#1 Where To Invest In Dubai, If You’re Not Already

Tips To Help You Invest In Dubai

Do you have some extra cash to invest? What kind of business can you start in Dubai? Which investment has the highest interest rate in Dubai? To invest in Dubai is safe and easy for every individual willing to have extra income in future. Interestingly, investing in Dubai isn’t limited; research shows UAE attracts many Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) every year.

But first, having a clear insight into every asset is vital before making any investment. Knowing all that is required in terms of minimum premium, the policy of the business and expected return is highly significant to avoid wasting your money and time on non-profitable companies. This post will explore the top lucrative businesses to invest in in Dubai in 2022. Time is money! 

Investment in Dubai
Invest In Dubai

Top Lucrative Businesses to Invest in Dubai in 2022

1. Stocks

Stock is a portion of the capital of any company, as investors, you can own the stock in two ways; 

  • A dividend is a portion of the company’s net income. It is paid based on shares an individual has in that company, which is done every three months.
  • Appreciation is common for long term investment. For instance, if you buy a company’s stock at AED 100 in five years, the same amount of stock might cost AED 180. This means you would have earned AED 80 for that period. 

For this type of investment, you need to open a trading account with a broker who will lead you to start investing in the UAE stock market. 

To avoid fraud brokers, make sure the individual you’re trading with is registered with one of the following exchanges in Dubai

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2. Bonds

The investors lend their money to companies and expect something in return. For this, the amount to be received and duration to be taken is known by both parties involved. The main reason to invest in bonds is that the opportunity to access your asset is in advance.

Bonds can only be held for a particular time, e.g. 10 to 20 years, after which you can sell them at a higher price before the maturity date, thereby earning some profits. However, failure to sell them before maturity makes repayment within the prescribed period. 

Despite the profits, bonds come with a major risk: bankruptcy of the issuing company. Therefore, you can invest in secured bonds; if such a default happens, you sell the security and refund your money. Another protection is the guarantee of another bank which takes the obligation of the bonds in the event of bankruptcy. 

You can invest in one of the three bonds shortlisted.

  • Treasury bonds which are federal government issuances
  • Municipal bonds are debt securities issued by federal entities to fund day-to-day obligations. 
  • Corporate bonds. The companies give these to raise their capital.

Bonds can pay either interest in two ways, that is done twice a year. Unlike stock, bonds have a fixed interest rate. The next one is growth in bond value; the investors earn when the bond grows in value.

3. National Bond Company

Investing in this is the best option for the investors to purchase Treasury bonds owned by the Government of Dubai, Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD). National Bond Company has 556 outlets which investors can buy for the exchange of houses and banks

Unlike other assets, this asset has no maximum limit on the number of treasury bonds one can purchase. However, the minimum required purchase of the National Bonds is AED 100, which represents ten units of AED 10. 

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The investors will have a 1% incremental expected bonus up to 10% for each year and calculated on the cumulative average contribution. This asset has no risk as stocks do. 

4. Mutual Funds

The manager administers this asset and collects money from different investors, splits them into smaller parts and invests them in other companies’ securities. This process curbs the percentage at which the risk occurs. 

The Emirates NSD, ADCB, CBD, HSBC, and other commercial banks offer mutual funds in the UAE. This asset provides a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in which investors can invest a certain amount of money in SIPs every month for a short duration. 

The minimum amount of assets you can be invested in SIPs is about AED 734. For that, you can make money from Mutual Funds in two ways;

  • Appreciation of the value of the mutual fund; the cost will depend on the security purchased and market demand for the firm.
  • Dividend. Managers buy the bonds, and the shareholders share the realized bonus.

The share cost will depend on the value of the bonds, securities or stocks invested in. afterwards, the investor will sell the share at a higher price, and the received return is the income. 

5. Equity Funds

ETFs are best for passive investors due to ownership of different types of securities within the investment option. You can invest in equity funds in two ways;

  • You can invest through a broker or a financial advisor. You must have a trading account with the brokerage firm, which the relevant exchange must register.
  • Your financial advisor will create an ETF portfolio and periodically review it.

Under this, you can increase your income by investing in various ETFs. For instance, you can buy an ETF of US stocks, an ETF of international reserves, and an ETF of global REITs. This minimizes the risks for your portfolio.

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6. Investing in Real Estates

You can invest by buying residential properties and leasing them. Secondly, you can purchase commercial real estate and its leasing to business owners. The main advantage of investing in property in Abu Dhabi is that real estate in Dubai won’t be affected by inflation.  

Apart from the listed assets, you can also invest in gold, Real Estate Investment Trust, Deposit accounts and e-saver accounts.

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As this article shows, there are plenty of diverse opportunities to consider when deciding where to put your money. However, if you’re looking for a high-growth lifestyle with some easy access to luxury Dubai has a lot to offer. Going forward, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on the medical industry and the growing technology sector. Pockets of growth like these could very well attract new sources of capital that could add value and bolster Dubai’s potential for growth.

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