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The government of UAE has introduced certain new laws back in 2019 to safeguard intellectual property registration within the country. The government is planning to appoint a new commission to enforce the new legislation that was passed. It came into effect in November 2019 as DIFC intellectual property law.

DIFC was established back in 2004 to make the UAE a financial Hub. It is a peculiar economic zone that is now a major center not only for the Middle East but also for the South Asia and Africa Region. It is an independent free zone that intends to offer financial institutions, multinationals, and international companies full fledged ownership. Now they don’t require a local partnership to get the ownership as before.

It was introduced after heavy research. Global benchmarking was used to establish the laws and regulations. A public consultation was also involved in it. Additionally, it is keeping up with the DIFC’S commitment to international standards and best practices. The main motive behind this is to make sure that all the stakeholders and businesses get an adequate regulatory environment to operate in the UAE.

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This law is governed by a common law framework which is totally different from the UAE legal system. Also, the new law set us the Office of the Commissioner of Intellectual Property. This was established to solve intellectual property disputes timely and adequately. Besides, they also deal with the imposition of fines or charges and also handle sanctions.

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This new law applies to all UAE-registered trademarks, patents, utility certificates, drawings, industrial designs, and much more. Furthermore, it lays out the rights attached to every kind of intellectual property. Moreover, they also lay out the limitations, rules, and regulations to determine the ownership of copyrights, patents, and others.

On the other hand, Dubai has enacted a new data protection law that replaces the previous privacy law. The new law modernizes the current data protection law. This will come into effect from July 2020. This move has taken place at a time when existing and all related laws and regulations are being replaced.

DIFC was enacted by the highest authorities in Dubai. The scope of the law is restricted to Dubai rather than the whole UAE. It doesn’t include the entire territory of the Emirates. It is a 50-page long law which was the third law adopted in DIFC. The purpose is to address the safety of personal data.

Furthermore, it provides standards and controls for the processing along with the free movement of personal data. It also protects the fundamental rights of the data. The basic motive is to safeguard the fundamental rights of data including how the rights are applied to the protection of personal data in advanced technologies.

It is applied to controllers, and processors regardless of the place of its corporation. They offer guidance for the process that should be adhered to when a data processor or controller receives a request from the public authority. They may deal with the transfer or disclosure of personal data.

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