UAE Zip Code | How Do I Find A Zip Code In UAE?

About UAE Zip Code

What is zip code or postal code? What is the Dubai postal code? It is a series of digits or letters that in other circumstances can contain a question mark or space for sorting and collecting mail. 

Now, what is Dubai’s zip code? Generally, the United States of Emirates has no zip code. However, if in need of one, the postal or zip code is 00000 code. The Dubai postal code is just five zeros. 

The fact is, every building in Dubai has its unique number called Makani Number instead of the normal city zip code. This is done as per the UAE postal system. The Makani Number will lead you to the specific house or building to deliver the mail. But, if the Dubai zip must be included, just write 5-zeros. You can consider these postal codes. 

Bur Dubai postal00000
Bur Dubai zip00000
Deira Dubai postal00000
Deira Dubai zip00000
Al Nahda postal 98623
Al Nahda zip98623
Abu hail postal125212

Dubai Central Post Office

It deals with the Postal or zip codes system. It means using PO Box numbers in case of posts and  Business addresses. For instance, companies, or individuals can get a PO box for receiving their posts safely. The registration fees are AED 70. However,  you will pay AED 250 p.a as a yearly cost.

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How to get a Dubai postal number

The most preferred in Dubai is P O  BOX instead of the Postal, zip codes, or Makani Number. You can have your own P O Box number either by applying online through the official website of Emirates post. Or, you can also apply it through; 

  • You fill up the prescribed form available at Dubai central post office.
  • Present a copy of your passport and Emirates ID which should be attached with the appliance.
  • Two Passport size photos to accompany the two documents. 

Mail Postal and Zip Code for Companies in the United States of Emirates

As Dubai has no postal or Zip Code, it is acceptable to use the default 00000 as your zip whenever necessary. However, what about Amazon, Ali Express Type Company, do they need to write this code? Today, this post will explore what you should do in such a scenario. 

  • Generally, you can start with the default zip 00000 anywhere in the UAE.
  • You can either write NA or leave the postal or zip code section blank.
  • You can also use your UAE versatile number starting with 05 e.g 05566778 (not a real mobile number). In case of transportation issues, the mail center can call this number once in a while, while trying to deliver items
  • Include the number for your area of origin. If you won’t include it, the mail will fail to deliver the item as it will not recognize the actual location. 
  • The United States of Emirates PO Box is used for the delivery address. It will end up appearing twice on the address label but you will still only get one copy of the package or letter.
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Format for the mailing address in UAE

Remember to replace the 123000 with the correct PO Box number. Hyphens and spaces should not be included in the address. However, if that happens, the mail will still reach the required destination. For instance, 123-000 or 123 000. 

1. Address for a company

Person’s name if required]

Company name


Emirate or City

United Arab Emirates

Example of a company address

Mr. Mohammed Al Wasl, Chief Executive officer,

AAW General Trading

PO Box 123000



2. Personal Address

Person name


Emirate or City

United Arab Emirates

Example of personal address

Mr. Mohammed Al Wasl

PO Box 123000



3. Example of wrong mail address but still delivered correctly

Person name


Emirate or City

United Arab Emirates


Mr. Mohammed Al Wasl




Zip Codes and postal codes for carriers’ deliveries services in UAE 

For instance, Aramex, DHL, FedEx, and Empos are some of the Carriers’ deliveries; you only need to provide a physical address for your product to be delivered. The general postal code is not essential for them. 

Example of a physical location, 

  • Building name or house number.
  •  Street name or company name that the courier can locate. 
  • You can also provide a Geographical Information System (GIS) locator like Makani, Onwani if the courier company uses such a service. On top of that, at least provide a cell phone number so the courier can contact you and get a clear directions to your location.

The UAE states with their PO BOX numbers

  • Deira Postal Code PO Box Number: 444488
  • Ajman Postal Code PO Box Number: 666688
  • Umm Al Quwain Postal Code PO Box Number: 777788
  • Fujairah Postal Code PO Box Number: 888888
  • Ras Al Khaimah Postal Code PO Box Number: 999988
  • Dubai Postal Code PO Box Number: 333388
  • Sharjah Postal Code PO Box Number: 555588
  • Abu Dhabi Postal Code PO Box Number: 111188
  • Al-Ain Postal Code PO Box Number: 222288
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Abu Dhabi Zip or Postal Code?

Generally, it is the same as Dubai. You will write NA or 00000 as your postal or zip code if it must be included.

What is the Sharjah Postal or Zip Code?

In the UAE, no state has a postal or zip code. Though, it is mostly searched by residents and visitors. You only need to remember the 5 zeros digit  (00000) as the postal and Zip code for Sharjah.

Final words | UAE Zip Code

Despite the United States of Emirates having no postal codes or zip codes, the five zero digits code (00000) is easy to use across e.g. Dubai. Apart from that, you can also use the Makani Number. Abu Dhabi is the most frequently asked question among residents, its zip code is still 00000 as Dubai. 

You can also apply for the PO BOX number for your use or business to ease your location for the carrier deliverers. 

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