Blue Water Island: Dubai’s Dreamiest New Luxury Resort

Blue Water Island in Dubai – A Pleasant Escape

Dubai is full of life. Blue water island is a must-visit destination to enjoy with friends, family, hang out, or with your work team. Blue water is a vibrant lifestyle featuring distinctive residential, retail, hospitality, and entertainment options to choose your favorite.

Blue water is located across the water from Dubai Marina. The record-breaking Ain Dubai observation wheel is the centerpiece of the lifestyle destination with more than 200 retail and dining concepts.

Blue water island is full of fun and sports. Well-known sports here include funky hangout brass monkey, Italian-inspired restaurant Alici, and shore side shopping spots. 

On top of that, the world famous wax attraction Madame Tussauds adds unlimited fun to the urban hotspot offering. The Blue water island is worth mentioning, walking along its shores and enjoying the adorable environment and breezes to relax from a busy life. 

Blue water island is home to Caesar’s Place Dubai, a glamorous resort with varied accommodation and dining venues. Interestingly, you will find the incredible Hell’s Kitchen by Michelin starred Chef Gordon Ramsay and a cove beach lounge within the ultra-luxe hub where you can swing for the sunset mingling and get entertained for a week. 

How do you Get to Blue Water Island?

Dubai is super-fast when it comes to transport, in whatever means you want to use. You can quickly get to the island, especially by car, where it takes a direct route from the Superhighway Sheikh Zayed road. Or, for more scenic trolls, take a pedestrian link bridge from Jumeirah Beach Residence. This lovely walk takes around 300 meters, and an incredible idea to walk between the Blue water and the beach.

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Why Visit the Blue Water Island in Dubai?

This place is top-notch, a vibrant beach to visit during your holiday, weekend, or appropriate best time. It is a safe place to relax with your family. Whenever you visit this place, don’t forget to glance at these top five things.

1. Caesar’s Palace Dubai

Live like a king! This is the only property besides the one in Las Vegas found at the Blue water island. This is a premium hotel with adequate facilities to stay like a king in the Palace; think of pristine pools, a signature spa, a dedicated kids club, and a fine dining restaurant. 

Caesar’s Palace has numerous rooms to accommodate all your loved ones; hence, booking your space for convenience is recommended. On top of that, you get the famous Gordon Ramsay Hell’s kitchen that is super unique with all sorts of your favorite meals. Get ready to be served mouth-licking dishes! 

2. Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai is a marvel record at the beach. This Blue water island is the home of the tallest and largest wheel observation globally.

 This incredible artificial structure stands 250 meters surpassing the London Eye, Singapore Flyer, and the High Roller in Las Vegas. 

Visit the island to take a sweeping view of the city’s sparkling coastline. The wheel takes forty minutes to complete one rotation. This gives you plenty of time to look for Dubai’s most famous landmarks. During the trip, you enjoy elevated dining and fun beyond expectations. Make your bookings in advance. 

3. Sunny Cove Beach

A seafront spectacular, Cove Beach is the perfect place to laze away the day. Housing a restaurant, lounge, and three pools, all set to the backdrop of the Arabian Gulf’s turquoise waters, there’s a distinctive Mediterranean vibe here that you will want to soak in. 

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You can enjoy the freshest seafood at Two—0 restaurant before settling into a private cabana or luxurious daybed on the sand. The beach club is especially lively on weekends when lounge beats take over, and the city’s trendsetters come out to play.

Lastly, the beach is clean and safe to enjoy a holiday with your family.

4. Taste Creativity (London Project)

The Blue Water Island is home to an array of lovely restaurants, and The London Project is always a popular choice. For a complete experience, step inside to see why. 

There’s plenty of commissioned art to peruse on the walls. The in-house podcast studio tunes into community topics you may like, and that’s all before you’ve even sampled the food. Championing the best of ‘London Eclectic,’ the menu features star eats such as kaffir lime and ancho chili squid, Oxford beef croquettes, and battered fish and chips, while the drinks and service are just as relaxing.

5. Madame Tussauds

People of all ages will be thrilled to explore themed zones looking for their favorite famous faces and mingle with international stars from the spheres of sports, politics, fashion, media, and entertainment – think Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Vin Diesel, and more.

Interestingly, there are plenty of regional icons like Emirati-Yemeni music star Balqees Fathi and Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram to entertain. 

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Final Thoughts

Blue water island is a vibrant place full of life to spend your day peacefully and experience unlimited fans with your friends. Book your space for convenience. Have a memorable moment with Bluewater’s island.

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