Guide on Al Mamzar Beach in Dubai | Al Mamzar Beach Park

Dubai is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. When looking for a place to swim, consider taking this place as one of the most important for your family and friends to have fun together. Visit mamzar beach this holiday with family.

What is Al Mamzar beach?

This is one of the best beaches in Dubai, located on the west coast, and covers approximately 106 hectares of the land. For many years, various families have recognized these beaches as their destination places to swim.

Al Mamzar Beach Dubai
Al Mamzar Beach Dubai

Best things to do Al Mamzar Beach park

Have you planned to visit Dubai, or do you want to go to the beach? You will be surprised how Al Mamzar beach has a lot of things you did not know.

Playing sports on Mamzar beach

You can do many things to keep you busy during your holiday and make your body relax. If you have a family, consider bringing them here to enjoy the beach life. It looks attractive from the Ansoff.

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If you go with your children, there is plenty of space for them to play football and basketball. You will need to take your round and enjoy much of the activity with your kids.

Al Mamzar chalet in Dubai

This place allows you to relax in luxurious chalets even the whole day when enjoying yourself with other people. You will have the opportunity to get some of the fantastic services in this place with beautiful hotels build along the beaches.

There are different chalets you can rent one of them depending on how many people you attend there. The larger one can accommodate at least 12 people and the smaller one eight people.

Visiting Sharjah marine

When you come Al Mamzar beach the place has a marine park and enjoying your day with your family there. You will get an opportunity to see various and unique things. The price varies depending on which time you visited this place, and you can check out their website to get an update on the cost at the moment.

Enjoy sunset view

These places are located in the best centre for you to see the surrounding environment. You will enjoy the sunset present for this beach and have fun with your friends.

Large green area

One of the things you will enjoy seeing while visiting this place is the green palm on the coastal beach. Therefore, you will get the chance to enjoy the beautiful and natural atmosphere of the beach when you sit on the sand end. The ground is among the things that attract tourists to come and has space for kids to play and relax under the green palms.

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Al Mamzar beach hours

The municipality of Dubai has given out different time zones for tourists to visit Al mamzar to select what works best for them.

The park allows Visitors starting from Sunday to Wednesday from exactly 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. During the holidays you can enter from 8:00 am to 11 pm.

Al mamzar beach allocates women their special days: Monday and Wednesday, and kids below five years are permitted at this beach. Therefore, consider checking out all those things that meet you before visiting.

Location for getting Al mamzar beach park

This place is located in the Northeast part of Dubai, next to the Sharjah border. Distance from the park and the nearby metro station is not walking, and you will have to take a cab that will charge you a small fee to reach that place. You will get to different stops, and you can use a bus.

Things to consider before you plan a trip to AI mamzar beach

  • Discover the best hotel in Dubai you will spend the rest of your holiday or trip
  • Save  more money to visit different beaches in Dubai and have fun with your friends
  • Check out other places you should visit while in Dubai
  • Write in a book all the plans you have in Dubai and what to pack to give you easy work in remembering.

What not to do at Al mamzar beach

Leave your phone outside

Today people are more addicted to social media and even leave their phones on the beach area. When you do this, it will freeze, causing considerable damage. The best thing is to get it out of your bag and take it when you finish.

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Shakes your towel near other

This one is not allowed because the wind comes in all directions. It would be best to do that on beaches because your towel might have sand.

Forget water

When you visit Al mamzar, don’t go without carrying your water.


Smoking in a public area is not allowed in Dubai, so do not try doing it here on the beach.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Summary | Al Mamzar Beach

If you are looking for comfortable relaxation and enjoy swimming with your family, AI Mamzar beach park is your place. Everything has been mentioned above and things you should not do while seeing this fantastic beach in Dubai.

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