A Guide To Dubai Fines & How To Avoid Them

Dubai Fines

Dubai is a lawful nation starting from the deep state to the grassroots levels. Dubai fines are what you pay in violation of the land laws intentionally or accidentally. Thus, being mindful on the road is highly significant to avoid paying these fines. Do you want to know things you shouldn’t do and what you can, right? The Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) is the body responsible for implementing the traffic laws in Dubai.

Now, what are Dubai fines? How to check and pay Dubai fines? What are traffic fines installation? Today, this post will explore all you need about Dubai fines to avoid paying hefty penalties. But first, let’s focus on the laws applicable in every sector. Ready?

What are Black Traffic Points

These systems allow the authorities to keep account records regarding the laws broken by an individual while driving. Be careful; cameras and radars are installed along the way, which capture every mistake you make and add black points onto your file depending on the offense made.

Every fault has its number of black points recorded. You will receive a notification through SMS from RTA regarding the black points added or visit their website https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/home. You are only allowed to cross 24 black traffic points in a year, after which your driving license will cease to operate for the following year. In addition, get charged according to the weight of the offenses committed. 

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Traffic Dubai Fines per Category

1. Overtaking and Wrong Parking

  • If caught parking in front of a fire hydrant or spaces allocated for people with determinations, you get a penalty of AED 1000 and 6 black points
  • Making a sudden stop while driving without genuine reasons, you call for an AED 1000 fine and six black points.
  • Resting your car in the yellow box junction or on the pedestrian crossing, you pay AED 500 fine.
  • Parking in a manner that you block movement or behind other vehicles, you’re fine AED 500
  • Parking on pavement or improper parking calls for AED 500 fine.
  • Stopping vehicles that endangered pedestrian life you’re fine AED 400
  • Making a wrong overtaking while driving a light vehicle calls for six black points and a penalty of AED 1000
  • Overtake in unauthorized places, a fine of AED 600 is paid.

2. Over Speeding Fines

  • Driving past the maximum speed limit of less than 60km/h results in an AED 1500 fine, six black points, and 15 days for vehicle retention.
  • Overspending by 60km/h past the specified limit results in an AED 3000 fine, 12 black points, and retention of the vehicle for 30 days
  • Over speeding by 80km/h over the specified limits results in AED 3000 fine, 23 black points, and 60 days’ vehicle retention
  • Exceeding the maximum speed by less than 40 km/h calls for AED 700 fine.
  • Over speeding by less than 50km/h over the specified limit is equal to AED 1000

Rash and Reckless Driving

This category has a heavy fine, unlike other offenses as included:

  • When caught driving while drunk, it results in a hefty fine of AED 20000, 60 days’ vehicle retention, jail term determined by the court, and 23 black points. 
  • if endangering other life, fine is determined by the court and 60 days’ vehicle retention, and 23 black points
  • Driving a car without a number plate equals 23 black points, 90 days’ vehicle retention, and a fine of AED 3000.
  • Not stopping at the red light results in 12 black points, a fine of AED 1000, and 30 days of vehicle retention
  • Failure to maintain the recommended distance between cars on the road results in 4 black points and AED 400 fine
  • This violation results in 6 black points and AED 1000 penalty for any vehicle blocking traffic.
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Other Minor Offenses

  • Throwing garbage out of the vehicle results in 6 black points and AED 1000 fine
  • Driving without a seat belt is equivalent to 4 black points and AED 400 fine
  • Driving a noisy vehicle, you get charge AED 2000 and 12 blacks points
  • Operating a phone while driving, get four black points and AED 800 penalty
  • Driving without an insurance cover, you get a fine of AED 500, 7 days’ vehicle retention, and five black points
  • Reckless reversal of the car is equal to 4 black points and a penalty of AED 500
  • Driving at night or in foggy weather and the light are off, this violation results in 4 black points and AED 500 fine 

Payment of Traffic Fines

This can be done in many ways; log into the Dubai police portal or RTA Dubai Traffic Fine Payment Portal to complete the process.

On top of that, you can download the RTA app to pay the fines or visit the Vehicle and Driver’s License Centre to pay the overdue or call 901 for detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get fine traffic notifications in Dubai?

Whenever you get fined, an SMS will be sent or logged in. the RTA to check

Is there any fee to view my traffic fines in Dubai?

No, an online check is free of charge; however, you have to pay AED 5 for the hard copy of the file.

How to check black points in Dubai

  • Log into the Dubai police website
  • Go to service and click on fine traffic payment
  • Enter the driver’s license and click check black points
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What are required to pay fines in Dubai?

  • GCC card or valid debit card
  • Traffic file number
  • Vehicle license details

What are other legal modes of payment of traffic fines in Dubai?

  • Use toll-free number 800 7777
  • Subscribe to SMS 4488e
  • Use ATM cards or Cash deposit machines, also called Emirates Banks
  • Use kiosks in all shopping malls in Dubai
  • On your mobile, dial *123# by using the Etisalat line


Be a responsible citizen maximally abiding by the traffic laws to be on the safe side. Following these simple laws allow you to save more; you won’t pay hefty fines due to recklessness on the road.

Again, avoid driving old vehicles that can put you to face the harsh consequences. This type of car is prone to noise and air pollution. Conserve our environment and roads. Consider these second-hand cars to cease breaking the law. Toyota second-hand cars, BMW second hand, Nissan second-hand, and used Mercedes Benz, all are within Dubai.


Follow traffic laws, be safe, avoid hefty fines, and save lives on the roads.

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