Top 5 Mandi Restaurants in Abu Dhabi 2023

Looking for the best mandi restaurants near me in Abu Dhabi? Here are the top five mandi places in Abu Dhabi that’ll have you sold with their authentic Arabian flavors and ambiance. 

Mandi is among the most beloved Arabic meals worldwide, known for its fragrant rice and tender meats. The Yemenic dish has also gained quite a following in Abu Dhabi, which is apparent from several town eateries serving up the delectable variations of Middle Eastern delicacy. Below is our take on the best mandi restaurants in Abu Dhabi, where you can stop by anytime to satisfy those enriched flavor cravings. Explore and pick up the best mandi place for your next meal in the capital city. 

5 Best Mandi Restaurants in Abu Dhabi:

1. Zam Zam Mandi:

If you want a budget-friendly mandi place with guaranteed taste, Zam Zam should definitely be your top pick. It’s a Yemeni restaurant chain known for its delicious chicken mandis, mutton mandis, and fish mandi variants not only in Abu Dhabi but all across the UAE. The restaurant features compact but fine dining and offers generous portions with outstanding flavors and Hospitality. Their menu also covers other Arabic and Yemenic delicacies at reasonable rates, making it ideal to enjoy wholesome lunches and dinners with your family and friends.

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2. Al Mandi and Al Madhbi House: 

With several branches across the city, Al Mandi and Al Madhbi House is also counted as the best Mandi Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Their menu covers authentic Arabian mandis, complimented with a delectable range of grilled chicken, salads, and desserts. All offerings are delicious, but their juicy and spicy lamb and chicken mandis set them apart. In addition to taste, hygiene is also top-notch. While each of the ten outlets features a traditional and cozy ambiance with comfortable seating, our personal favorite is the Khalidiya One. 

3. Najd Palace: 

With two branches specializing in Gulf Foods, Najd Palace is perfect for those who want to savor conventional meat and seafood mandis in a rather luxurious setting. This well-liked mandi restaurant in Abu Dhabi is famous for its Saudi-style mandi and madfoon meals, cooked with traditional Arabian spices and served with fresh sides of yoghurt and tomato sauces. You’ll find both majlis style and table seating with great service. Some of their best-selling dishes include chicken and lamb madfoon, followed by kunafas and teas. We recommend ordering a fresh salad to make your meaty meals more appetizing and refreshing. 

  • Price:  100AED for Two
  • Locations, Contacts, Timings: 
  • Popular Dishes: Chicken Mandi, Madfoon Meat, Kunafa, Tea 
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4. Besbas: 

Known for its signature Yemeni mandis, the next in our favorite Mandi Abu Dhabi restaurant is Besbas. It’s a yemeinc and Arabic cuisine eatery that features a very diverse menu, including seafood, biryanis, machboos, BBQ soups, tandoori breads, and much more. Large portions, refined dining areas, reasonable pricing, and good food quality, all combined, give you a memorable experience. Whether you want to have weekend mandi gatherings or quick friends catchups, stop by any two of the Besbas branches in Abu Dhabi and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

  • Price:  125 AED for Two, Full Menu 
  • Locations, Contacts, Timings: 
  • Popular Dishes: Chicken Mandi, Madfoon Meat, Kunafa, Tea 

5. Happy Yemen Restaurant:

Happy Yemen is another hidden gem in Abu Dhabi that has quickly become a local favorite for having the best mandis in the city. It serves a delectable range of Yemenic mandis, including chicken and lamb, in a traditional ambiance, with indoor, outdoor, and family room seating. From mouthwatering flavors to welcoming staff and exceptional service, this eatery will win your heart in all areas. A must-try Mandi restaurant in Abu Dhabi for both locals and expats at least once. 

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That sums up our personal favorite mandi restaurants in Abu Dhabi. To enhance your dining experience in UAE visit Give them a try on your next mandi adventure, and let us know how you liked them in the comments below. 

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