Dubai Miracle Garden | The World’s Largest Flower Garden

Where the action is; Dubai, UAE. How about an Alice-in-a-wonder-land experience at the Dubai Miracle Garden?

Dubai Miracle Garden is a 72000 sq.m Floral wonder, lush with over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants in full blossom.

Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden, as awarded three times by the Guinness world record 2013.

The Dubai Miracle Garden was opened on February 14, 2013, located at Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand, Dubai, UAE.

It only opens to visitors during the fall of summer that begins the winter season.

Inside the Dubai Miracle Garden, you’ll have three major experiences which are Attractions, Entertainment, and Dinning.

Brace yourself for a read down the Dubai Miracle Garden in an attempt to experience the attractions, Entertainment, and Dining in plush bliss.

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  • Entertainment in Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Dining in the Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Getting to the Dubai Miracle Garden
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The Dubai Miracle Garden is a verdant treasure trove of experiences that capture the imagination, with its spine-chilling picturesque villages and instagrammable views. There are up to 150 million natural blossoms to blend in with from the nine attraction spots on the Dubai Miracle Garden, which we’ll be touring a handful.

Floral Villas

Placed sharp right into the Dubai Miracle Garden is a flower paradise in an acute line-up arrangement of floral houses.

Floral villas have structures such as bungalows whose exteriors and walls are lush with sweetly scented flowers. The roofs are caressed with lilac, orange, and Lillywhite. Lavender and leafy greens make a good feed to soothe the eyes.

However, the villas are not made for human habitation, but for what it is worth, it’s worth the sightseeing.

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Also, the tall trees and Shire that line the Garden, give you the perfect backdrop to shoot off some instagrammable pics for your timeline, or a family loved-up shots for memories.

The houses in floral Villas are one-stories and two-stories, perfect for a tales by moonlight fantasies 


Satisfied from the floral wonder sightseeing? There are lots of cabanas to chill out on. Crash-sit in one of the fluffy relaxation cushions.

You have lots of food and drink kiosks to refresh yourself with. When you feel bored from too much relaxation, you can take the 400m Walkway and get warmed up for part two. However, the cabana is a good spot to relax and be entertained at.


Another stunning sight to be wowed at is the life-size Airbus A380 Floral structure. It has about 500,000 plants and living flowers that have been cultivated for years.

To honor the skies, Dubai Miracle Garden cooperated with the Emirates airlines to station the structural wonder. Interestingly, the EMIRATES A380 bagged the Guinness world record as the biggest floral structure in the world.

Sunflower Field

Scoop lower, and tell me how it feels having the fussy sunflower at your fingertips. It is paradisiacal and you cannot help but say it’s pretty. Get carried away with the gorgeous array of more than 5million joyous sunflowers basking in the sun.

Smurfs Village

Hey look, it’s the Smurfs! 

The Smurfs Village is made alive for you who relish the tiny blue creatures. Experience the reality of living in the mushroom houses and become one with the smurfs.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is set to perform another Guinness world record miracle in bringing your favorite Belgian comic and favorite TV franchise to reality, with 3 sections to get thrilled which are the Smurf Village, Smurf Activity Area, also the Smurf Topiaries. Something for every smurf fan out there.

Hill Top

Gaze upon the calvary of gorgeous efflorescence and get your taste of awe rejuvenated. Relish on the vertical vibrant wonder at Dubai Miracle Garden. 

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To arrive at this goal of a view, you’ll follow the passage that leads to the lower parts of the garden.

From the terrain, you’ll be blown away at the soul caressing view from the bottom to the HillTop. When at the top you’ll be able to see below the Miracle garden laying down like a dream valley.

No boring moments on your way to the Hilltop, there are options for yummy and steamy coffee to accompany you along the wall. And also, get ready for some shots to create unforgettable cherished recollections.


Every season at the miracle garden is hyper anticipated. You get more than heart-touching floral sightseeing, you also experience top-notch entertainment such as flower parades and other performances from celebrities around.

Be mesmerized by the fantastic flower displays followed by live music and dance sessions.

Get yourself a good spot( the Amphitheatre) where you can relax and shoot off some instagrammable memories with a panoramic view of the garden’s beauty.

Dining at the Dubai Miracle Garden

Dining in the Miracle Garden is dining in a wonderland, just like in your fantasies.

You have varieties of options available from 30 food vendors and kiosks made available at restaurants, cafés & sweet bars.


Dubai Miracle Garden serves up appetite-whetting and mouth-watering meals. Which gives the Arabian, Asian and Indian cuisine a chance to display.

Enjoy the taste of buds soothing Sushi, with tantalizing dim sum, jiaozi, yakiniku, and more.

Café & Sweets Bar

You can stop by the Cafe & Sweet Bar for some sleek, chic, and perfect snacks. The best spot for kids. Have them wash it down right with sweet blended fruit juices.

Give yourself an exciting Starbuck Krispy Kreme and Hardee’s. Or go crunchy on some yummy Dunken Al sundus.


Take a stand at one of the 30 food and juice kiosks, sip steamy coffee, and chew crunchy popcorns to accompany you along with the view.

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You can’t resist the freshly squeezed out fruit juice that tends your mood. Each stand is loaded with whatever you want. Make the call.


Dubai Miracle Garden is boldly situated and easily accessible. You have lots of options, especially for the public transport users.

You can take the Dubai Metro and arrive at the Mall of Emirates(MOE) metro station – the Redline. From there it’s a few minute’s walk to the miracle garden 

A bus is another comfortable way to get to the Dubai Miracle garden faster. Board the RTS Bus No. 105 and you’ll be at Dubai Miracle Garden straight up.

For a convenient ride, take a taxi and enjoy a safe and quiet ride direct to Miracle Garden.

Timings and Opening

Weekdays: from 9 AM to 9 PM

Weekends( Saturday and Sunday) from 9 AM to 10 PM

This season, the garden will be re-opened in November. Be updated at the official website

Tickets Fee

  • Adults: AED 55
  • Children from 3years to 12 years: AED 40 
  • Children below 3 years: free entry(ID required).

Note: all payments are vat inclusive


Email: [email protected]

Contact: +971-4-422-8902

Location: Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand



Before you step a foot on the garden’s premises, for your good, read the PARK INSTRUCTIONS here

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs


It’s a Worthy sight you can get over for a very long time. The Dubai Miracle Garden is better experienced than reading. You can pay for the guided tours or pay economically to view the garden alone. However, any of the choices is worth sweating for. Make your kids’ fantasies come alive, give them an Alice is a wonderland experience this fall.

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