Top 6 Fishing Spots in Abu Dhabi

Fishing Spots in Abu Dhabi

Fishing is among the demanded activities with hefty rewards. If you are looking for a place to fish, Abu Dhabi is the best site that remains a stable supply of fish even during summer. In Abu Dhabi, your bait will not go underwater without a reward! There are so many types of fish to catch on the beautiful seashores of the great city, starting from tuna, queenfish, sailfish, kingfish, and Dorado, among others.

Fishing is a superb means of survival among the Abu Dhabi residents and a fun activity. If you are looking forward to doing it a way of livelihood, then you have to know the following, which are well elaborated on later in the article;

  • How to get a license for fishing
  • Top places to do your fishing activities
  • Timing for each spot, and
  • Some of the frequently asked questions about fishing activities
Fishing Spots in Abu Dhabi
Fishing Spots in Abu Dhabi

How to Get a Fishing License 

Before doing any fishing activities on these shores, you must adhere to Federal Law no 23 (1999). The law states that any individual willing to fish must present the following to get a fishing permit from the Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi;

  • Photo Id
  • Passport photocopy, and
  • Passport size photograph
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The requirements are again subdivided to cater to residents and visitors as follows;


  • Present a boat license
  • Passport copy
  • Emirate ID
  • Personal photo


  • Work license
  • Electricity bill
  • Evidence of residency
  • Job contract

Kinds of Fishing License

Abu Dhabi gives out many permits depending on what you want to do with them. Generally, they include;

  • Bohoor license – allows you to fish in international water bodies
  • Commercial fishing permit for those who do it for livelihood
  • Weekly recreational fishing permit – meant for the general public
  • Fishing Net license – for individuals who own a fishing speedboat
  • Annual recreational fishing permit
  • Gorgour permit – for anglers who own massive launches

Top places for Fishing Activities

1. Al Bateen Beach 

It is suitable for fishing, picnics, and swimming. The beach is open any time of the day for everyone. Al Bateen is family-friendly and fashionable for residents and expats. There are enough lifeguards who watch every movement around the beach to make sure all and sundry are safe. Moreover, it has a parking space for 100 cars with cafes to treat your stomach whenever you feel like

2. Icad II

If you do fishing for livelihood and are looking for bait to start, this is the place to be. Icad (II) is located at the end road of Taif and if you plan to do your fishing here, carry enough to sustain you throughout the trip; this is because due to its location, no one has ventured into stating things like cafes.

The place has a good Google rating of 4.2 stars. It is open 24 hours a day, and every individual is welcome to fish, especially if you need baits. 

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3. Hameem Beach

It is among of cherished fishing grounds in Abu Dhabi. It has an excellent Google rating of 4.2 stars and is open 24 hours every day. The place gives you a satisfactory fishing experience; it is only 21 minutes when you come from Musaffah South.

The beach is full of birds like flamingos for a distinctive look good for photographs. Moreover, if you are looking for bait, it is the perfect destination for it. 

4. Eastern Mangroves 

Eastern Mangroves fishing ground gives a different taste for bird lovers. It is an excellent destination for fishing in Abu Dhabi to enjoy the charming, tranquil atmosphere.

It is rated 4.1 stars by Google and is open 24 hours a day for all anglers within and far distance. The beach is located a few meters from Mushrif Mall. It is a must-visit destination for deep diving fishers. 

5. Al Raha 

Al Raha Beach is among the incredible destinations for fishing activities having a Google rating of 4 stars and is open 24 hours a day. 

To have a good fishing experience at this beach, consider renting a ship from Yas Island’s ship and some equipment from the local shops. 

6. Al Rahba

It is top among the best fishing grounds having a Google rating of 4.2 stars in Abu Dhabi. It is a 14 minutes journey from Al Samha. The beach is a home to many fish demanded in the market and considered to be loved to be many from the reviews 

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Wrap Up | Fishing Spots in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is considered one of the most toured destinations by visitors and residents.  It gives a calm and peaceful place for commercial and recreational fishing activities only that adhere to the Federal Law no. 23.  For better fishing, visit Icad (II) for baits to ease your fishing.

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