Parks in Dubai: Where To Find Parks In Dubai

Beautiful Parks In Dubai

Dubai park is of the things that made Dubai a beautiful and famous city in the world. You will be surprised to know how many parks in Dubai are available in the town, and most are free and of low cost. When planning your tour of Dubai park, you will come across various types for you to visit, and most important is to know which one to see first or last. But don’t worry, this article will explain everything to make your trip easy. Read through the top 8 beautiful parks in Dubai.

8 Beautiful Parks in Dubai

1. Zabeel Park

Zabeel is mentioned as one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai in terms of the green area. The Park takes 52 hours and has a different path inside to walk in with your family. You can enjoy other entertainment complex areas when you visit this place. 

Different activities are carried here daily. You will be able to meet all types of people worldwide who have come with their families. 

This Park offers music entertainment, picnic, and affordable restaurants. There is plenty of the facility someone can enjoy in this place for skateboarding and cycling. Most of the time, it opens at 8:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm—Zabeel park is located near the Al Jafiliya metro station. 

Beautiful Parks In Dubai
Beautiful Parks In Dubai

2. Dubai Creek park

If you want to see old Dubai, then visit creek park. It has a cable car that will boast your views in Skyline Dubai. The size of the Park is big enough, and you can walk through and see unique places inside. 

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It has a separate place for children to play and enjoy themselves with others which are added advantage to the parent visiting this Park. The entry fee per person is AED 5. It is located along Umm Hurair 2.

3. Dubai garden glow

When looking for the best Park in Dubai, don’t forget this great glow. It is designed with beautiful features where you come across trees and flowers, and it gives you landmarks that will inspire you to visit this place. 

Dubai garden glow is designed by an artist from different parts of the world, using millions of colors to make it more attractive. The garden gives the impression that kids play inside and other entertainment. This Park is one of the best in Dubai for children and placed you can finish your evening. It has beautiful flowers and trees that attract tourists from all over the world. 

Dubai garden glow is located next to Zabeel Park. 

4. Al Nahda Pond Park

This Park is user-friendly and attracts many people to see the pond. It has an acre of 80000sq for recreational activity. They have a pitch for playing football, tennis, and basketball for the visitors. Even for your trip, you need to keep your body fit. 

Other things to enjoy here include boat and bike rides.

The entry is free and is located around Al Nahda, Al Nahda 2

5. Block Park Dubai

When visiting Dubai, ensure you see this beautiful Park in Dubai with the waterfront. You will enjoy playing with traditional equipment and climbing walls. It has a skate park where you will join others in play. 

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There are different types of restaurants available inside the block. The playing of the kid park is separate and has fantastic features.

Entry to this Park is free, and no age limit.

Block park opening hours are from 8:am

6. JLT Park | Best Parks in Dubai

JLT Park is one of the most fabulous Park with greens in Dubai, and it provides you with all the essential things for you. It has a different place to explore between the cluster. Most of them have different shapes and a more considerable climbing for the frame. You will get plenty of grass inside this amazing Park and various restaurant offering you food. It provides you services 24/7, and entry is free. 

7. Quranic Park

This is one of the best famous gardens available in Dubai offers you the freedom to walk in various places. It includes 54 types of plants that grow in different shapes. The caves are designed to display the story of the prophetic. It has parking and a children playing ground.

This Park is located in the Al Khawaneej area in Dubai. 

8. Safa park

Safa Park in Dubai is one of the largest old Park and has numerous things making it top on the list. This Park has more than 200 species of birds, and the acre has the grass making it more attractive to visitors. The forest and hills are small. 

Dubai park has many picnic and sports areas, including the sporting and jogging areas. It resembles a small town and has some roads inside. The entry fee is 3 AED per person, which looks different from the tennis court. 

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Safa Park is located on the second road junction of Sheikh Zayed road.

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When looking for the best Park around Dubai, the above mention can give you the comfort you are looking to enjoy. That Park has a relaxed environment and enough space for the kid to enjoy inside. When you are in Dubai, consider visiting those beautiful parks.

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