Top 5 Things to do in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai

Touring this ever eventful city, Dubai, for the first time maybe not be as fruitful as others describe it out of their experiences seen in newsletters, interviews or any other credible sources if you don’t have a clear insight into this big city. Dubai has hundreds of awesome things to do that can’t be found in any other part of the globe. This article has selected the top 5 places to tour in Dubai this summer. But first, why visit Dubai?

Why Have a Trip to Dubai during a Vacation

Dubai is the most famous city globally among other states in the United Arab of Emirates. It has over 3.43 million people comprising residents and visitors. 

This city is visited by prominent leaders of all walks of life, artists and individuals who tour Dubai in thousands yearly.

It is worth mentioning the city as Dubai has been disappointing! There are multiple kinds of stuff to do in a day, making your visit to Dubai life memorable. From my experience, that was a year ago when I first stepped into this fabulous world-town; I recommend you make this urban your first choice if you are scheduling to have an international trip outside the globe.

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Dubai is a vibrant city. It has one of the earth largest malls to view, a city full of modernism and cultural vitality, iconic skyscrapers, resorts, and 24/7 entertainment.

Things to do in Dubai

Now, let’s shed light on some of the top places that are a must-visit whenever you step into this city or propose to have a super weekend, vacation or learning experience.

1. Perfume Museum

The place is amazing, as the name sounds! If you are a fan of the aromatic smell, this is the Museum for you. Dubai Sheikha lives in Perfume Museum as he is known to love perfume-like smells. This Museum is part of the Al Shindagha museum waterfront.

The Perfume Museum has gone under restoration to make it new every day. It is full of aromas and perfumes. Grab your permit to relish the charming atmosphere and get an entree to Dubai Creek House.

2. Burji Khalifa

Dubai is well known because of its unique skyscrapers present at Burji Khalifa. These scrapers have a rocket like-shape and are about 828 meters on this tallest world-leading building. Burji Khalifa provides a great observation area (available on the 124th floor, approximately 1483 feet) for a great outlook.

You can buy a ticket and travel up to the topmost floor (148th) for a spectacularly alfresco observation, which is 1820 feet and is the world’s uppermost viewing deck.

3. Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 

It is a fabulous event that brings different authors and hundreds of book admirers to rejoice. This event takes about nine days every March. Many activities such as debates, talks, and programs for kids take place, interestingly, including free entry.

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It is an outstanding opportunity to meet the world’s prominent authors and even the local poets, participate in debates, attend libraries and show your talent in workshops.

4. Dubai Fountain

If you are fun of the fountain, then this is the place to be. Having a spectacular trip in Dubai is all you need. The bopping Dubai Fountain is amid the enormous freshwater beside the backdrop of the scintillating Burji Khalifa.

The fountain water ripples like a belly dancer, arcs resemblance of a dolphin, moving up to 140 meters above the ground. All move well in unison like the world, and Arabic sound effects are played in the background. Again, a floating boardwalk roughly 272 meters long can take you up to 9 meters up from the fountain.

Apart from that, there are more to view to satisfy your day. You can enjoy sports, the great channel bonding Dubai Mall with Souk Al Bahar, or take Dubai Fountain Lake to ride for about 25 minutes.

5. Etihad Museum | Things to do in Dubai

Etihad right? If you are a football fan, you have come to this word multiple times. Dubai also has Etihad Museum, which was unlocked in 2017. It was named ‘Etihad’ after unearthing oil in the 1950s then the departure of the British in 1968. It is a must-visit place. You will learn about the olden times of the British and the re-union of the Arab states in 1971.

Documented films, images, relics, charts, and collaborative displays focus on historical milestones in the period before and just after this momentous event, expressing tribute to the state’s seven framers of the law. Unrestricted tours of the nearby spherical Union House, where the monumental approval of the United Arab Emirates’ Founding document took place, are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs of Things to do in Dubai

Wrap Up | Things to do in Dubai

You need to spend quality time while in Dubai and make your time count. There are multiple tasks, places or events to spend your precious time in the city. For our visitors from abroad, time the November February to have a spectacle time with your associates. Got forget to visit the Dubai Safari Dessert for a remarkable experience. 

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