50% Discount on UAE Traffic Fines

UAE Traffic Fines

In Dubai, on December 1, 2021, a 50% Discount on UAE Traffic Fines was imposed up to January 31, 2022. It happened after Sharjah and Ajman, the Umm Al Quwain Police announced a 50 percent discount on traffic fines; which is part of the Emirate’s celebration of the 50th Unit States of Emirates National Day.

Every resident has a right to that discount, however, it only applies to crimes committed before October 31, 2021. Those who commit a crime from that period will not be entitled to any discount (those days are excluded from the discount). 

UAE Traffic Fines
UAE Traffic Fines

Laws that 50% discount won’t be applied

Despite Sharjah and Ajman, the Umm Al Quwain Police have announced that there are unacceptable crimes that don’t adhere to that allowance to residents. Be cautious not to pay hefty fines to them.

Dubai laws are very tricky and failure to follow them collects a hefty fine. These are the unique laws excluded from 50% discount on UAE traffic fines:

1. Covid-19 violation. It ensures that every resident follows the laws to the later. Covid-19 is a global pandemic failure to follow and endangers people’s life more unlike other traffic laws. Fines are imposed as follows;

  •  Reluctant to mandatory hospitalization while suffering from Covid-19 or neglecting to adhere to the prescribed medication.
  • Neglecting home quarantine.
  • Shopping malls do not comply with laws related to the opening and closing of facilities.
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Any individual found with these offenses pays AED 50,000.

  •  Failure to report employees who test positive for covid-19 to health authorities.
  • Hacking the systems of COVID-19 applications or smart devices, and causing damages; or illegally getting information from them, which the offender will also bear the cost of damages.
  • If caught promoting or publishing wrong information about pandemic-related matters, or inciting people not to comply with measures. 
  • Failure to comply with the regulations determining the number of people who can reside in one dwelling.
  • Conducting private classes in person, in public or private, whether paid for or free.
  • Failure to do or ignoring duties assigned to you relating to stopping the spread of Covid-19.

Failure to adhere to these protocols results in AED 20,000 fines.

2. Reckless driving endangers other road users’ lives. It is a major offense in the UAE. Every resident or visitor should operate on the roads without being intimidated. Every person has a right to live and going against it for other road users calls for hefty fines and a significant number of black traffic points. For reckless driving, 

3. Modifying a vehicle’s engine without a permit. The federal Traffic law is clear about this offense. Car owners or operators who modify their car’s engine without adhering to the traffic rule might call for Dhs 1000 and 12 traffic black points. In addition,  the UAE Police will also hold the car for 30 days for the mentioned crime. 

Modifying your car engine in prohibited areas is a hefty offense, this is because the federal traffic authority is trying to curb products that will add discharge to the air or diminish fuel economy. Whether it is an exhaust system, cold-air intake, or any other modification that emits emissions to the environment. A vehicle could also fail the smog check as a result of a non-CARB-approved engine component.

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8 ways to pay a 50% discount in Dubai

Paying traffic fines in Dubai is super fast and easy. You can clear your debts by using any appropriate channel for you as follows;

  • Using the Dubai police app. It is an official Dubai Police app with two updated modes viz. The Drive and Police Station Mode. This app is your window to Dubai Police’s smart services. 
  • Call toll number 901.  It is free to call this number across Dubai. You talk to the authorities and pay through your credit card. 
  • The RTA website. Search the website and click on Driver and Car Owner Services, then,  tap on Fines. You will have to fill in some details like the date of birth of the vehicle license holder, the traffic file number, and a valid GCC debit/ credit number are essential to complete the payment.
  • Use Apple Watch. The device can find out about your traffic offenses and pay for the crimes. It is only for those who operate the app that has been developed by the Dubai Police Smart Services Department. 
  • Emirates NBD. For fines of Dhs 500 or more,  you can pay with your Emirates NBD credit card through the Dubai Police app and website.  Select the zero percent option for 3,6, 9, or 12 months. 
  • Pay through the ministry of the interior app.
  • Use the self-service kiosks or Sahi
  • You can pay physically at the Ajman police service centers.

How to pay for the police fine | UAE Traffic Fines

You need to search for Dubai police fines registered to your vehicle through the RTA website and fill out the following,

  • Fine number
  • License number
  • Traffic file number
  • Plate details
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay UAE traffic fines in installation?

Every resident within Dubai is eligible to pay traffic fines in installation. You can pay in a span of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. However, this service is valid for individuals with a minimum fine of AED 500 and above. 

How much is the parking fine in Sharjah?

If you exceed the parking time you pay AED 100, damaging any parking facility results in AED  500, and AED 1000 fine for booking a parking spot without a driving license. 

Wrap-Up (UAE Traffic Fines)

Traffic fines are hefty across Dubai. Following driving rules is vital to be on the safer side. Despite the 50% discount imposed a few months ago for a limited timeline, adhering to traffic laws is mandatory. 

Keep in mind that, covid-19 regulations, reckless driving that might endanger someone’s life, and modifying your car engine across the United States of Emirates without a permit; the discount on the traffic fines doesn’t apply. 
Always check the RTA website to confirm the fines that you might not be aware of. Make sure you pay the debt often to avoid compilation.

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