Top 8 places to visit in Dubai

Best places to visit in Dubai

Dubai is well-known globally for its incredible tourist attraction sites like Dubai Mall. It is a hot spot in the United States of Emirates (UAE). The city has over 50 top places to visit making it the only megacity that receives millions of visitors every year in the whole region. 

 When you’re planning to visit Dubai sooner, continue reading this post to know the top amazing places in Dubai.

Dubai is full of fancy shopping malls, luxurious restaurants which offer accommodations, and tantalizing dishes. Touring Dubai is more fun, you feel like you’ve been served at the King Palace. Today, this article has selected 8 places for you to tour among others in the City. 

Top places to visit in Dubai
Top Places to visit in Dubai

Top 8 places to visit in Dubai

1. Global Village

It is the leading family of entertainment in Dubai. Global Village is one of the incredible places to visit in Dubai with family. It has a cultural attraction that offers a distinctive shopping experience in Dubai through its 31 pavilions, each symbolizing a different country across the world.

It is located at Sheikh Zayed road. The global village has thrilling rides for children at the fantasy Island, packed entertainment, dining options, cultural shows across the globe, and others.

2. Dubai Marina

Dubai is among the best places in the world to visit. Dubai Marina is on the top list of places must-visit while touring Dubai. 

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Dubai Marina is located along 3km of the Persian Gulf Shoreline. This place consisted of boutiques, markets, and eateries.  It also has a waterfront that has it all. 

It has ten regions with each section having an unmistakable group. The Dubai Marina Walk, which lines the waterfront, has a choice of cosmopolitan eateries. You can see this great place by metro, bus or tram.

3.  Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is among the largest buildings in the world. It is number 26th Globally. This mall has over 1200 retail stores, many foods, and refreshments outlets, on top of that, it has two big retail chains. 

It is the best place to shop in Dubai, get unlimited entertainment, and eat your favorite dishes. The mall has an interesting fountain or The Village, which includes a retractable rooftop opened in the cold weather for a long time to offer customers an outside encounter. Shopping in Dubai Mall is incredible and don’t miss buying your favorite stuff while enjoying the cool atmosphere of the Mall.

4. Al Maha Resort

Al Maha Resort is a luxurious dessert and spa among the top places to tour when in Dubai. It only takes about 45 minutes to reach this adorable destination from the bustling city of Dubai. 

On arrival, you are welcome with an 8 km desert walk until you arrive at the primary resort structure. This untamed desert resort gives you a good view of life. 

5. Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is one of the superb places to tour. It is located at the Al Fahidi Fort, is a tourist site that represents the history and heritage of the megacity of Dubai. Dubai Museum will connect you with various environments of the old rural life of local Emirates.

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It also displays the original tools that were used by the old Emirates to do their daily routine. Besides, the section also displays pottery, antiques, and weapons. Dubai Museum has more to offer to all its visitors. 

6. Jumeirah Mosque

Who doesn’t like Dubai? A city where prominent leaders, politicians, and celebrities take their vacations. Jumeirah Mosque is not only a worshiping place but also reflects the importance of the historical period of the Fatimid. 

This magnificent mosque was built entirely from white limestone. It was constructed by 1200 worshippers. Every individual from any religion is welcomed to witness the great architectural beauty and Islamic art. 

When visiting Dubai, be open-minded to experience other people’s religions and cultures with great love and care. When prioritizing top places to visit in Dubai, don’t miss to eye on this incredible landmark. 

7. Bastakiya

It is also called the Old Dubai. Bastakiya is the second place to visit among the Dubai Cultural Sites. It is more unique because of the many names it has; including, Al Fahidi Historical District or Al Fahidi residential neighborhood. 

To make a complete tour of Dubai, visiting Bastakiya is vital to know the importance of culture. Having a walk in this place is like traveling back in time and living in the past because everything is reflecting historical importance. You will find textile shops, spices shops, arts and handicrafts, and souvenir shops. Keep walking through the narrow alleys to find more antiques and perfume shops.

8. Wings of Dubai Museum

It gives a clear history of how Dubai developed from a simple desert environment into an international magnificent city. Dubai Wings explores the past and the present. 

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The museum has other wings which show the traditional lifestyle of old Dubai for instance, wings of the traditional, natural phenomena Wing, the sea wing, astronomy, and the 1950 market wing, which represents the shopping market atmosphere, vendors, merchandise, and shops during old times. 

Whenever you tour Dubai, you need maximum exploration enjoyment, hence, visiting the Dubai Museum will introduce you to the modern civilization. The Dubai Museum is so popular among residents and visitors. Interestingly, it receives over 1800 tourists daily.

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Dubai’s hot spot city is amusing; it has over 52 top places to visit while touring Dubai. It had Stunning furnishings, a cool atmosphere, and generally welcomed residents across the city.

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