Global Village Dubai: A World Of Fun For All Ages

It’s another season of thrill and delight, with each moment lavished with activities that beats your imagination and fills you with bliss. “What might that be?” It is the Global village. If this is your first time hearing about this UAE wonder in the heart of wonder, don’t worry. This article contains all you need to know about Dubai’s Global Village, and we are in the heart of the 26th season.

In three minutes read from know, you’ll experience the global wonder in the following subheads:

  • What’s in Global Village?
  • What’s in Global Village?
  • Accommodation/Feeding
  • Transportation
  • How to enter/who can enter the Global Village 
  • FAQS

What is Global Village Dubai?

Global Village Dubai is a tourist attraction center, but not your conventional one. It is a multicultural destination with a lush collection of the world’s best cultures and games.

It’s a place where you experience the world within hours ranging from gallant theme parks and markets, mouth-watering meals, thrilling pleasure parks, and leisure suitable for vacation. With the diversity of cultural displays. It’s a place worth disappearing to.

Global Village is easily accessible from any part of the world. It is located at Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road/Emirates Road, Dubai. For those living in the UAE, there are four RTA bus stops at your service this season, they are:

  • Rashidiya Metro Station: No. 102
  • Union Metro Station (Route includes Baniyas St., Al Rebat St., Nad Al Hamar): No. 103 
  • Al Ghubaiba Station (Route includes Sheikh Rashid St., Al Jafiliya Metro Station, 2nd Zabeel St., Dubai-Al Ain St.): No. 104
  • Mall of the Emirates Metro Station: No. 106.

You might be curious to know “what’s in Global village?”, and I can’t wait to tell you.

What’s in Global Village Dubai?

There’s a lot to get away with within the Global Village and seeing is believing. However, for a peep. The Global village is a home for various experiences, ranging from 26 global pavilions, loads of cultural shows, kids’ shows also the iconic Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

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Get thrilled by exclusive arcade games, for kids and adults’ fun, and a carnival theme park, where you’ll enjoy jaw-dropping attractions. Also, Global Village shopping gives you more than games.

The best part is you won’t go hungry or look for your traditional meals, Global Village makes available awesome restaurants with mouth-watering meals and chefs that serve savory meals for different ethnicity’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Go on a foodie adventure in the global food street decked with exotic Asian fruits, India’s vada pavs, UAE’s famous luqaimat, Turkish borek, and Japanese ice cream capable of throwing you into a food coma.

Below is a list of some of the thrills in Global Village:

Global Village’s Carnival

  • Wheel of the World: Enjoy the 60 m high observation wheel in Dubai’s legendary styles.
  • Transylvania Towers: Hotel Transylvania comes alive, creepy, and spooky to test your bravery and your kids. Dare take on the ride with cunt Dracula? Get ready to be haunted
  • Moscow Max: Experience a swing of a lifetime, a ride that proves you to be weightless, get ready because your courage is being tried, can you stand it.

Retail Shopping Centres in Global Village Dubai

Do you love the street retail experience? The Dubai Global Village Fete is a fair deal waiting to experience your patronage. It is lush with varieties of businesses across the world to give you real-life experience. You shop from the best in the world within hours.

Global Village Country Pavilion

Unlike past seasons of the Global village, this season is one of a kind. There’s a collection of 26 pavilions featuring different cultures from all over the world, these including Turkey, India, Iran, Thailand, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan, Europe, Egypt, America, China, Africa, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, South Korea, Morocco, Bahrain, Russia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Cuisines and Dining Centre in Global village Dubai

No matter how special a destination is, without food, it’s a death trap. At Global Village, you’re made available with exotic and appetite-whetting dishes ranging from dine-in restaurants to street food stalls. 

Get your choice meal from over 150 food kiosks with savory flavors from around the world. Enjoy the goodness of Turkish potatoes, Egyptian Koshari, dynamite shrimp, Thai food, and lots more.

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Varieties of Show in Global Village Dubai

When you’re stuffed and ready for some thrills, then the global village was expecting you on the following displays

  • Kids Show: win the best parent (s) of the year from your kids by making their wishes come alive with thrilling shows like PJ mask, Peter rabbit, and the like.
  • Stunt Show: scream out your heart to the jaw-popping stunts from all over the world. This includes biggies, tank tricks, and for the new, a first-ever water stunt show, alongside harbor force.

Experience the daredevil freight ride, and jet ski. Also be swept off feet with the following: 75-foot high water dive, flyboarding, and lots more.

  • Street carnival: Get ready to capture the moment in the street act such as Double Dutch skippers and Bollywood flash mob.

after these then what? How about a place to rest your head after a delightful day of wonder?

Accommodation/Feeding in Global Village Dubai

You need a place to rest your head in sleep, dreaming about the new dawn of wonders in the Global village. So, “is there any provision for accommodation in the Global Village?” 

The Global village was designed for tourism and games, it wasn’t planned for accommodation. However, there are exotic and affordable suites and hotels nearby.

Below are ten exotic and affordable suites and hotels near the global Village.

  • Golden Sands Hotel, Apartment Dubai is 16m drive away. It takes 15m and costs $9 – $11 with a taxi
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club is 12. km from Global village. It takes 7 mins and costs $4-$5 with a taxi
  • Samaya Hotel Apartment Dubai is 23min away by taxi. By bus, it’s roughly 22min and it costs $2-$4.

In conclusion, accommodation and feeding is not an issue here if you can afford them. There are dozens of hotels near Global village. 

Transportation inside Global Village Dubai

The Global Village is a cultural and entertainment for the family shopping experience. A destination for over 90 countries across the world. It spans 17,200,000 sq ft (1,600,000 m2) and holds up to 5million people yearly. There’s no means of public transportation inside Global Village, however, if you’re not fit to take the Walk, there are wheelchairs for hire for senior citizens and little golf carts that can drop you wherever you want.

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How to Participate in Dubai’s Global village Dubai?

Global Village is for everyone regardless of age. However, some age groups have special treats. For example, Access is free for minors below 3 years and senior citizens 65 years and above. However, the senior citizen of that age must have a valid ticket.

You should keep in mind that every Monday is for families. Access is granted to couples, families, and women only.

After that, the best time to have access is on Thursday and Friday, from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Saturday and Sunday, from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. every other time won’t be easy because the area will be crowded.

You must purchase your nonrefundable ticket before entering the global Village. Purchase your ticket here. Below is a simplified explanation of ticket purchases in the Global village.

Online TicketsAED 15
Offline TicketsAED 20
Tickets for people with determination and their single carerFree access
Tickets for children under 3 yearsFree entry
Tickets for senior citizens, (people above 65 years of age)Complimentary entry

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs


Global village Dubai is an ideal destination for families, couples, and the singles on shopping vacations. It’s worth every dime. However, don’t forget that this 26 season, 2022 will be concluded on 7th May 2022. In case you missed it, don’t worry, keep in touch and we’ll have you fully updated. Are you on your way already, don’t forget “no smoking, no pets”? Kindly Purchase your ticket here.

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