Know These 6 Things Before Your First Trip To Dubai

First Trip To Dubai: Things to know before

The Middle East’s top destination for vacations is fast becoming Dubai. It offers magnificent buildings, opulent five-star hotels, sizable shops, top-notch dining options, stunning beaches, and more. Everyone who travels to this fantastic place can’t get enough of it. Dubai has attractions for every category and has done a great job of having them all. We firmly believe that each person should travel there at least once in their lifetime. So that you may have the finest vacation and make the most of your stay in this magnificent city, here are six things you should know before traveling to Dubai.

Know These 6 Things Before Your First Trip To Dubai
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Best Time to Visit

The ideal season to visit Dubai is between November and March, when the weather is generally agreeable and temperatures vary from 30 °C to 12 °C. In addition, the magnificent Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place in December, offers a wide variety of goods from international companies. Due to the tremendous rains in February, you should avoid going at that time. Additionally, traveling to Dubai from April to October would be a poor choice since it would be nearly hard to leave the air-conditioned shops and upscale spas owing to the hot, humid weather.

Booking Tickets

Booking in advance is the best strategy to reduce the cost of travel! If you are buying a ticket for a same-day departure, don’t expect to receive any spectacular deals. Consider booking your flights with internationally renowned UAE-based airlines like Emirates and Etihad! There are also many possibilities for getting the best prices for a private jet. To get the greatest deals, make sure to purchase your plane tickets four to six weeks in advance.

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What to Wear?

What to wear in Dubai is one of the most crucial things to know. Due to the fact that Dubai is a part of the Muslim-majority United Arab Emirates, it is especially crucial to pack clothing that will allow you to wear modestly in some places. Both men and women are supposed to dress modestly when in public. Although no one will report you to the fashion police if you expose too much skin, it is far preferable to behave like a wise traveler and respect the local way of life. Hotels are thought of as “international zones” where typical beachwear is allowed. While it is completely OK at the pool and beach, we wouldn’t recommend wearing one in the hotel lobby.

Cabs Are Reliable and Affordable

Dubai’s metro system is currently under construction, so you will probably still need a car to get around. Luckily, taxis in Dubai are reasonably priced and trustworthy. RTA is the recognized taxi service in Dubai, and its vehicles are typically beige with a red or pink roof. The pink-roofed taxis are designed for women and families, and their drivers are always female. In Dubai, every taxi works on a meter. Make sure to only board a cab at the authorized taxi stand while departing from the airport. Although Dubai’s taxis are often fairly safe, we cannot say the same for the city’s traffic. Most roads are in excellent condition, although accidents are usually caused by speed.

Ramadan in Dubai

It is forbidden to eat or drink in public throughout the day during the holy month of Ramadan. Both Muslims and non-Muslims must abide by this law. Though many restaurants are open as normal, there are covered spaces in food courts where those who are not fasting can dine. You will receive a small fine or a warning if you are observed eating outside before sunset throughout this month. Another good reason to travel to Dubai is between November and March (because Ramadan is usually around the summer months).

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Safety Issue

A widespread misconception holds that Dubai’s position in the Middle East makes it unsafe. Dubai is actually the safest city you’ll ever visit. People are out and about at various hours of the night without encountering any problems. According to our data, Dubai is among the safest cities in the world for female travelers traveling alone. Alleyways are safe for you to stroll through at any time of day or night. This is a result of the stringent anti-crime laws. People are deterred from committing crimes by harsh punishments. So, show off your diamond jewelry and Chanel purses. You won’t have them stolen from you by anyone.

Despite being in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most Westernized and safest nations in the region. Certain things are still forbidden, and others you would assume to be off-limits aren’t. Perhaps this article has addressed the essential information you need to know before traveling.

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