Best Chocolate in Dubai

Chocolate in Dubai

Dubai, a city known for its opulence and luxurious lifestyle, is also a treasure trove for chocolate enthusiasts. With a thriving culinary scene, it’s no surprise that Dubai houses some of the finest chocolatiers and confectioneries in the world. Whether you’re a fan of dark, milk, or white chocolate, or prefer innovative flavors and artistic presentations, Dubai has something to satiate every chocolate lover’s cravings. Join us as we embark on a delectable journey to discover the best chocolate in Dubai.

1. Mirzam Chocolate Factory:

Nestled in the vibrant district of Al Quoz, Mirzam Chocolate Factory is a haven for chocolate aficionados. This bean-to-bar chocolate factory takes pride in sourcing the highest quality cocoa beans from around the world. With a focus on single-origin chocolates, Mirzam offers an exquisite range of dark chocolate bars that boast distinctive flavors and complexities. From rich and intense to fruity and nutty, each bite is a testament to its commitment to craftsmanship and flavor.

2. Forrey & Galland:

For an exquisite blend of artistry and indulgence, Forrey & Galland is a must-visit. This luxury chocolate boutique offers handcrafted chocolates that are nothing short of edible masterpieces. From delicately designed pralines to chocolate-covered nuts and fruits, each creation at Forrey & Galland is a true work of art. With a commitment to using the finest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail, their chocolates are a feast for the eyes and taste buds alike.

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3. Boutique Le Chocolat:

Step into a world of chocolate wonder at Boutique Le Chocolat, located on City Walk. This unique concept store showcases a curated collection of chocolates from renowned international brands and local chocolatiers. Indulge in an array of chocolate treats, from truffles and bonbons to chocolate bars and hot chocolate. With a wide selection of flavors and textures, Boutique Le Chocolat offers a delightful experience for chocolate enthusiasts of all kinds.

4. Al Nassma:

Dubai’s chocolate scene wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the Middle East. Al Nassma, the world’s first camel milk chocolate brand, presents a unique and luxurious chocolate experience. Made from the finest camel milk sourced from local farms, their chocolates have a distinct creamy and slightly nutty flavor. From camel milk pralines to chocolate-covered dates, Al Nassma’s creations showcase the region’s rich culinary heritage with a touch of sophistication.

5. Patchi:

A household name in the world of luxury chocolates, Patchi has established a strong presence in Dubai. This Lebanese brand offers a wide assortment of premium chocolates, elegantly packaged to make for perfect gifts. Patchi’s attention to detail is evident in their delicate flavor combinations, luxurious fillings, and exquisite designs. From signature boxes to customizable arrangements, Patchi is a go-to destination for those seeking luxurious chocolate experiences.


Dubai’s chocolate scene is a delight for chocolate lovers from around the world. With an array of chocolatiers and confectioneries offering exceptional creations, the city promises an unforgettable chocolate journey. From artisanal bean-to-bar delights to visually stunning and meticulously crafted treats, Dubai’s chocolate offerings are a true testament to the artistry and innovation in the culinary world. So, next time you find yourself in Dubai, be sure to indulge in the best chocolate experiences the city has to offer. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

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