#1 Extend Visa Fines in UAE

Visa Fines in UAE

What is an extended fine? It is a forfeit levied to those living on prepaid visas, mostly on tourists. If you are found guilty, you will pay AED 200 for the first time and AED 100 for subsequent days.

However, the natives will pay AED 125 penalty on the first day and subsequently AED 25 daily for the extended days. Citizens are advised to get updated on which day the permit will be terminated to evade overdue. Moreover, you will be required to pay these fines after the elapse of the grace period, which expires on the 29th day of 30 days; hence, you can choose to leave in advance to avoid confrontation with the law.

For the tourists or residents who aren’t knowledgeable about overstay fines, continue reading this article for more. The fine is divided into the following categories such as 90 or 30 days overstay fines upon arrival, prepaid visa, etc. 

  1. 90 Days upon Entrance in UAE

Your visa will be marked 90 days on arrival if you are from the highlighted nations on the table. This visa has multiple passport access into the country and is functional for six months from the time of issue. It gives the titleholder to stay for roughly three months.

UruguayItalyIceland GreeceFranceSerbia
San MarinoMaltaPeruEstoniaNauruPoland
Russia FederationLuxembourgGermanySlovakiaLatviaSolomon Islands

Unfortunately, guests from Europe (states above) don’t have a grace period for the visa. If you’re found with an expired visa, a penalty of AED 200 on the first time and subsequently 100 onwards for the extended days. Moreover, you will pay an extra charge of AED for servicing fee on leaving.

  1. 30 Days upon Entrance in UAE
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Correspondingly to 90 days visa, it is also applicable to certain nations, as in the table. The visa will be stamped, giving you a thirty-day stay in the UAE from the day of the permit. It has ten days grace period for the holder, after which a penalty of AED 200 on the first day and AED 100 on subsequent days. Upon leaving, an extra charge of AED 100 for the service fee. 

MalaysiaChinaAustraliaSan MarinoMacau, china
USAUkraineKazakhstanHong KongMonaco
Vatican cityNew ZealandMauritius Republic of IrelandUnited kingdom

Moreover, there are visas for people from developing states like Africa and Asia. Upon arrival, they will apply for a passport, either multiple entries or a single-entry visit. It has a ten-day grace period, after which the charges are paid the same as a 30-day visa.

Indian holders of USA green card, UK citizenship visa, or EU nationality passport can be given an n Emirates visa effective for two weeks. However, it can be extended for the same two weeks. You will be charged AED 100 for the visa but AED 250 for regeneration of the card exclusive of the service fee at AED 20.

  1. 180 Days on Arrival for Mexican

Mexican can hold a multiple access visa effective for 180 days (valid for six months) upon the day of stamping. It has a ten-day grace period; afterward, you will pay AEDS 200 for the first day and subsequently AED 100 daily.  

  1. 90 Days upon Arrival Visa for Brazil
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Brazilians can hold a 90 days permit that is effective for 365 days. It has a 10-day grace period; afterward, you are subjected to a fee of AED 200 on the first time and AED 100 daily for the extended period. Moreover, you will pay AED 100 for the service fee upon leaving 

Visa Fines in UAE
Extend Visa Fines in UAE

Residents Extend Penalties

Residents have an extensive grace period of 30 days. So, upon the termination of the visa, you renew the ID or vacate the country before elapse of the grace period. However, failure to leave will call for AED 125 and AED 25 daily. Moreover, past six months, the penalty will increase to AED 50 per day, and AED 100 after one year. 

Places to pay the Overstay Fines

There are three destinations where you can safely pay the overdue, including the entry points, immigration headquarters, or Amer Headquarters.

  1. Immigration Headquarters

You can visit any immigration offices within the country to pay overstay dues before leaving. It is time-saving and can be done by the typing centers or Amer offices.

  1. Entry points 

If you have no time to visit the local immigration personnel, you can pay the dues at the exit destination like the airports, sea borders, or land borders.

  1. Visa Extension 

Mexican who hold 90 or 30-day visas can extend their tourist stay in the country. You can do this to have ample time to settle overstay. Interestingly, upon extension, you will pay AED 100 daily without the AED 200 on the first day.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs of Visa Fines in UAE

Conclusion | Visa Fines in UAE

Follow the tips highlighted above to avoid paying hefty fines. Moreover, know your territory from the table for convenience in UAE. Have a flexible plan while touring any of the seven cities of the Emirate to curb confrontation with the law.

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