Replace Lost Emirates ID | How to Replace Lost Emirates ID

Lost Emirates ID?

At one point, you may lose your ID either being stolen, misplaced, or damaged by fire, right? If that happens, it shouldn’t bother you, as acquiring a new one is relatively easy.

Now you can renew your UAE Driving License with your Emirates ID.

Today, this article shows you how to do it without being hectic. Moreover, it will also discuss some of the essential documents needed for residence and non-residence, and importantly for those who are under or over 15 years .

Step 1: Notify the Authorities

First and foremost is to report the matter to the responsible department in the seven Emirate states. The body responsible for that is called Federal Authority for Citizen and Identity, after which you have to follow the protocols depending under which the Id was lost, as illustrated.

It would be best to visit the nearest ICA Customs Happiness Centre so that your ID can be deactivated as soon as possible. As you see them remember to carry the following documents.

  • Original legal visa and a family manuscript  
  • For the GCC, you must avails a valid document showing your residency in UAE 
  • If you are non-native, you have to present original passport marked with residency card
  • In a case where the victim is a kid under 15 years, then original birth certificate with a colored passport must be presented 
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Step 2: Application for Emirate ID

On notification, you will be required to fill a form, eForm, from the ICA website, or you can do it on the ICA UAE app. For the application, carry the following documents as per the categories named.

Non-native or Expatriates  

  • Photocopy of original of the Id
  • Personal photo having a white background
  • Residency permit card
  • Original passport

Kid below 15 Years

  • Parents’ passport
  • Birth certificate

For the UAE Residents

  • Photocopy of the ID
  • Persona photo for those who are unable to reach the service centers having a white background
  • The security certificate for the security beneficiaries
  • Medical reports for the disabled to prevent fee delays for them

GCC Residents

  • Photocopy of the ID
  • Personal photo for the disabled
  • Original birth certificate for under 15 years individuals

Step 3: Payment

The cost of renewal of the lost ID is as follows;

  • Dh 300 for damaged or lost ID
  • Dh 70 payment if the application is made through the typing centers
  • Dh 40 if you make the application through the portal
  • Dh 150 is an extra charge that is paid if you want an express service at ICA’s

Step 4: ID Collection

ICA will send an SMS notification indicating the application status you did and the expected maturity date. The collection usually is 48 hours from the time of submission of the application form; however, those who did through the express ICA will receive after 24 hours from the time of submission forms .

Online ID Application

  • Go to the ICP website and choose the replacement for lost ID or copy-paste this link to your. browser
  • Press on the start service ribbon
  • Create an account using ICP or log in with UAE’s previous account
  • Select your nationality, e.g., GCC
  • Complete the application form with valid details
  • Upload documents needed
  • Pay the online service, Dh 40, through debit or credit card.
  • After completing the application form and payment, you will receive an SMS indicating the application process to the maturity date.
  • Collection of the renewed Emirates ID either from the post office branch or express delivery through the courier service.
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Frequently Asked Questions about lost Emirates ID

Wrap Up | Lost Emirates ID

If you lose your ID, get in touch with the authorities as soon as possible to deactivate it to prevent someone from using it if it was stolen. Know your nationality and carry the required documents for quick services.

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