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Crazy & Fun Things To Do In Love Lake Dubai, UAE

Dubai is well known for beautiful things and some beautiful lakes made in the desert area. The city of Dubai has surprised the rest of the world with its marvel of creativity in building the most prominent resort for tourism. In this article, we spent more than 50 hours to help you understand more about love lake Dubai Dubai and its entry fees. Let’s get started.

Love Lake Dubai
Love Lake Dubai

What is Love Lake Dubai?

Love lake in Dubai is one of the attractive places to visit for anyone with a romantic heart to take their loved one. The place was designed for tourism across the world. The site is located in Dubai’s middle east Desert, known as Al Qudra. The lake covers an area of approximately 550000 square meters. 

Things to know when visiting love lake Dubai

If available, you, the drone to capture views of the lake image when required the permission to carry some of the documents. 

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Prepare for the washing area or carry your water since those are not present at love lake.

You are not allowed to feed the wildlife or catch any fish; you will face the law.

There is no restaurant in Love Lake to get food, so make sure you come well prepared for such issues.

Carry your garbage bag to put on your disposal wastes from environmental

Love lake Dubai entry fee

If you want to enter Dubai, you will need to know if it charges you as a visitor when entering inside. However, the answer may have been looking for is that enter into Dubai is free for everyone. You will only need to spend some of the money paying for your car fuel or fare. So you will get to enjoy everything here that is accessible for most people worldwide who want to witness the excellent love lake of Dubai.

Other attraction of love lake

When you want to visit Dubai with your family, consider taking advantage of those love lake available in the Desert.

Al quadra cycling track

The distance is 86 km to get to Dubai’s destination for fitness. It was mentioned as one of the best cycling tracks in the UAE for riders. The place has driven you to take you around and witness the beautiful lake. 

Al qudra lake 

You will find out here the artificial surroundings of the beautiful setting. The artificial water lake looks attractive to many tourists globally who witness here daily. Here you will spot different species of the birds and those you have not come across them. The lake accommodates all types of flamingos and roaming gazelles. The lake is open 24/7, offering you all kinds of camping grounds you might need to travel to Dubai.

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What makes love lake special 

The most surprising things is that this lake is located in the middle of the Desert, making people come and see how beautiful it looks. When you are there, sunset and sunrise look fantastic, and this is something you will like to witness with your own eyes. There are small hills near the lake, making you feel more comfortable and enjoy the breezing from the side of the mountain. This lake attracts different people worldwide who come to witness yearly. The beautiful heart of the lake interconnects with others to make it more durable. 

Another unique experience for love lake Dubai

Variety of flowers and plants

The lake is an oasis producing different species of flowers to make the place more beautiful. So tourism will find some of the colours they want and trees in this place. 

More species of birds 

Love Lake records different types of birds that land here yearly, which are favourite to some tourism. So you will get a chance to see them flying above the lake, and you can expect to catch them. Some of the most common none include falcons, eagles and many other birds.

Capture sunset views 

If you visited love lake, you would have a great deal to boost your Instagram feeds and make the place remarks. 

View colourful fishes 

The excellent love lake has some fish species that attract thousands of visitors to Dubai. Visitor comes to check goldfish with different species when swimming. 

 What you need to be careful about when visiting love lake Dubai

  • No light here when coming for the first time; leave the place before it becomes darker
  • Come love lake with SUV since a home is located in Desert 
  • Come with your drinking water 
  • People should come with their snacks and food here 
  • Always have some extra money in case of emergency  when visiting new places like lake love
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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs


If you are looking for a better place to spend time with your loved one, this is the place to be, and it has some fantastic cool air. On the other hand, if you want to have a relaxing time in Dubai, don’t forget to look at the love lake Dubai entry fee. Take the opportunity to grab this chance and witness a different type of love lake in Dubai. 

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