Best Car Tint in Dubai: Enhancing Style and Comfort

Best Car Tint in Dubai

Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and innovation, extends its penchant for excellence even to the automotive industry. One crucial aspect that has gained immense popularity among car enthusiasts is window tinting. In this article, we delve into the top-notch providers of the best car tint in Dubai, each offering a unique blend of style and functionality.

1. Autocare

Autocare stands as a pioneer, introducing window film to the UAE in 1981. With an impressive portfolio that includes projects like the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab, Autocare has become a trusted name. Partnering with car dealerships, they apply window film and paint protection, ensuring a blend of aesthetics and practicality.


  • Google Rating: 4.6 Stars
  • Address: Al Manara Rd Al Quoz 1, WH 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Phone number: 715-0821-4093
  • Website:
  • Location: Google maps

2. Car Auto Accessories Fixing

Imagine a car spa in a mall parking lot! Our Car Auto Accessories Fixing brings this innovative concept to life. With authorization from 3M, they offer services like window tinting, exterior car body polish, and interior detailing right in the parking lots of major malls across Dubai. A unique experience where your car gets pampered while you shop.

A Decade of Automotive Excellence

Celebrating 13 years of success, 3M stands out as the first and only 3M authorized film applicator offering automotive services in major shopping mall car parks. Their patented technology produces window film with a nano-carbon polyester, providing maximum heat rejection without interfering with signals. 3M’s tinting deals are renowned for enhancing a car’s aesthetics cost-effectively.

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Unlike other companies, 3M makes its own polyester, allowing for a unique nano-carbon polyester. This groundbreaking process ensures maximum heat rejection without the interference of metal film layers, giving their films a stylish look with outstanding color stability.


  • Google Rating: 4.5 Stars
  • Address: Level 2, Area MM2,Dubai marina Mall, Dubai Marina، Waitrose Super Market Parking – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Phone number: 715-6404-0584
  • Website:
  • Location: Google maps

3. Tint and Sun Auto Accessories Fitting LLC

With a history dating back 14 years, Tint and Sun specialize in automotive, residential, and commercial window tinting. Their team’s 24 years of industry experience ensure professional service with innovative solutions. The range of window tinting brands and shades they offer allows for a personalized touch to your car, improving fuel economy and reducing unwanted glare.

Tint and Sun’s expertise lies in providing comprehensive window tinting solutions for automotive, residential, and commercial needs. The selection of brands and shades they offer ensures that clients receive the desired look and quality for their specific requirements.

Beyond aesthetics, Tint and Sun focus on improving fuel economy and enhancing comfort through their window tinting services. By blocking out damaging UV rays and reducing glare and solar heat, they contribute to a safer and more comfortable driving experience.


  • Google Rating: 4.7 Stars
  • Address: Al Faris Mall, office M17 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Phone number: 715-5386-5454
  • Website:
  • Location: Google maps

4. Smart Auto Accessories Fitting LLC

Smart Auto Accessories Fitting LLC takes luxury car care to a new level. Specializing in services like car detailing, window tinting, upholstery, car wrapping, and paint protection, their experienced team stays updated on the latest technologies. The goal is to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry.

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Luxury car owners find solace in the world-class services offered by Smart Auto Accessories Fitting LLC. From car detailing to paint protection, every service is executed with precision, catering to the unique needs of luxury vehicles.

To maintain their position at the top, Smart Auto Accessories Fitting LLC prioritizes staying ahead with the latest technologies. This commitment ensures that clients receive cutting-edge services, keeping their luxury cars in pristine condition.


  • Google Rating: 4.7 Stars
  • Address: D16 Road, Al Quoz 4, Warehouse number 6/Behind JOTUN warehouse, Behind JOTUN warehouse – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Phone number: 715-6726-9666
  • Website:
  • Location: Google maps

5. Delights Auto Accessories

Established in 2005, Delights Auto Accessories Trading is a trusted brand in the automobile sector. Offering services such as car tinting, car polish, ceramic car coating, and paint protection film, they focus on providing superior heat protection and maintaining the aesthetics of luxury automobiles.

Delights Auto Accessories Trading distinguishes itself by providing superior heat protection and enhancing the aesthetics of luxury automobiles. Their car tints, car polish, and ceramic car coating services have been tried and tested, garnering satisfaction from thousands of customers in Dubai and the UAE.

With a proven track record, Delights Auto Accessories Trading has become synonymous with excellence in car tinting services. Thousands of satisfied customers bear testimony to the quality and effectiveness of their offerings.


  • Google Rating: 4.9 Stars
  • Address: Marrakech St – Umm Ramool – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Phone number: 715-0976-4001
  • Website:
  • Location: Google maps
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Carcool positions itself as the best 3M Window Tinting Services servitor in Dubai, focusing on eliminating disorientation caused by harmful elements like UV rays, infrared radiation, and glare. Their skilled professionals guide clients in choosing the right tint series, providing protection, privacy, and aesthetics.

CAR COOL takes pride in being the best 3M Window Tinting Services provider in Dubai. Their services extend beyond aesthetics, addressing issues like heat-producing infrared rays and enhancing visibility, privacy, and glare reduction.

In addition to automotive services, CAR COOL offers top-class home and commercial window tinting solutions. Their protective films not only contribute to energy efficiency by reducing the need for cooling systems but also provide security and aesthetic appeal.


  • Google Rating: 5 Stars
  • Address: Al Khabaisi – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Phone number: 715-0707-1892
  • Website:
  • Location: Google maps

Dubai offers a plethora of choices when it comes to the best car tint. Whether it’s Autocare’s pioneering projects, 3M’s patented technology, Tint and Sun’s comprehensive solutions, Smart Auto Accessories Fitting LLC’s luxury car care, Delights Auto Accessories Trading’s trusted services, or CAR COOL’s focus on protection, each provider brings a unique blend of style and functionality to the table.

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