Best Mandi in Dubai

“Mandi?”, Yes sir, Mandi. we serve the best Mandi in Dubai; the waiter replied to me. I was awestruck at the first taste of this Asian layered rice decorated with roasted meat.

During the Ramadan festival in the UAE, after the fast, I was expecting regular Iftar meals. When a colleague insisted that I should try something different, that he’ll pay up. I obliged, then I was served the best rice and roasted chicken that got my taste buds doing the Al Ayyala dance.

The rice was in layers and stuffed with roasted chicken that was thoroughly done in an earthen oven. The smell makes the taste buds drip; I tasted never to forget.

Here comes my shocking ecstatic question, “what is this?” “Mandi”, My colleague interrupted. You knew my next reply, and the waiter’s too. Since then, Mandi became my signature treat whenever I see Dubai. 

Good thing I’m a writer, so here are the top ten restaurants where you can get the best Mandi in Dubai. The following names are popular among locals and tourists in Dubai.

Best Mandi in Dubai

#1. Zam Zam

Do you wonder why Zam Zam came up first? That’s because it’s the first thing on your mind when you breathe in thoughts of the best Mandi in Dubai. At Zam Zam, your meat cravings are satisfied. With inviting Yemeni recipes, and juices to flush down with. 

What do you wish for? I know; see some of my top 7 on the menu: Chicken Mandi, Mutton, and Hamour Mandi. Some more, Kunafa with mint tea, Dumplings, and Luqaimat.

Before I skip, there’s something deliciously fishy with Kingfish Mandi, and there’s more. When next you’re in town, you should make up the 26th,000 daily customers. Don’t forget the environment is all the inspiration you need to eat well.

More details

My favorite: Chicken Mandi, Mutton, and Hamour Mandi.

Amount: AED 90 for 2 individuals

Popular: 4.3 Excellent

Contact: +97143706777

Venue: Deira City Center area, Al Karama, The Dubai Mall, Jumeirah

Website: Zam zam

#2. Bait Al Karam

Bait Al Karam took after Zam Zam as the restaurant with the best Mandi in Dubai. Impress your family and friends by hosting them at Bait Al Karam, “it’s gonna be one garden feast of a lifetime.”

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Their seating arrangement is second to none. Your friends won’t forget in a hurry. You Know what else they won’t forget? the top-notch Yemeni cuisine, with taste buds dripping spices and tasty juices.

You can stuff your Mandi craving stomach from the elegant menu ranging from meat jam Mandi, madfoon meat, and full Lamb Mandi. Enjoy tantalizing meat bourmah, kunafah, and more to savor.

Flush’em down your throat gulping Arabian juices like raisin juice, lemon juice, and regular can drinks.

More Details

My favorite: meat jam Mandi, madfoon meat, full Lamb Mandi

Amount: AED 90 for 2 individuals

Popular: 4.2 Excellent

Venue: Jebel Ali Village, Discovery Gardens

Amount: 15 AED minimum

Contact: +97144324556

Website: bail Al Karam

#3. Bait Al Mandi

I first tasted Mandi at the Bait Al Mandi restaurant. I’m not surprised that Bait Al mandi has won hearts, including tourists and locals. It won mine too.

But why won’t it, when it’s among the restaurants that serve out the best Mandi in Dubai? Enjoy high-class and heart-winning dishes ranging from Lamb Mandi, Meat madfoon, and Salad. Also, Chicken Madhabi, Biryani, and you’ll be won over.

An outstanding feature of Bait Al Mandi is the favorable environment, which is suitable for your private party, get-together, and family hangout. They also render outdoor catering services to grace your occasion.

More Details

My favorite: Mutton, salad, meat madfoon, and chicken Madhabi

Amount: 80 AED approximate for two

Venue: Al Muraqqabat Road, close to Grand Mart Al Muraqqabat, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Contact: +971-4-262-9139.

Popular: 4.2 Excellent

Contact: +97144324556


#4. Maraheb

If you have hung around the Chinese market, Mad Al Hammar mall, ibn Battuta mall, and Al Garhoud, then you should know about Maraheb restaurant. They serve one of the best Mandi in Dubai.

However, I’m rooting for the Mandi restaurant located at Sheikh Zayed Road next to the Infiniti showroom.

Here, you’re served satisfaction. Savor from appetite whetting Yemeni cuisine and Gulf foods. Try the Kabsa Mandi and Madghout with spiced-up chicken (my favorite).

Maraheb serves outstanding soup and various choices of salads. Flush it down with the oh, so tasty juices.

More Details

My favorite: Madghout with spiced-up chicken, soup, and lemon juice.

Amount: 130 AED approximate for two

Venue: Al Safa Safa 2,  Dubai – UAE

Contact: +97143469996


Popular: 4.5 Excellent

Location: marched

#5. Maedat Al Numan

Do you love the Arabian style? Yeah? Then you’ll love Maedat Al Numan dishes. Though with easygoing decor, but easily does it.

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Maedat serves one of the best Mandi in Dubai in the Arabian style, and among its top-notch services is Yemeni cuisine.

