Sharjah to ban single use plastic from 2024

Sharjah to ban single use plastic

Sharjah will ban the use of plastic from 1 January 2024, to make an environment-friendly society. The decision to ban plastic bags and materials was taken by the Executive council of Sharjah on Tuesday, under the chairmanship of Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed bin Sultan AL Qasimi, Deputy ruler of Sharjah.

The aim is to protect the environment from the harmful effects of plastic and to reduce pollution and the negative effects on the environment. The ban on plastic will protect our environment from danger and helps to create a healthy environment. The change will be put in place from October 1. A charge of no less than 25 fils ($0.07) will be imposed on each single-use plastic bag given to the consumer.

It is prohibited to use plastic bags or any plastic materials in shops and restaurants. If anyone will use plastic materials, then he will be penalised by the executive council. Since a tariff was imposed on the use of plastic bags, plastic use has dramatically reduced. The emirates also banned the use of reusable plastic bags because it is not safe for the environment. So, think twice before using a plastic bag.

Slowly but surely, the use of plastic bags and materials will be eradicated in these emirates. Now, It is time to say goodbye to all the plastic materials you’ve been using. From the start of October, a minimum of 25 files will be imposed on plastic users. So, it is the responsibility of all businesses to let their customers know about the tariff imposed on the use of plastic materials and to spread awareness among the public on how plastic waste is damaging our environment. A ban on plastic will be very good and important for our environment. So, everyone needs to follow the rules and regulations regarding the ban on plastic in the United Arab Emirates.

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The retailers of Sharjah will be banned from trading, producing, offering and importing single use-plastic bags and materials after the ban on plastic in the United Arab Emirates.

In Abu Dhabi, the ban on plastic came into effect on June 1. The ban on plastic bags and materials encourages people to keep the environment clean and plastic free. If someone tries to break the rules, then he will be charged. It is the responsibility of the Department of Municipal Affairs to formulate plans and policies to implement the ban on plastic in the United Arab Emirates. The decision was taken during a meeting of the Sharjah Executive Council (SEC). The use of plastic bags will be replaced with multi-use bags and materials with technical specifications and standards approval.

Due to imposing tariffs on the use of plastic, an approximately 40 per cent drop in consumption of such bags in the first month. The decision was taken to bring eco-friendly and recycled bags instead of plastic bags. The consumers also responded impressively and positively to banning single-use plastic bags.

Consumers are increasingly using recyclable and environmentally friendly bags for a clean and healthy environment. There are various negative effects of using plastic bags which can be very harmful to our environment and human health. To discard this negativity about plastic, the Sharjah Executive Council (SEC) had taken a major decision to ban plastic from January 1, 2024. It is the responsibility of every citizen to reduce and remove the use of plastic bags in the United Arab Emirates. People are also aware of the negative effects of using plastic bags, hence, people started using jute bags to buy goods.

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After the ban on plastic bags, we expect the use of eco-friendly bags instead of plastic bags. Ban on single-use of plastic will lead to a better future for the United Arab Emirates.

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