Tips for dress modestly for Hijabi

Most women may associate modest clothing with a specific set of fashion, but it’s Completely the opposite, as hijabi women can find many different options for modest and elegant clothing, in FARFETCH store you can find the latest fashion trends in hijab clothing from the most famous international brands, and at lowered prices also when using Farfetch discount code, you just need some advice to choose the best outfits and get a modest and attractive look.

The importance of modest dress for Hijabi

The concept of modest dress lies in respecting the cultural and religious values of the city of Dubai, and contributes to preserving the personal identity of the hijabi. It helps in balancing elegance and modesty, as it allows the hijabi woman to express her elegance and her own style in a way befitting the cultural and religious values, as trendyol store provides high-end clothing options at good prices, you can also use trendyol discount code when purchasing to get an additional discount, so you can maintain modesty and appear elegant and luxurious at the same time.

Criteria for choosing modest clothing for Hijabi

The process of choosing clothes for hijabi women may require a little skill, because it includes coordinating a group of clothing pieces and accessories. Therefore, there are important criteria that must be taken into consideration when choosing appropriate outfits for hijabi women:

  1. Clothes should be modest and cover the body completely and appropriately according to cultural and religious values. Choose clothes that completely cover the sleeves and pants or skirts that completely cover the legs, without showing part of the hands or legs, because they may give you an inappropriate appearance.
  2. Clothes should be made of high-quality, breathable fabrics. Choose natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen, to maintain freshness in humidity and high temperatures.
  3. Choose simple and contemporary clothing designs, adopt basic and calm colors because they suggest elegance and luxury, and pay attention to small details such as adding belts, scarves and coordinated accessories, which have the ability to transform your simple look into a luxurious look.
  4. Make sure to choose the appropriate size of clothing online, so that it fits your body measurements correctly. The pieces must be comfortable and loose so that your clothes do not appear as if they are small, and body defects may appear, if any.
  5. Avoid wearing open shoes and sandals that show the entire foot, as these shoes may be inappropriate for hijabi clothing, and sometimes they may spoil the entire look.
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Tips for choosing modest clothes for winter

Although we are in the winter, the temperatures in Dubai are relatively moderate to warm and the humidity levels are lower, and choosing clothes may be a little confusing, so we will provide you with some tips that can help you choose the right clothes for the winter in Dubai:

  1. When choosing clothes, you don’t need to choose warm and heavy clothes. Rather, you can just wear long-sleeved shirts and blouses and cotton fabrics to protect the body from feeling cold.
  2. The hoodie can be worn with cotton sweatpants or jeans, as such clothes help you feel warm and at the same time don’t cause a feeling of excessive warmth. You can also wear modern sports suits, which keep you elegant and warm at the same time.
  3. On rainy days, long coats that contain a hood can be worn; To protect the head from direct exposure to rain.
  4. You can add little winter touches, like wearing scarves and hats to give you a winter look.

Choose the appropriate clothes for formal and work occasions

When going to work or attending formal events, you should wear clothes that make you feel elegant and attractive. At the same time, it is important to maintain your sophistication and modesty in the work environment. Here are important tips to help you choose the appropriate clothes for formal and work occasions:

  • Choose formal two-piece sets, or coordinate long formal pants with a long, loose shirt, to feel comfortable and free to move while working.
  • Make sure that the upper pieces are long in accordance with the rules of modesty, so that they cover sensitive parts such as the shoulders, arms, and chest area, allowing you to move freely without exposing any of the private parts of the body.
  • When choosing pants, make sure that the pants are loose and tidy at the same time. They should also be long at the bottom, and allow you to sit comfortably without showing the leg from below, ensuring that you appear elegant and modest.
  • Choose the appropriate clothing colors for the work environment or formal occasions. You can choose calm and neutral colors such as black, white and gray for work, and bright colors and simple patterns for formal occasions.
  • Avoid wearing excessive accessories or wearing stark manicures, because the work environment or formal occasions require a calm and simple look. The simpler the look, the greater the level of sophistication and elegance.
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Although it is difficult to choose suitable clothes for hijabi women, following simple tips and guidelines in choosing the best hijabi fashion may help you make this task easier and more enjoyable. Look for stores that offer special offers on fashion from international and local brands such as Farfetch and Noon, which will help you stay informed on the latest fashion trends in the world of fashion.

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