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Shisha Lounge in Dubai

Do you know smoking shisha in Dubai is legal, unlike other places worldwide? You will get people enjoying it in entertainment places like cafés and lounges. When visiting Dubai for the first time, don’t fear asking areas for Shisha. This article will share some of the best places to visit and enjoy shisha while in Dubai or other parts of the UAE. Let’s get to know shisha near me below.

What is shisha?

Shisha is a smoking substance mixed with molasses, sugar, or fruits, and it also contains tobacco. It was known during the Ottoman and still exists now. The smoking of shisha is allowed in the Middle East and part of Southeast Asia. Most people prefer it due to the flavour it contains.

Best Shisha Lounge Dubai
Shisha Lounge in Dubai

Type of shisha

Do you enjoy smoking shisha and don’t know which type tastes better for you and its effects? In this article, you will know apple shisha, chocolate shisha, and blueberry.

Blueberry shisha

The blueberry has a unique flavour compared to any other available market. The tobacco is sweet but not icky like others. It produces cool smoke.

Apple shisha

When you want to bring back your day memory, look at a place and ask for apple shisha. The juice is mixed with other ingredients making it sweet when you test.

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Chocolate shisha

Chocolate shisha has a mixed flavour, mellow and sweet taste. When you want something delicious, then try out chocolate. The uniqueness of chocolate shisha is that it does not burn faster; you can enjoy it for a long session. In addition, it makes you feel good when you smoke it.

Lemon and mind shisha

The type of shisha looks different from the others above because it is not sweet. It is mainly used during the hot season when you don’t want something sweet in your mouth. However, it does not produce thick clouds.

 Traditional grapefruit shisha

Grapefruits come either wet or dry, and it has a different flavour compared to other. In addition, it has a lighter weight when compared to others.

 Best shisha lounge in Dubai

Many shisha places to visit in Dubai offer good services at affordable prices. Here are some of the top shisha lounges available in Dubai 2022.

1. TreeHouse

When looking for a peaceful environment to smoke shisha, treeHouse in Dubai is the place to be. It offers you the luxury of quality cocktails. Inside the building, you will enjoy the tones of music played by the resident DJ. This place is comfortable enough for you to enjoy with your partner. Your security is tight. You don’t have to worry about it.

The lounge is located at Taj Dubai, Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay.

2. Buhayra lounge

Do you need a shisha place built with swimming inside? Buhayra is one of the stylish Palace located downtown, not further away from the Arabian night. You can choose to smoke shisha under the palm, designed in settings to relax.

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Buhayra located traditional Arabian tents next to the pool, where it looks beautiful from the views. Get to enjoy the cool breeze from the palm tree.

The whole place is designed with soothing music where you will enjoy yourself with others. You will feel comfortable sitting inside those tents.

3. The courtyard Dubai

If you like staying in Arabic tents, the courtyard is the best place to relax and enjoy smoking shisha. During the evening you will see a sky full of stars. Welcome to a majlis-stylish cushion designed with a row of palms around. You will get all types of shisha with different flavours in this place.

The courtyard lounge located at the only royal mirage

4. Smoky Beach

The smoky beach is one of Dubai’s most popular places known for café shisha. It has beautiful viewing when you compare it to other lounges. Here is one of the comfortable places to relax with your friend as you smoke shisha. You can come with your family to this fantastic area. The breeze from the ocean makes it one of the best shisha lounges in Dubai.

The smoky beach is located opposite JBR near the gulf and famous landmark Ain Dubai.

5. Shades Dubai Marine

Shades are among the top shisha lounge in Dubai. Get the chance to view the Dubai skyline, and it has modern pools to swim. You will enjoy smoking shisha under the open space here in shades. You will feel comfortable here with your friends.

6. Nurai

Nurai is one of the famous shisha places visited by thousands of people yearly. Shisha here sold at a reasonable price. The good thing is you will serve with natural coal.

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Nurai is located at Westwhart tower, Business bay.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

When you want to visit Dubai, maybe for a holiday or trip, there are various things to know if you smoke shisha.

Final Thought

When you are looking for the best place to relax with your friends as you enjoy shisha, the above can give you the comfort you want. The price for shisha in Dubai varies depending on which lounge you wish to visit. So when planning a trip to Dubai, ask one of the above shisha near me lounges for a journey and have some fun with your friends or family.

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