#1 Dubai Metro Guide: What To Expect

Dubai Metro Guide: A Free Travel Guide For Dubai’s Public Transportation System

Metro is the low-priced means of transport across Dubai. The only key is to know the main key stations, which this article will shed more light on if you are not well familiar with. 

Dubai metro, some years ago, used to be the world’s biggest driverless metro system taking a 75 km route.

You need Nol’s red ticket or Nol’s card to travel smoothly without confrontation to use the metro. When traveling, it is good to know more about the route; you can get the information through the following means;

  • You can use a call center (8009090)
  • Use the handy metro guide if you can access that
  • There is public transport mobile application
  • The website RTA.ae

Every mode of transport has its laws and rules to be followed to be on the safer side. Thus, the metro is not left behind. Whether you know these rules, you can remind yourself as highlighted below. However, if it will be your first time to be on the metro, this post is 100% for you.

Now, Understand Some of the Metro Laws | Dubai Metro Guide

  • You are not allowed to come with your pets on the train or to the station
  • Luggage restrictions are imposed on large items like surfboards
  • You are not allowed to smoke on the train, and if you are found hefty fine will be charged
  • People with special needs like the old, pregnant women, or injured individuals are allowed to use the front seats
  • If you are found in the wrong cabin, you will be charged a fine
  • No sales or advertising of any kind is allowed in metro
  • You will pay for damages or vandalism of the metro properties if found guilty
  • You are not allowed to carry any harmful or hazardous items into the train
  • You should maintain cleanliness on the train or around the stations
  • Not allowed to leave the train while it is in motion
  • It would be best if you did not park your cars in places designed for a metro past the recommended time
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Metro Operating Hours | Dubai Metro Guide

It is an essential item to know to stop messing up as it is unlike taxis which are quite flexible and accessible. The good thing is that the operating hours are easy to catch up with as follows;

  • From Saturday to Thursday it works as starts 6 am to 11 pm
  • On Friday, it starts from 2 pm to 12 am

However, on special occasions, it operates differently from normal days. For instance, during Ramadan, Saturday to Thursday starts from 6 am to midnight, while Friday is from 2 pm to 12 am.

Metro covers a top velocity of 90 km/h giving different trips as per the color line that is red and green.

Red Line 

The red line has 29 stations that begin at Rashidiya to UAE Exchange. This line is about 52 km (5km underground). If the train travels at 47 km/h, it will take roughly up to 70 minutes to cover the entire journey to the red line.


It has 20 termini between it. It begins from Estisala to Dubai Creek, about 22 km, and has 8 km underneath. The train takes roughly 40 minutes to travel the entire journey. These two lines meet at the Union Stations.

Metro Services and Tickets | Dubai Metro Guide

The train provides multiples to its users so ease efficiently during the trip. This is done for the general public and visitors to the city;

  • There are ATMs to ease cash flow for easy payment
  • The disabled passengers have special facilities on the train to cater to their needs
  • There is a free Wi-Fi to enjoy online streaming to fight boredom
  • The metro terminus is well connected with other modes of transport to easy movement after arrival
  • There is a retail outlet
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The train has five cabins for transporting people and goods to a different terminus. The use of colors has differentiated the cabins. Its carriage has a different price, stated below, but first, let’s focus on tickets.

Metro Tickets | Dubai Metro Guide

The train does not accept any form of payment apart from the Nol Card, which will determine the cabin you will travel in and the amount to be paid. The tickets are available from the sites highlighted at the beginning of the article. The cards are of five types, but you can purchase only one depending on the size of your pocket.

  1. Nol Silver Card

It is used by travelers often, and its price is AED 25 but credited AED 19. The maximum amount for this card is AED 1000, and whenever you travel fare is deducted automatically. It has a lifespan of five years.

  1. Nol Gold Card

First-class travelers use it. You can top up this card at any metro vending machine or do it online. It has the same characteristics as the nol silver card.

  1. Nol Blue Card

It is a protected card for frequent users. It is priced at AED 70 and credited AED 20. The maximum amount it can carry is AED 5000. Lifespans are five years—there is a special discount for the disabled, students, and senior individuals.

  1. Nol Red Card

Tourists and visitors in Dubai use it. It is charged at AED 6 and credited AED 42. You can be charged for a maximum of ten trips and a lifespan of five days.

  1. Personalized Gold
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It also has a lifespan of five years. It can be recharged up to AED 5000, and the fare deducts automatically. This card is meant for first-class travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs of Dubai Metro Guide

The Final Verdict of Dubai Metro Guide

Knowing what to do is the most crucial thing if you want to travel by metro in Dubai. Always get updated from the RTA website to know the timing out. Enjoy your trip by use of the metro across Dubai.

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