Top 7 Market and Souks You Must Visit In Abu Dhabi

When traveling to the UAE, one of the essential items on your list should be something to do in Abu Dhabi. And no, we’re not talking about going to all the fancy restaurants or hanging out at the beach. We’re talking about visiting Historic Markets and Souks in Abu Dhabi. 

Market and souks are a distinctive part of Arab culture. The markets in Abu Dhabi are one of the oldest and most vibrant in the region, where you can find anything from traditional pearl jewelry to high-end watches.  

Market and Souks You Must Visit In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most advanced and progressive places in the world, so that we can expect some of the best malls and souks. But which ones to choose? We created this list of the top 8 in Abu Dhabi.

1. Souk Central Market

Souk Central Market in Abu Dhabi has a great selection of crafts, fabrics, and gifts. There are many lovely souvenirs to make a memorable gift for yourself, family, or friends. Souk Central Market has many dining options to rest during your tour on the way back from Dubai or if you are traveling from Abu Dhabi Airport to hotels in Hatta.

It has been designed to resemble traditional UAE markets and provide visitors with an authentic experience. Located just a short walk from the Souk Al Bahar, it’s perfect for a spot of lunch or to stop by on the way home for some delicious snacks or takeaway food. The market features a range of dining options, including fast food vendors, cafes, ice cream parlors, and shawarma outlets.

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2. Al Mina Souk

The Al Mina Souk is an old traditional market in Abu Dhabi, hidden in a maze of alleyways and filled with the most colorful items, frequented by both locals and tourists alike. Even today, the market offers a glimpse into the traditional trade in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE.

It’s located 25 minutes from Abu Dhabi city center and is regarded as the oldest market in the region. UNESCO listed the Al-Mina Souk as a world heritage site in December 2017. The souk boasts more than 600 shops, over 3,000 shops, and has more than 6 million visitors annually.

3. Iranian Souk

The Abu Dhabi-Iran Souk is an opportunity to explore Iran’s handicrafts, traditional cuisine, and culture. Located in the center of Abu Dhabi and one of its most visited areas, this souk offers a glimpse into what life is really like in Iran. The Iranian retail concept here is outlined through a range of statement pieces based on traditional Northern Iranian clothing.

Explore the art, jewelry, spices, and textiles at the Iranian Souk in Abu Dhabi. There are over 150 shops packed with everything from traditional Persian rugs to colorful ceramics. Items range from simple yet elegant to elaborate gold- and silver-plated wares.

4. Ai-Ain Souk

What is the main reason to go to Al Ain Souk in Abu Dhabi? For a real taste and feel of traditional Emirati shopping. The UAE capital is home to one of the most renowned markets in the region, with something for everyone. Whether looking for high-end items or a bargain, Al Ain Souk in Abu Dhabi has it all.

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If you are looking for a unique place to shop, you need to look no further than the Al Ain Souk. It’s the heart of Abu Dhabi; this unique market boasts a variety of shops that sell everything from spices and perfumes to rugs and carpets. With over 200 shops for you to explore, it will be hard to leave without some souvenirs from your trip.

5. Carpet Souk 

Delve into the fascinating world of handmade carpets at Carpet Souk in Abu Dhabi. The largest carpet souk in the region, this unique shopping experience caters to the world’s top designers, architects, and interior designers who travel from around the globe to purchase authentic handmade carpets right off their looms.

Carpet souk in Abu Dhabi is the city’s biggest and most exciting market. Come and experience this colorful place, full of special deals, great shops, and an incredible array of products. It opens daily from 9:30 am till 6 pm.

6. Gold Souk

A trip to the Gold Souk in Abu Dhabi is a must-do when visiting the emirate. A trip to see Abu Dhabi’s famous gold souk will leave you breathless. Whether you want to buy an intricate piece of jewelry or take in its beauty, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon in the busy commercial district of Abu Dhabi.

The Gold Souk is a great place to shop for gold, jewelry, and other precious metals. You can also buy coins, bars, and other items like antiques or collectibles. If you’re looking for an unusual special gift for a loved one or want to treat yourself, then you will not be disappointed by what you find in the Abu Dhabi Gold Souk.

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7. Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi is best known for its desert camel safaris and thrilling dunes, but the city of Abu Dhabi has become a significant shopping destination in recent years. The city is home to an impressive selection of shops and malls, each with its distinct style, ranging from chic and modern to traditional Middle-Eastern with a modern twist.

Conclusion | Market and Souks In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. The emirate has an impressive collection of markets and souks, one of which is the famous gold souk stuffed with tons of gold jewelry items, gemstones, and antiques. These are beautiful to look at and functional as you can buy them as gifts or souvenirs to take home when you return to your country.

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