Smart Taxi Launches In Sharjah

In the Middle East, Sharjah Taxi has introduced the region’s first smart taxi. The vehicles are equipped with sensors, cameras, a mobile data unit and other technologies that will be operated via Artificial Intelligence.

The taxis will be able to communicate with each other and share data in real time, allowing for a more efficient and effective taxi service. The introduction of Sharjah Taxi’s smart taxi is part of the emirate’s goal to become a leading smart city.

Outfitted with sensors, cameras, a mobile data unit, and other devices, the smart taxi uses Artificial Intelligence to regulate the flow of traffic, oversee driver behavior, and reduce metre manipulations. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your driver is following all the rules of the road and providing a smooth, safe ride.

What’s more, the use of AI also provides for remote monitoring of the vehicle, so you can be sure that your taxi is always in good working condition. Whether you’re headed to the airport or across town, the smart taxi is the ideal way to get around Sharjah.

The authorities have decided to limit the flow of traffic, supervise driving conduct, prevent wrong actions, and eliminate meter fraud. The system will be used to monitor drivers via AI and will be utilized to provide remote monitoring of the vehicle.

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