Experience the Charm of Arab Hospitality on a Dhow Cruise

Charm of Arab Hospitality on a Dhow Cruise

Dubai has to be one of the most popular travel destinations around the world. Maybe the first thing you should try when in Dubai is going for a complete Dubai city tour. After that, you can enjoy your time in the desert, go for a desert safari and desert adventures like quad biking, camel riding and so on. But at the end of the day, you can have the best of Arab hospitality in a traditional dhow in the Dubai marina or Dubai creek.

A dhow cruise in Dubai shows how hospitable Arabians can be. They’re akin to ferryboat rides and cruises, but they’re much more charming because they’re ancient types of ships that have somehow adapted and survived in modern times, just like Dubai itself.

A dhow cruise package makes perfect sense, particularly when it comes to getting a unique experience you won’t get anywhere else other than Dubai. You can get ferryboat cruises in other countries, but dhow cruise Dubai marina has to be a world class experience of dining in a festive environment while enjoy the stunning nighttime view of the Dubai skyline. 

What’s Charming about Arabian Hospitality?

Tourists from all walks of life are fascinated about dhow cruises. Travelers from all across the globe with different interests, ages, and cultures have the UAE in their shortlist of places to be, which includes getting that dhow cruise.

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They’re particularly curious of what Arabian hospitality entails in a modernized city full of world-class architecture, desert adventures or safaris, and complete amenities.

There’s something prosperous and romantic about the United Arab Emirates and Dubai in the 21st Century. It has also become quite modernized compared to the Arabian Nights tales of yore, which is who most of the West or English-speaking countries even know of the Middle East.

Why You Must Experience UAE Through the Dhow?

The dhow is a long wooden boat that used to ship cargo from Arabian countries to Muslim countries in bodies of water like the Dubai Creek (Dubai itself used to be a much smaller fishing village). Going through the artificial Dubai Marina with this type of boat has cultural and historical significance.

It’s also a must-experience type of ride on the beautiful Dubai Marina or historical Dubai Creek because it’s a balm that soothes the soul when you ride across those clam waters while sightseeing and enjoying the magnificence of human achievement that is modern-day Dubai.

Learning What Arabian Hospitality Entails

Arabians are well-known masters of welcoming new people. Its ultimate purpose is to honor the visitor, break the ice, and remove the awkwardness or nervousness associated with strangers meeting for the first time. As a tourist, you’ll be treated like a King for the Day.

This hospitality can definitely felt when you’re doing some fine dining in Dubai, with you getting treated to Arabic coffee, dates, knafeh, luqaimat, samboosa, margoogat, and the world-renowned shish kebabs.

They’re there to provide you with the best spices at the Spice Souk or modern-day amenities with some western flavor like artificial Ski Lodges so you could ski in the middle of the desert or skating rinks at some of Dubai’s multitude of shopping malls.

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How Arabian Hospitality Translates in Dhow Cruises

The red carpet will be laid out to passengers of a dhow cruise. For one thing, the dhow is already designed to have an open deck and wide windows to allow for clearer views of Dubai skyscrapers and the gorgeous waters near the shore and the pier.

For another thing, a Dubai Creek or Marina cruise typically comes complete with on-deck restaurants and entertainment. They’re like Arabian yachts in that they epitomized Arabic luxury and hospitality in a single aquatic transportation. What’s not to love? It’s dinner and a show by friendly staff.

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