Dubai Desert Adventures You Must Try

Dubai Desert Adventures

What should you expect from a Dubai safari adventure in the desert? A true adventure rather than the rough approximation of one through its theme park version. In Dubai, when you go to rough it, you’re really roughing it in the middle of the desert, sand dunes, canyons, and peaks.

You aren’t “glamping” or doing some half-hearted outdoors activity. You’ll instead have your safari in Dubai in full force, with guides and camels or ATVs galore. It’s no wonder Dubai got 14.26 million overnight tourists in 2022 that’s only going to get bigger in 2023.

Riding a Camel through the Desert

For the full “Lawrence of Arabia” experience, you can hire camels for your safari package. The camel is known as the ships of the desert for good reason. They’re built for those sand dune treks. They’re even better than horses as far as helping you go from Point A to Point B, C, all the way to Z.

They can traverse the outer fringes of Dubai City by being themselves. They can survive the sweltering heat and the hot sand better than any other animal used for transportation in the desert. This is why they’re considered primary desert companions, even more so than ATVs

Quad Biking In The Dubai Desert

Normally quad biking is not part of desert safari package. But you can’t miss quad biking while in a dubai desert safari. Paying some extra money, you can enjoy the adventure of quad biking in the desert. It allows you to move quickly on the challenging desert terrain and feel the desert vibe. 

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Floating Across Dubai on a Balloon

Another way to avoid the hotness of the desert and enjoy the sights and sounds of beautiful Dubai from the urban jungle to the golden desert is by riding via hot air balloon. It’s a way for you to go through your safari with a relative safe distance from the biodiversity of Dubai wildlife.

Furthermore, the altitude should keep you cool. Besides which, the view is spectacular from there, whether there’s a sunset or not. It’s like getting a drone’s view of Dubai but it’s you and you’re riding a balloon instead of a plane that might travel too fast for you to appreciate the panorama.

You can go up all the way to 4,000 feet when on a balloon. From there, you can land and enjoy the desert animals, plants, and rock formations on ATVs or quad bikes before riding the balloon back to the city.

Surfing the Hot Dunes with a Sandboard

A surfboard allows you to surf the waves of the sea. Therefore, a sandboard allows you to surf the dunes of the desert. The dunes don’t undulate as much as the waves of the ocean. However, gravity and the soft powdery silica of the Dubai desert should provide you ample surfing room.

Think of it as more akin to snowboarding than surfboarding, actually. The sand should act as your medium of transportation without wheels or camel toes. It’s pretty fun in its own right, particularly as a safari activity in between taking vacation photos and spotting different desert animals.

Facing the True Face of Dubai Head-On

The true adventure when doing a Dubai safari are the friends we made along the way. It’s more the journey than the means of transportation, whether it’s by camel, ATV, quad-bike, sandboard, or hot air balloon. It’s only by doing the safari can you realize there’s more to Dubai than its city.

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Rather, it’s about doing something new and exciting, especially things you’ve never done before. Once you travel those endless Arabian Desert sands then you’ll realize that the desert itself is Dubai’s primary tourist attraction.

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