Knee pain | Non-surgical Pain Relief in Dubai

Knee pain is a common occurrence that can be challenging to any individual limiting you from some daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and bending over. It can also hinder athletic performance.

People of all ages suffer from knee pain, from young to old. Whatever the cause, you can treat knee pain with non-surgical options in Dubai, which are less costly and painful than surgery. On top of that, it prevents side effects which normally come after operation.

Cause of knee pain is often due to a degeneration condition like osteoarthritis or meniscus tears, but it can also be due to injuries like an ACL tear. In case of these, you can receive non-surgical treatment options in Dubai which include injections like cortisone shots and regenerative medicine treatments like platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy.

The Dubai specialist might also suggest physical therapy as a way to strengthen your muscles around the affected area. Naturally, exercising can strengthen the surrounding muscles, reduce stress on the knee joint and help alleviate pain.

Knee pain

When to Visit the Non-Surgical Pain Relief Centers

  • Those who have experienced an injury such as sprains, strains, and tears
  • If you’re undergoing osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or other forms of arthritis
  • Patient who cannot take prescription medications due to other illnesses, such as stomach ulcers
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How Knee Pain Relief Works

Knee gel is what you need for non-surgical treatment in Dubai. 

Knee gel injections is a non-surgical pain reliever. This product acts as a shock absorber and a lubricator for your joints. It is highly vital in reducing pain, discomfort and improving your normal function. A temporary pain or swelling might occur on the knee joint which is normal, however, if the pain persists consult the practitioners within Dubai.

Knee gel injections give you a lasting solution for your pain; it can last for about six months with noticeable results which typically happens after four to five from the time of treatment. But note, every individual is different, thus the time frame isn’t cursed on stones. 

Symptoms for Knee Pain

  • Swelling and stiffness
  • Tenderness in the front, back, or sides of the knee
  • Crunching noises when walking, running, or bending your knees
  • Locking sensation, whenever your knee is stuck in one position, and you are unable to turn it

Elbow Pain Relief

Elbow pain is a highly frustrating experience that limits you from the simplest task to the most strenuous, but Dubai hospitals are worth mentioning. They offer non-surgical treatment for this.

Whether you’re suffering from Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow, or a condition like Osteoarthritis or Bursitis, there are simple steps you can take to ease your pain and restore full function. Check out our top treatments and start getting relief today.

Causes of Elbow Pain 

  • Tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons), which can occur due to overuse of the elbow through repetitive movements
  • Tendinitis can also develop after a sudden injury or infection. 
  • Other causes include stress fractures, bursitis, and nerve problems.

Who Can Benefit from Elbow Pain Relief

  • Golfers benefit from the compression of the Allay Elbow Wrap which helps reduce swelling in the elbow and forearm. And because it’s an elasticated wrap, you have the freedom to move your arm while keeping the pressure you need to relieve pain.
  •  Tennis players suffer from elbow pain because of the constant impact on their elbows when they hit the ball. You can use an Allay Elbow Wrap during a game and after to help keep your arm loose and supported.
  • Office workers operate computers every day. This can cause pain and inflammation in the forearms, leading to elbow pain. A gentle compression wrap can help relieve pain and swelling.
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How Elbow Pain Relief Works

  • Elbow Pain, which can range from a minor injury to a significant ailment such as arthritis, can make it challenging to complete daily duties. Fortunately, you can manage most elbow discomfort conservatively and non-surgically, depending on the source of your elbow discomfort.
  • Elbow Pain Relief is a breakthrough pain relief formula that provides targeted relief of elbow pain. It is designed to deliver a safe and effective electric signal to the nerve endings in the elbow, providing relief from elbow pain.
  • When you use Elbow Pain Relief, you can go about your life without worrying about pain holding you back.

Elbow Pain Symptoms

  • Swelling, stiffness, and tenderness in the elbow
  • Tenderness along the inner or outer elbow
  • Pain when bending or extending your arm or lifting objects.
  • Weak grip strength, which can make it difficult to grasp objects with your hand

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs


Be your own doctor, in case of any abnormal function or joint pain, consider visiting any nearest hospital for assistance in Dubai. Our doctors are well trained and patients-friendly. 

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