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You are here because you need to fill up that space for the Abu Dhabi postal code, yeah? The thing is that Abu Dhabi doesn’t operate on the postal code system. The UAE doesn’t do the postal code stuff. Why is it so? That’s because the AUE uses the MAKANI (my location) for name identification.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t leave the space blank, it has to be filled up with something legit and acceptable.

So, if you were wondering about a replacement for the Abu Dhabi postal code, use “00000” or “N/A” only when it’s mandatory. But the catch is, since all the provinces in the UAE use the “00000” or “N/A” cliché, it may land in confusion and loss of parcels in transit. So here is the solution, “rent a P.O. Box.” We’ll talk more about that later on in this article.

Before then, to clear your doubt, here are the Abu Dhabi postal codes.

Abu Dhabi Zip Code

Below are the postal codes for the 12 Emirates in Abu Dhabi. Use these Abu Dhabi postal codes when it’s pressing on you. Otherwise, skip renting a P.O. Box which is up next.

City & code

  • Abu Dhabi Island and Internal Islands City: 000000
  • Abu Dhabi Municipality: 00000
  • Al Ain City: 00000
  •  Ain Municipality: 00000
  • Al Dhafra: 00000
  • Al Shamkha City: 00000
  • Ar Ruways: 00000
  • Bani Yas City: 00000
  • Khalifa A City: 00000
  • Musaffah: 00000
  • Muzari: 00000
  • Zayed City: 00000
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Up next: is that P.O. Box stuff I was telling you about, yeah? Let’s delve in full throttle.

Importance of Abu Dhabi Zip Code

The benefits of Postal codes are endless, ranging from fraud checks to accuracy in the demographics of a named area. The primary purpose of postal codes is to identify locations for parcel and mail delivery.

However, the insignificance of the Abu Dhabi Postal Code system doesn’t write off the need for an address recognition system.

The P.O. Box system replaced the Abu Dhabi postal code system. You need the postal Code for Privacy protection and faster delivery of mail and parcels. Also, you possess a permanent business address and more.

Abu Dhabi postal code: P.O. Box

The P. O. BOX system is an approved method of parcel and mail delivery in the UAE. It’ll Interest you to know that in Abu Dhabi, they don’t sell a property with a carry-on PO Box. You are to rent one from the post office near you. This implies that you’ll be renewing the P. O. Box payment monthly or annually.

Types of P. O. Box Services

Below are some services

My Home

This comes in handy, citizens can utilize this package of the P.O. box to reach out to the Post office at the farthest location. You can have your mail and parcels delivered between 3 days a week. The “my home” package goes along with Internet connectivity for accuracy of delivery, and monthly postal updates via internet messages.

The “My Home” users get a discount of 10% off their overseas carrier, monthly postal updates, and internet mail. You should budget around AED 750 for the annual charges.

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My Residence

This kinda P. O. Box positioning is close to the residential premises, users can collect their mail delivered to them in their residential P. O. Box. Address. The “my house” users enjoy Internet connectivity to the P. O. Box with a weekly SMS update on the emails sent. You can earn this at AED 450 per annum. 

My Zone

This pattern is used to send emails to P. O. Boxes at suburban locations. You can deploy this choice of delivery if your delivery is not far away from home. A weekly SMS confirmation will be sent to you on the emails that are received. The annual renewal fee of AED 300 is needed.

The basic P.O. My Box

If you couldn’t afford the above P. O. Box options, you can have your packages and mail delivered to any P. O. Box office of your choice. The challenge is accessibility due to a remote area. But the good news is, you can involve the post office delivery agents to help you out at a fee.

How to Apply for a P. O. Box in the UAE

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to rent a P. O. Box in the UAE

#1. Log onto the official Emirates website

Go to the Emirates post at emiratespost.ae, scroll down till you locate a ‘rent a p.o. box’ at the menu bar.

#2. Pick the P.O. Box of your choice

Here, you decide whether it’s a personal or Corporate P. O. Box. Going personal? You have two options which are:

MyBox at AED 300 per annum and myHome at AED 995. See emiratespost.ae for more details

#3. Open and register a personal Emirates Account

On the Emirates post website, click “Apply”, and submit the required ID for verification. Follow the instructions to proceed.

#4. ‘Rent a P. O. Box

Click on ‘Rent a P.O. Box’ and choose the post office branch nearest to you. Set up your box expiry date. Keep in mind this will determine your charge per annum.

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#5. Verification

Kindly verify your P. O. Box details to be sure of no error during registration. Check for the following: the owner’s name, preferred branch, the P. O. Box number, and more.

#6. Pick a P. O. Box Agent

Optionally, you can apply for a P. O. Box agent to help you out. You’ll be required to provide the following:

  • Agents Full name
  • Phone number
  • Emirates ID number

#7. Pay up the Rental fees

When all that was said is done, you’ll be notified via email. Visit any P. O. Box office for your box key. Expect to pay up the sum of AED 30 for the collection of the key.

FAQs of Abu Dhabi Zip Code

Summary | Abu Dhabi Zip Code

You are here because you need to fill up that space for the Abu Dhabi postal code, yeah? The UAE doesn’t do the postal code stuff. Why is it so? That’s because the AUE uses the MAKANI (my location) for name identification.

Now you’re cleared on what to do and how to do it. That’s renting your own P. O. Box. For more accuracy see the Emirate’s official websites at emiratespost.ae. Make sure you read and understand every term and condition you may find carefully before you undertake any P. I. Box package. Good luck.

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