high, the fabric can get scorched. If it’s too low, you won’t be able to get the wrinkles out efficiently.

It’s easy to forget to set the iron to the right temperature based on the type of fabric, especially if you’re working in big batches.

As a rule of thumb, start with your delicate and less wrinkled pieces while the temperature is climbing. Then, work your way up to sturdier clothes with more stubborn wrinkles that require higher temperature settings.

10. Ironing Dry Clothes

Unless you’re using a steam iron, never iron dry clothes as they are. Since they lack moisture, dry fabrics may have more stubborn wrinkles, which could eventually ruin the clothing in the long run.

Of course, you shouldn’t press wet clothes either. The key is to iron them while damp or spray water on dried clothes to remove creases and wrinkles more efficiently and get better results.

11. Ironing in Circles

Though some people still do this, ironing in circles is actually frowned upon by professional cleaners because it can cause scratches and overstretch certain parts of the clothes.

Instead, iron in long straight strokes, following the same direction the entire time.

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12. DIY-ing Everything

Some clothes are just not meant to be washed at home.

For example, leather and suede materials should be dry-cleaned only, while silk and velvet clothes are too delicate to wash the usual way.

Moreover, pleated dresses and tailored suits need to be cleaned carefully to avoid ruining their crisp and defined folds.

If you’re not sure how to clean or press a particular piece of clothing, it’s best to seek professional cleaners and ironing services in Dubai and have them do it for you instead.

Do It Right

Doing the laundry the right way can maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your clothes. Avoid making the mistakes listed here so you can enjoy your favorite garments longer.

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