6 Finest Beaches in Sharjah

A List of the Best Beaches in Sharjah

Beaches have spectacular water fun in the world. Sharjah is famous for its cultural capital in the UAE, a site where you can pass quality vacation with your loved ones. If you are prepared for your subsequent outing, Sharjah is a must-visit residence with some of the best fabulous, tranquil atmosphere.

Today, this article will explore selected top beaches in Sharjah and the finest events to push the day or vacation. Just stay tuned to know which seashore will fulfill your day dream.

List of Top 6 Beaches in Sharjah

1. Al Mamzar Beach

This coastline brags for its spectacular brown exposed seaside and an incredible park. It is only two kilometer from Al Mamzar, giving an ideal destination to make your day count.

Al Mamzar is famous with the residents and far household for its fabulous escapades, for instance, jet skiing (kayaking) and unlimited water deeds for your kids.

Cybercafes around the beach serve you all your favorite flavors and dishes to enjoy with your loved ones. So, if you are looking for a destination to jog, water exploits, or cycle, then Al Mamzar is the best place in Sharjah. There are no charges for entry however, keep timings on Saturday – Wednesday from 8 am to 10 pm while on Thursday – Sunday is open from 8 am – 11 pm.

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2. Al Corniche Beach

The beach is a lengthy, tranquil expanse of sand with pristine waters granted the blue flag. Vacationers flock to the area because of the recent fiction, services, and white sands. Statistics show that it is the often toured shore in Sharjah and has recorded thirty thousand to fifty thousand guests monthly.

It has a cold pleasant atmosphere to relish the cool waft from the water. Moreover, there are few cafeterias and cafes to take your family for a vacation. It offers free entry and operates from 6 am to 6 pm every day where you can sunbathe, swim or do some surfing. 

3. Ajman Beach

It is the home for beachgoers in town. Ajman Beach is a development of the Emirates that wanted to improve tourism activities in the region; since then, it has been considered among the top good-looking seashores in Sharjah across other emirates.

Ajman Beach is the home to discover and devote vacation time. The beach is positioned a few distances from Dubai airport, hence more tourists flocking as it is centrally situated. Plan to venture and acquire supplementary materials concerning the seashore on your next visit.

The beach is prevalent among the locals for its thrilling activities like boat rides and surfing. Ajman is worth mentioning; you can enjoy delicious meals from cafes and restaurants. You are free to tour the beach from 7 am – 8 pm daily 

4. Sheraton Sharjah Beach

It is a beach with no timing and enjoyment from early morning to late night. The beach gives you a taste of a private beach with an embraced luxurious environment. It is a 5-star property to pass the day; moreover, the beach offers an opportunity to boat the expensive cuisines.

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There are unlimited water sports and activities, although you enjoy the serene limit, the entry fee is a little restricted, unlike other beaches; hence the charges will depend on the time of booking. Sheraton Sharjah Beach provides luxury stay and restaurants for ‘stomach treatment.’

5. Al Zorah Public Beach

Al Zorah is a great seashore for various activities ranging from groomed gardens to natural dunes, from beaches to meandering trails. Divers, sailors, canoeists, kayakers, and kite surfers may enjoy the professional golf course between dunes and mangroves.

Tourists participate in basketball, soccer, beach volleyball, jogging, cycling, and strolling. The beach is not just for grownups; children can enjoy the parks’ outdoor adventures. It is one of Sharjah’s top beaches since it offers it all.

Apart from sports, it also offers some water activities like kite surfing, canoe riding, kayaking, and even diving opportunities. The beach is open from 6 am – 7 am daily 

6. Al Fisht Beach

It is the finest beach in Sharjah for a household to eat al fresco. The beach is covered for a while and surrounded by palm trees creating a conducive atmosphere. As the sun emerges, the sand glitters, causing mirage to improve the time-out experience.

The beach has some villas to stay from the scorching sun after swimming or your significant day activity. Like others, it has no specific timing and will use the changing rooms available and restaurants for refreshments.

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Final Words | Beaches in Sharjah

Sharjah is a popular place for its incredible beaches for locals and visitors. Planning for a vacation isn’t accessible if you are stranded on a destination to visit to make your daydream come true. Thankfully, this article has explored some of the best beaches to laze your day with the family. Interestingly, most of them offer free entry in a flexible time frame for maximum enjoyment. 

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