Dubai Zip Code in 2023

Dubai Zip Code

Like other countries, Dubai also has its own Zip Code which is “00000”. If anyone asks you about the zip code of Dubai, then you can tell him to write five zeroes as a symbolic effect. The United Arab Emirates has an organized postal code system that helps in the easy delivery of mail and packages throughout the city. The postal code system of the Emirates is also known as the “Emirates Postal Code” which is managed by the Emirates Postal Corporation.

Every postal code is made up of five digits and the first three digits represent the main post office and the last two digits of it represent the specific area or building. This code makes the delivery easier. Everyone knows that Dubai is not a small place it is divided into different regions and each region has its postal code which is different from other area codes. It is really important to use the correct postal code to ensure that the mail or package reaches its real destination on its time. So, carefully mention the correct postal code in your parcels or mail.

 The postal code is also used in online shopping. When you are placing an order in online shopping, it will ask you for the postal code of your area so that they can easily deliver your parcel to your given address. It is important to enter the correct postal code so that the delivery can reach the correct location.

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You can also identify the postal code of a location by using the Emirates Post website. The website contains a feature that helps to find the postal code of a particular location by entering the location’s name or address. Each building, street, and district in Dubai has its postal code. So, it helps the residents and visitors to navigate the city and find various locations.

Uses of Dubai Zip Code

There are some important uses of Dubai Zip Codes :

  • It helps in finding the nearest branch of a particular organization to a given address. The Zip Code is used by companies and organizations to inform their visitors about their location. Various job centers also use postal codes which help to find suitable jobs for job seekers.
  • The postal code is used for various purposes. Sometimes it is used to alert people of town planning applications in their area.
  • The postal code is used to navigate the location with the help of street numbers and postcodes.
  • It is also used in isolating, grouping, and organizing population data for statistical analysis
  • It also has various economic advantages

Details About Dubai Postal Code

Dubai has a different way to deliver your mail which is different from other countries. The Postal Code System varies in every country. Every country has its system. In Dubai, you just have to get your personal post office box which will help you to send and receive mail easily. While filling out a form or a payment gateway it may ask you to enter a Dubai Zip Code. It can be very frustrating when you know that Dubai does not have any postal codes. In such a situation, you can use any number and many people also use their post office number.

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Now, you might be confused about how a person’s courier gets delivered to Dubai. So, let me tell you that the courier companies in the United Arab Emirates depend upon the mobile number of a person to deliver their goods or parcels to them. If you are using your credit card for buying something online, then you just need to enter the UAE Zip code. In such a situation, you can simply type 00000 for the Dubai Postal code.

How to Find Dubai Postal Code?

We all know that the Dubai Postal Code is used for different purposes. So, whenever you require the postal code of Dubai, you can just simply type “00000”. There is no need to search on the internet and waste your time. You can just use five zeros as the Dubai Zip Code. But if you want a legit code, then you need to apply for a post office box in Dubai and you will get a box number which you can use instead of a ZIP code Dubai.

There is a process through which you can apply for a PO Box. The entire process is quite simple and easy. It will cost around AED 300 to AED 1000 to get a PO Box. The price of the box depends on the type of postal service you want. Different types of packages are available on the official website of Emirates Post. If you are thinking of getting a PO box, then you can go through this website. In the United Arab Emirates, every building has its own “Makani number”. This Makani number can be used instead of the ZIP code Dubai. Many people prefer to use their Makani numbers for postal delivery and various other purposes.

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How can you use the mailing addresses for Dubai and the UAE?

Dubai Zip Codes and postal codes are replaced by P.O. Box numbers. In case you want to receive registered mail within the country, then you need a PO box number. The P.O. number also contains a 5-digit code. A different P.O. Box number is given to each business or person who is renting a post box. Don’t use a street address while addressing mail for the United Arab Emirates that goes through the postal system.


This article is all about the Dubai Zip Code. It will be a guide for the people who are thinking of getting a PO box number. This article will help you in knowing the details about the Zip Codes and how you can use the mailing address for Dubai. I hope this article might help you in solving your problems.


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