Indeed, what to choose in the Dubai desert safari is a question in itself? Our prospective clients send us emails. All emails most probably clearly are about what to choose in dubai desert safari. Moreover, they are keen to know that how to choose desert safari? With deep affection particularly we would like to say that Platinum Heritage is best to choose. Especially when the question is about what to choose in dubai desert safari? In truth before moving you have to ask a safari company some questions.

Group Size and Camp Type

What is group size and camp type? This question indeed is important.

  • First are particularly those companies that share camp with other companies. Importantly they are budget market focused. Chiefly it is good for those who are on a small budget or on inadequate work.
  • Above all when a question comes about hygiene , entertainment or food quality it has less power over it. Surprisingly, here for dinner many companies come to the same camp. In truth you get the first point about what to choose in the Dubai desert safari.
  •  Secondly, we come to huge private camps. Of course safari companies have their own camps. And they provide food for a large number of guests. Unquestionably don’t worry about guests’ limits. In truth, it only exceeds 600 guests per night. It should be noted it is a great place for people who like large gatherings. Above all in a sizable desert one has to take food himself/herself. Naturally, what to choose in the Dubai desert safari helps you in this. 
  • Thirdly, we come to tiny private camps. In truth they are luxurious. And provide facilities to around 100 guests. To clarify, they are more customised, have a high service level and a good feeling. Surprisingly they are really best for small families, couples and special events. Again ,what to choose in the Dubai desert safari provides you for this.   
  • Nextly we come to privately owned camps. Moreover, it is an eventual safari occurrence. Unquestionably you have personalised experience. Eventually, your all needs are attended to. Privacy and quality both are assured here. Indeed one must need to see washroom facilities. Positively no one likes to have no washroom facilities. 
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What to choose in Dubai safari- provider or wholesaler?

For a range of activities most companies indeed are wholesalers. Undoubtedly they select some companies and sell to other companies. Particularly you have to choose the company’s reputation. Importantly you need to find out answers to questions you want to know. You have to especially notice that once you choose a company’s services then you cannot go back.

Clearly next we talk about safari provider companies. Here indeed you have greater benefits than above mentioned companies. Obviously here all things are in your hand as you can alter things with companies as you want. What to choose in Dubai safari all provides you this.

Staff – Freelance or Companies, what to choose here

To make your experience great, undoubtedly a good safari experience is a must. You particularly need to ask your safari company about the guaranteed services you want..Some companies indeed have no staff and they will offer you freelance services. Absolutely some freelance companies are very nice. But some freelance companies have problems as they don’t provide good freelance services. Moreover, companies that work with freelance guides cannot assure you desired services. Above all, some companies have their own staff . indeed they outsource the work when they have more work.

It should be noted that in some freelance guides qualities cannot be assured. To emphasise the companies that provide you with best quality safari guides can only be proven best. Because they provide you with a guarantee. In truth the main thing you have to notice is trained safari guides.  

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To repeat trained safari guides have complete knowledge of everything including safety training, product knowledge and first aid training etc. 

Wildlife Safari Drive or Dune Bashing Drive

Surprisingly dune bashing is for youngsters having no health problems. Truly it provides adventurous and exciting tours for people from all around the world. Importantly, adventures are for youngsters only.

Through the majestic dunes their expert drivers and guides take you to thrilling rides. You will definitely have an unforgettable experience.

Even you have another option to choose if you do not want to take dune bashing experience. It is absolutely a wildlife safari drive. Of course they are like an African safari drive. Anyone definitely can choose it. 

What to choose in Dubai Desert Safari – Meal Planning

Meal planning especially is a very important part of your safari ride. Because no one can do hungry riding. For this definitely you have to ask the company about the dinner planning. Likewise you need to know if the food is pre- cooked or hand cooked. Whether the meals are coming from a fine restaurant. Ultimately it all depends on what you want. The better the quality of food the better you need to pay absolutely.


What to choose in the Dubai desert safari is ultimately reliability. It is particularly only the reputation that customers want. Clearly for this you have to choose the company and ask previous clients or see reviews about the company. Absolutely it will make your journey best. 


 Actually when it comes about cost it depends on the cost plan. Without a doubt, cost plans are budget, ultra-budget,premium, economy, exclusive, luxury and ultra luxury. The prices however range from 75-1500 AED.

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Certainly we have already seen all the features of what to choose in best desert safari Dubai. Objectively we come to the point that from group size to cost you have to see everything. Coupled with all these factors you can enjoy desert safari by choosing what you want in a company. 


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