Top 8 Cheapest Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Cheapest Hotel in Abu Dhabi

 Are you wondering where to stay in Abu Dhabi? If yes, you come to the right place, and you will get different types of hotels waiting for you at affordable prices. There is a wide variety of hotel resorts that cater to your budget. Pick an affordable place to stay with your family or friend within your budget. Without wasting much of your time, let’s check below cheap hotels in Abu Dhabi.

List of Top 8 cheapest Hotel in Abu Dhabi

1. The WB Abu Dhabi curio collection 

The cheapest and most nice-looking hotels you need to relax with your family. It is made of an outdoor swimming pool and has a fantastic compound. The hotel is ideal for providing you with a garden, and the place is excellent. The room service has a currency exchange for visitors to make their work easy and enjoyable for guests. 

2. Doubletree by Hilton Abu Dhabi

The city has a beautiful view of Yas island, set for a restaurant. It has a 24 hours front desk where you can ask some of the questions you have and a golden bar. The garden ground is significant for children to play inside. It has an outdoor pool. There is a free wifi feature and private parking for all types of vehicles. 

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3. Gravity Hotel Abu Dhabi

The hotel is set on 10 km of the land near Mosque and 13 km from the exhibition center. It has various rooms inside which can fit you with your family well. The property has free wifi you can enjoy 24/7 and high security. If you visit Abu Dhabi, you will be surprised by how beautiful the water and temperature of this place surprise many people. 

4. Royal M hotel and resort Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for the cheapest hotel in Abu Dhabi, consider the royal M hotel. You get the accommodation you want and get free wifi. The parking is free here for all the customers, and the outdoor swimming pool looks more attractive to most people.

There is a front desk for visitors where you can get all your questions answered. If you booked online, show reception your payment details before showing where you were supposed to stay. The hotel is located in a beautiful building surrounded by water. There are many restaurants nearby, and I will recommend this one because of how there treat visitors. It looks more organized, and you will like how staff members attend to their clients. 

5. Saadiyat townhouse apartment 

When looking for a better place to stay and an affordable hotel in Abu Dhabi, consider Saadiyat. You will enjoy a swimming pool here for kids and a public beach. You will get free wifi in your room. 

6. Paradise Nurai Villa

When looking for a cheaper hotel with accommodation for your family, Paradise is the first option. The condition is fine, and you will have access to the outdoor pool. The property feature has a bar and fitness place. You will get a playground for children inside the hotel place. 

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7. Executive room world trade center 

The most affordable hotel in Abu Dhabi is located downtown, 1.5 km from Al Sahil beach. This location is excellent, and you are assured of high security tight. We recommend this one when you need a peaceful hotel, and the room cost is better. 

8. Al Raha beach hotel

Al Raha hotel is among the top affordable places you can have your family and have a great time. It is close to the business center and swimming pool. You will get private parking and are looking beautiful.

Important things to remember before going in Abu Dhabi

If you plan to visit Arabs soon, consider reading those things to note before you arrive there. 


Before you get the cheaper hotel to stay in, you must check out the climate. The recommended time to visit Abu Dhabi is in April and October. The rain can keep the weather dull before turning to standard time. 

Dress code 

When you are visiting Arabs for the first time, look for cloth, you dress and look presentable to other people. Pick a fabric you are comfortable with and, according to the weather, update the place you want to visit. Most Islamic countries allow you to wear material covering your body to allow access t areas like malls and other restaurants. Women can wear a headscarf when they go to the Mosque. 


When traveling to an Arabs nation is advisable to look for money since you will come across beautiful things you will need to purchase for your family. Don’t forget this is a business center. 

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Flying to Dubai

When you want to visit Abu Dhabi, you can take a fly Dubai first before you make your way to Dhabi. This place looks more attractive, and you will need to apply for general applications before you return to the airport. 

You will need to read the update section to allow you to travel inside the city.

Arabian culture 

When you visit here for the first time, consider knowing the culture before traveling. Abu Dhabi its main attraction is nomads, and people come from all over the world to have a visit.  

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Conclusion | Cheapest Hotel in Abu Dhabi

 When looking for a cheap hotel in Abu Dhabi city, consider the above mentioned has access to free wifi and clean water. You will have the chance to enjoy the facility here to get the response you need and enjoy your stay with your family. You can book your hotel even where you stay abroad and come here to forward the payment receipt. The cost offered here will give you a chance to save for your travel to Abu Dhabi.

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