Tickle your palate with the elegant Arabic salad, Rocco salad. Mandi rice, grilled sea bean, with water and delightful juices. Let’s get Whitty; here, they also serve full Goat, imagine.

More Details

My favorite: labsa chicken, haneeth, Mandi, and Arabic salad.

Popular: 4.5 Excellent

Amount: 80 AED approximate for two

Venue: Sky Business Centre, Dubai Festival City

Contact: +97142899737


#6. Makarem Restaurant

For class and Yemeni specials, your best shot is Makarem Restaurant. This is the Middle Eastern native choice Restaurant. Finely cooked and delivered, they serve one of the best Mandi in Dubai, in Al Basha to be precise.

Makarem has won over many tourists and locals with desired soothing Arabian Grilled Hamour, Cucumber yogurt salad and the Half chicken series, and more.

Too busy to visit? No problems, Makarem is good at private delivery services in Dubai. Where are you at? Al Bada’a, Al Barsha 1, or Al Barsha 2? You’ll have your order delivered to you. They also deliver to Al Barsha 3 and Al Satwa to make you happy.

More Details

My favorite: Cucumber yogurt salad and Madhbi Half chicken and more.

Popular: 4.1 Excellent

Amount: 80 AED approximate for two

Venue: Hessa Street-Al Barsha 3- Dubai, U.A.E

Contact: +971-4-385-2323

#7. Wadi Doan

The Wadi Doan restaurant spreads its wings across the Emirates with high-class Yemeni services that have won the undying trust of its customers. Wadi is rested in a comfortable and inviting terrain.  With luxury and comfort, it Serves one of the best Mandi in Dubai. Wadi duan restaurant is for the hungry man.

Come and whet your appetite with mouth-licking mulgalgal Lahem, Zurbean meat, and Qabalah Shrimp. You can’t get enough of the Bourma, delicious Rice, and its numerous delicacies with chicken.

More Details

My favorite: Zurbean meat, Qabalah Shrimp, and rice.

Popular: 4.2 Excellent

Amount: 80 AED approximate for two

Venue: G Floor; Gold Park Building; Sheikh Rashid Road Next to Caesars Restaurant

Contact: +97142999330

Website: Wadidoan Instagram based

#8. Al Yemen Mandi

It’s all shades of goodness and delight at Al Yemen Mandi restaurant. I mean that you can feed your eyes while eating outside or keep your solace inside. you get served as you deserve. Al Yemeni is popular for its native mulawah bread. More to that, eat your delighted chicken Mandi here with a wide range of choices to make from the elegant menu.

It’s accommodating to host family and friends dining. Maybe you don’t want to hit the road, “Al’ got you too”, they offer door-to-door delivery.

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Do you know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking that Al Yemen Mandi serves as one of the best Mandi in Dubai.

More Details

My favorite: Chicken Mandi and Kunafa.

Popular: 4.2 Excellent

Amount: 80 AED approximate for two

Venue: Al Bait Building; Street 24, Hor Al Anz, Dubai

Contact: +971-4-266-2207


#9. Al Marhabani

According to a reliable source, Al Marhabani was mainly structured to service the residents in Umm Suqeim. Interestingly, they service both locals and tourists alike. That’s because they serve one of the best Mandi in Dubai.

Al Marhabani is a two-story building with each story uniquely planned out. The floor goes for Personal feasting, while the upper room takes up family and friends hanging out.

Tasting is believing “bro”, satiate your meaty hunger with throat-gulping fish and shrimps and tantalizing Burkharee.

I’m rooting for the chicken Mandi, Biryani, and Kabsa. Believe me, the chefs at Al marhabani were born to do Mandi.

More Details

My favorite: Chicken Mandi, Biryani, and Kabsa.

Popular: 4.1 Excellent

Amount: 150 AED approximate for two

Venue: Villa 575, Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim 1, Opposite Enoc, Next to Dubai Islamic Bank, Dubai, UAE.

Contact: +97143949888

Website: almarhabani

#10. Madfoon

On my floor list is Madfoon Al Sadda. Just like every other Mandi restaurant in Dubai, Madfoon also serves the best Mandi in Dubai in a unique style.

Nothing beats the nose-tingling and palate-dripping aroma of the Madfoon chicken. Yes, I Love chicken a lot. 

You have an endless choice to savor, try the Arabic coffee, delicious seafood, and lovely Kufana.

More Details

My favorite: Chicken Madfoon, Biryani, and Kufana.

Popular: 4.0 very good

Amount: 135 AED approximate for two

Venue: Jumeira Rd, Umm Suqeim 1, Near Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Dubai, UAE.

Contact: +97143435544

Website: madfoon

Popular Questions

Mandi Time

It’s food time, are you hungry now? Where do you want to eat? Why not try one of the restaurants mentioned today? Maybe: Maraheb, where I started.

However, don’t forget to make your family and friends happy. Treat them with the best Mandi in Dubai.

Remember, People and relationship matters most, make yours count at the Mandi joint. 

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