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About Black Palace Beach

Black Palace Beach is a public beach located on Al Sufouh Road in Dubai. It’s also known as Black Palace or Black Pearl Beach and is accessible by following the road until you see a sign for the beach.

The water at Black Palace Beach is shallow and warm, making it an ideal family-friendly beach. The sand is black, so the beach gets its name. The water is also clear and calm, making it an excellent place to swim or snorkel.

Top 7 Facts about Black Palace Beach

 It Is Natural Wild Beach 

Black Palace beach is a natural wild beach located in Dubai. This is among of the best beaches in Dubai. It has crystal clear waters and clean sand. You can enjoy your time here with your family and friends.

It Has Large Free Sandy Parking

Black Palace beach has a large free sandy parking facility available for visitors. You can park your car at any time of the day without any worries about paying extra money or finding an available parking space nearby. The parking lot is spacious enough to accommodate all types of vehicles, including SUVs and trucks, etc.

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Lifeguards Available

The lifeguards are always present to help you if you need any assistance during your stay at this beach or in case of any emergency situations. They will keep an eye on you all the time so that nothing bad happens to you while enjoying your weekend break from work or school and having fun with friends and family members at this beautiful place on earth called Earth!

There Is Beach Volleyball 

The volleyball court is also available, which makes it convenient for people coming from different parts of the country as well as from different countries around the world.

The court itself is very spacious and has nets set up for you to play on. There are two teams that take turns playing against each other, and there are no time limits or rules regarding whether or not you should hit the ball over or under your head or anywhere else on your body except your hands and feet while playing this sport.

However, suppose you do not follow these rules. In that case, there will be a penalty given against you by the umpire, which could result in losing points or even having another player coming into play instead of yours, so make sure that you follow all these rules when on the court. 

The Beach Has No Sun Lounge Umbrella for Rent

 Another thing that struck me was the lack of sun loungers and umbrellas available for rent. Apparently, this is due to a new rule that forbids any improper behavior on the beach (which was probably necessary because of all those drunken people). However, this also means that if you want to spend some time at Black Palace Beach, then you will have to bring your own chair or umbrella with you.

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Another difference is that there are no bathrooms available at Black Palace Beach, which can be a problem after a while if you want to go swimming or snorkeling around in the sea nearby (there are toilets in the nearby hotels, though).

No Facility

I went to Black Palace Beach with my family for a picnic. We had planned to spend some time on the beach and then go for a swim in the sea. But we were surprised to find that there was no kid activity at this beach. It was just a big open space with sand and nothing else. So be creative and allow your kids to roam around as you keep watch on them.

No Cafeteria

But there is something to keep in mind if you plan on visiting. There are no restaurants anywhere near the beach. This means that if you’re planning on bringing food with you, you’ll need to either carry it from your car or bring along an insulated cooler bag.

You’ll also want to avoid wearing flip-flops or sandals since Black Palace has a rocky shoreline with sharp rocks that could potentially cause injury.

Black Palace Beach Rules You Should Know

You Are Not Allowed to Lie Naked or Topless on the Beach

 The rule applies to both men and women, although there are no signs posted anywhere that say so. However, it’s common sense that you should cover yourself up when you’re outside your villa or at least wear a bathing suit when you go for a swim in the ocean or pool.

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No One Is Allowed to Swim after Sunset

No one is allowed to swim after sunset because this is considered dangerous due to the strong currents and sharks in the waters around Dubai (which are not uncommon).

No Photograph Is Allowed Except Overview

You may not take photos of any kind on this beach. If you do, you will be asked to delete them immediately or face arrest by security guards who patrol the area constantly.

Final Words

When we ask ourselves, “What is a good beach?” what comes to mind? A sunny day? Palm trees? A calm sea? There are some things that can be characterized as universal truths when it comes to beaches. Regardless of location, every beach has some qualities in common: the ocean, sand, and people. 

This is where the universal truths about beaches stop. Beach culture around the world varies greatly because each location has its own culture and traditions surrounding the beach area. This is why we have explored the Black Palace to help you plan for your next visit.

Black Palace will be home to some of the world’s most exclusive residences, located directly on the seafront in Al Sufouh and set amongst landscaped tropical gardens. Al Sufouh is a natural part of Dubai, with its carefully planned local neighborhood and easy access to all the city’s major attractions.

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