Mushrif Park in Dubai | Everything You Need to Know About

Tips to Enjoy Your Visit To Mushrif Park

Dubai is one of the cities with many public parks to visit with your family. But what is important is checking out how many of those parks offer activities for all people and the age limit? You will need to ask many questions concerning the place before you make up your mind about booking. 

This article chooses one of the top parks that offers you what you need, and no need to research anymore. Look at the Mushrif park, listed as the best Dubai park in recent research. It provides all the activities for you making it easy work for tourists. 

Mushrif Park in Dubai

What is Mushrif Park?

Mushrif has been considered the oldest park available in Dubai since 1974. The approximate area it covers for land is 300 hectares. Despite being a desert park, it has more than 70 000 local Graf tree that bird makes their home on. This park offers you various things you will need to find out below. 

Funs things you can do in Mushrif park

You will enjoy many things at this place; get to know each of them here. However, the charge fee here will depend on the activities you do. 

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Bird watching 

Mushrif Park is one the best place you will need to carry with you a binocular camera for photography. You will come across different types of birds. Most common birds include; pallid scops, owls, rufous tailed robin, and many others. It keeps you busy watching them even if you are alone. 

Care for picnic 

This is one of the reasons why most of the parents prefer mushrik park. You can visit here with the whole of your family and have a picnic together. Come with your friends to enjoy a picnic and enjoy the day together. There are various facilities for you, and you still get hot and fresh things.

Enjoy rides with animals

Animals riding is one of the most enjoyable things in Mushrif park, and kids love them. When you come to this place, you can learn how to ride a horse. The place is great to experience camel riding in Dubai. 


Without forgetting, swimming is one of the things you will do in Mushrif Park. This is a public area separated between adults and kids. They charge a small amount, AED 10 for adults and AED 5 for kids. Remember, the fee you get for enjoyment recreation is different from the main charge of the entrance. 

Kids and play while you jog

When you get to Mushrif Park, ensure you visit the morning walk-jog or evening. This helps you reduce calories from your body, and your kid has fun with others. This place has some beautiful swings and a merry-go-round to keep your children active. Another thing you will see is bicycles in the park for those who want to cycle go and choose one of them from the parking area. 

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Play sport

Mushrif park gives you all the activities, including games that you enjoy while relaxing for your holiday or trip. You can get fun games that you will enjoy with your families. Take time to play your favorite sports and get award-winning. 

Explore the international village 

This park is unique and looks like an international one from the environment’s look. You will get to see some of the details on the traditional floating for the house and make your trip enjoyable.   You will explore with other people making it free to interact with others. 

You will know what that house looks like in the Mushrif Park in Dubai. 

Get a train ride 

One of the things you will experience at this amazing park is coming across different things to equip you with the best part of this place. It will only cost you like AED2 for riding your train.

How to enter Mushrif park

Mushrif Park is located in Deira Uptown along the airport road, which will take you like 15 kilometers when you are coming from Downtown Dubai about 13kilometer from the international airport of Dubai.

You will see the direction of the park posted on the board. Take the E311 route toward Sharjah, and you will keep driving on the right turn of E311. 

If you want to use the metro router, keep off from the Rashidiya metro station. 

What are things to consider before going to Mushrif park?

  • Don’t leave your travel insurance card. 
  • Research the best area to stay in the Dubai around this park 
  • Look for the Dubai travel page 
  • Ensure you have enough the money 
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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs


When you plan a trip, the best place to go is Mushrif park; as explained has essential things inside which will give you a chance and save your money. You will need to know those important details for the trip that will cost you before you leave.

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