Ramadan Dubai-Everything You Need to Know

Things To Know About Ramadan Dubai

Ramadan is one of the Muslim cultures celebrated for nine-month of the Muslim calendar. It happens only one month a year. During this time, all Muslims worldwide observe, fast, pray, and give charity. This period affects the life of residents and places of work. The opening of an entertainment venue, shopping center, and government office are all restricted, and most of them open during the night.

In Dubai business changes and if you visit this place at this period consider learning certain things that are more important. Read the below guide to help during Ramadan, even non-Muslims; this article explains everything.

Ramadan Dubai
Ramadan in Dubai

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the 9th month of the calendar according to Islam. They believe this is time to fast and pray for one month. Fasting is considered one of the essential things during Ramadan. They follow what the prophet Muhammad did and believe in him. On the last day, many Muslims gather with others to have breakfast together.

How does Dubai work, and what are the rules to follow during Ramadan Dubai

 According to law, all private working sectors reduce the time for working 2 hours and have shorter working hours than regular days.

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Most of the stores in Dubai opening start from 10:00 to 13:00 and others from 18:30 to 0:00. However, this does not affect all big shopping centers and restaurants those works 24/7 since other have non-muslim workers.

In Dubai, the rules for contacting Ramadan changes for tourists who come here yearly. That is why some businesses don’tdon’t close because of the tourists visiting here. Note that opening hours for beaches and parks don’tdon’t change; they open half a day for Ramadan.

Things to know for residents and non-muslim tourists During Ramadan in Dubai

When you visit Dubai during the season of Ramadan, you must respect their culture. You have to know what to observe, which we will discuss below.

1. Visit the mall for sales and discounts

During Ramadan, most of the malls in Dubai open until 0:10 am on weekdays and up to 02:00 am on weekends. You can visit your preferred mall center website to check the update about Ramadan schedules. You will find out that most of the items at this time are price reduced and affordable for all people.

2. Visit the waterpark

Don’t miss to visit Dubai’s best theme park at this time of Ramadan because you will have a chance to get an offer to reduce the regular price. You will enjoy this time of submission, and people are not as many at those places as the average time.

3. Ramadan night market

When you want to enjoy a trip in Dubai, get to shop during Ramadan night. The offer is excellent you can buy anything you want at the trade center. There is a particular area for the interaction you will need to learn many more things. Dubai changes market becomes active during the night and not day time.

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4. Exception of fasting

During Ramadan, not all people can observe fasting due to unavoidable circumstances that result in missing fasting. The following people can fail to follow the rules for Ramadan, pregnant women, breastfeeding, sick, older adults.

Non-muslim who are pregnant or breastfeeding avoid eating in public or drinking. You will need to keep in mind those things allowed in Dubai or other Islamic places.

5. Less crowded

You should expect to see changes in the number of people on places like beaches and malls reduced significantly. Everything shifts and becomes slower than on other days for one month. When you are a tourist then at a time like this you will not have to wait for long queues waiting to be served since people are more diminutive. You can visit one of the tallest buildings in Dubai, Burj khalif.

6. Enjoy a delicious Iftar feast

Dubai celebrates Iftar during Ramadan, and you can visit any restaurant to serve all types of traditional foods. Those are some of the delicious food you will enjoy here in Dubai. People come together during the Iftar tents to join others and play board. You will see other things treated when you are a tourist for the Iftar food.

7. Witness the Grand

The time of Ramadan is the best way for you to visit mosques and learn the religion, even for non-muslim. There is the education you will get different from other days.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

When planning to visit Dubai or you are a resident, consider reading those questions to see what you want to know.

Summary | Ramadan Dubai

The above mentioned are some of the essential things you will need to observe during Ramadan in Dubai every year. When you are a non-muslim, don’t feel desperate during this time since all visitors are treated well, and you will have to experience new things. If you want to do your shopping, consider Ramadan time since all items and products are sold at a discount price, and you will get to enjoy during Ramadan 2021 Dubai.  

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