Different Tyre Types in Dubai: Select The Best One For Your Vehicle

Tyre Types in Dubai

Today’s automobiles’ comfort, technology, and performance have greatly improved. But, on whatever form of vehicle, one feature has changed while remaining the same. Yes, the tyres, those substantial rings of rubber that round the wheels—are what we’re referring to. 

As the only point of contact the car has with the road it is running on, they are one of the essential parts of the car. As a result, the performance of your vehicle’s tyres impacts all the power, torque, refinement, delivery, efficiency, traction, handling, and other attributes it may have.

However, knowing them is a wholly different and slightly sophisticated game; even though their primary function is pretty simple, we have subdivided types of tyres in Dubai for you.

Varieties Of Tyres

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres excel at both dry and wet surface handling and traction. These tyres also feature a unique rubber formula that makes them the best option in hotter weather. In addition, Summer Tyres provide better fuel efficiency and generate less noise on roads thanks to their reduced rolling resistance.

Winter Tyres

If Summer tyres are best for dry land, Winter tyres rule the ice and snow-covered surfaces. Winter tyres have a tread compound made of natural rubber to keep the tyres flexible in cold weather. Winter tires won’t harden, even at freezing temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius.

All Season Tyres

All-season tyres include components from both summer and winter tyres, allowing for usage during both seasons. However, performance is compromised because the tyre incorporates winter and summer tyres characteristics. Additionally, you won’t be happy if you expect the tyre to function in winter or summer and dry or rainy situations. On the other hand, all-season tyres are ideal if you rarely drive in harsh weather and only use your car for travelling.

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Temporary Tyres

These tyres, sometimes referred to as “space saver tyres,” are smaller than full-size spare tyres and are used when the primary tyre gets punctured. According to their name, temporary tyres cannot be used as full-fledged spare tyres since they have a speed limit and a running capacity that make them only suitable for short-term usage. They should be changed as soon as the damaged original tyre is fixed. Since these tyres are not intended to carry loads and are more of a support than a replacement, continuous driving in them is not at all advised.

Touring Tyres

Whatever your motivation, your tyres should be adjusted to meet your demands, whether you enjoy making lengthy road trips on the weekends or enjoy travelling widely. While all tyres may go a distance, touring tyres are the finest for regulated ride comfort and a peaceful, pleasant trip. Some of these tyres have a noise-reduction feature built in that keeps your ride quiet and relaxing. In addition, these tyres are designed with a broader tread that grips the road and aids in maintaining balance. Touring tyres are also excellent at channelling water, making them the most fantastic choice for driving on dry and wet roads.

High-Performance Tyres

Often known as high-performance tyres, these tyres should only be used for high-speed driving. These tyres are designed to prevent hydroplaning even at high speeds, much like sports tyres. Due to the massive tread blocks that were incorporated into these tyres, they provide an extraordinarily high level of stability when cornering at high speeds. However, when putting them through high-speed testing, extra care must be taken since these tests also have a limit, and when this limit is exceeded, the vehicle is prone to losing traction. High-performance tyres are used on highly efficient automakers like Lamborghini and Ferrari cars.

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The professionals at UAETyres can assist you if you need clarification about the type of tyre you might require. Reach out right now.

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