Top 7 Effective Channels of Advertising in Dubai

Reasons To Advertise In Dubai

Today, Dubai is a 24/7 economy, and promoting your business to remain top in the market is very effective. However, this depends on the kind of business you’re running; either from a small medium-sized to large organization, dealing with competition or staying ahead of others is vital.

Now, what advert channel should you use? Choosing the right mode of advertising is very important. Also, knowing your target market or customer determines the appropriate channel to use. On top of that, you should consider the cost incurred to minimize expenses. This article explores the top advertising channels which suit your business effectively.

Advertising in Dubai

Why should you advertise your service or products in Dubai?

  • It popularizes your products or services to customers across the country
  • Enhance business growth through significant turnover
  • Improve your sales 
  • Also, it creates public relations as the audience familiarize with the business

Types of Outdoor Advertising in Dubai

With the availability of services like event planning, chair and table rentals, and amazing venues, outdoor marketing campaigns are common in Dubai.

There are many types of advertising to choose from, but first, you need to know their prices, pros, and cons, as included below.

1. Unipoles

This form of adverts focuses on product branding. It costs AED 90 to 200000 per month depending on the area selected. It is highly eye-catching and recognizable. 

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  • visibility, because of its height and dimensions, it is very effective
  • They are in strategic places which give maximum views from their target audience.
  • Except for closed circuits, unipoles represent an active media 24/7
  • They reach specific groups that are difficult to capture; for instance, individuals who spend most of their time at work hardly watch television; hence, unipoles reach them effectively.


  • It might be unaffordable for small businesses because of its cost

2. Bridges Banners

Bridges banners are an ideal solution for potential advertisers because each banner guarantees traffic and high visibility. This is because of the width of each ad which ranges between 30 to 100 meters. On top of that, Hills ads guarantee vast exposure for a brand, company, product, event, services, promotions, and even more.

If you’re looking for a way to brand and promote your products, bridge banners are the best channel. It costs AED 80000 to 500000 depending on the area covered. 


  •  They are cost-effective; because it depends on the size of the banner
  • Very eye-catching
  • They are easy to create


  • It must be approved to ensure it follows the required guild lines

3. Building Wrap

Building wrap is a custom billboard like a vinyl advert that is printed and attached directly to the side of the building. Unlike other ads, they are graphics that attract a particular audience. Primarily, they are used in large metropolitan areas.

Building wrap cost is from 200 Dhs to one million Dhs per year. It is highly used for branding. Interestingly, it is eye-catching and recognizable. 


  • It is protected from adverse weather because it comes in very well with the buildings
  • It has a created durability
  • It is also protected from the direct UV rays from the sun
  • Used to direct customers
  • Enhance curb appeal
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  • Building wraps require particular tools, including a large format digital printer which is very costly

4. Taxi and Bus Ads

These ads are placed anywhere on either side of the taxi or bus or even on the seat covers. The passengers easily spot them, which exposes your products instantly to millions of customers every day, as vehicles move from one place to another. 

Taxi and bus ads cost from AED 40000 per month. Taxis all over the city, and the RTA buses have daily fixed routes, making it cost-effective with maximum customer turnout. 

The minimum quantity for taxi ads is 50. Taxi and bus ads are very appropriate for branding and services promotion. 


  • It is very eye-catching
  • You can’t zap it
  • It reaches a varied audience
  • Durable form of adverts
  • Its colorful, large, innovative designs demand attention
  • You can’t ignore it

5. Magazines and Newspapers Ads

The ads appear on the print media to grab the attention of a specific audience. It costs from 3000 to 12000 Dhs per month. 

The main objective is branding and service promotion. Magazines and newspapers are eye-catching and recognizable


  • They are affordable
  • Displays high-quality images
  • Reaches proactive audience
  • Highly trustworthy


  • No control over ad placement

6. Radio and Television Ads

Combining these two media helps reach individuals who can’t be reached by one medium. Customers who get exposed to ads on TV and radios recall it much easier than those who perceived it on television only.

This type of ad costs from 10,000 to 100,000 Dhs per month, depending on the number of ads selected and displayed. It’s eye-catching to promote brands and products.


  • The advert reaches many people in ones
  • There is a demonstration of the use of products
  • Due to audiovisual, it leaves a long-lasting impression on the audience
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  • The audience may perceive the adverse as entertaining
  • Adverts might be a nuisance if they ruin the playing program

7. Digital Billboards Advertising

This outdoor advertising is on another level. Unlike other channels, you can display many messages and offers and stream user-generated content.


  • Ads rotate in slide show fashion every 6 to 8 seconds
  • Always located on highways for more significant impact like the Sheikh Zayed road
  • It changes the product being advertised without an increase in cost
  • Very impressive to look hence attractive to the audience


  • Digital Billboards Advertising uses power; hence, in case of fault connection, the passing audience will miss the intended information at the time.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Wrap Up

For every business to make a progressive growth, it should invest in advertising. However, choosing the best channel is crucial for positive impacts on your business. By considering the shortlisted types of advertising, pros, and cost, promote your products and services across Dubai.

Check on the radio advertising options, metro advertising options in Dubai, ten billboards advertising options for outdoor advertising. You can also check on outdoor ads for bridges and banners. 

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