Comprehensive Guide to Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance Check – All You Should Know

Business is about checks and balances for then we’ll know how to plan, budget, schedule and reschedule our daily, casual and corporate activities. In the business part of check and balances, the lulu Exchange salary card is your go-to item to know the bank balance of your salary if you’re in the UAE.

Among many, one characteristic about the Lulu Exchange salary card is that you don’t need to open a working bank account to get one. It’s your alibi during an emergency and on top of that, it’s a safe and secure way of sending money across continents.

That was for people reading this out of referrals or curiosity. The main purpose of this article is to guide you how to check your Lulu exchange salary card balance and to answer other queries you might bring up in the future. 

What is Lulu Exchange?

Lulu Exchange is known to be among the world’s leading money remittance and bursary situated in the United Arab Emirates[UAE].

They’re a safe option for both employers and employees to have a protected transaction also, the Lulu Exchange offers cross-continental money exchange and transfer at a friendly exchange rate with about 94 branches across the UAE.

Over the years, they have maintained a customer-centric approach which has made Lulu Exchange not only a popular but a safe and reliable option for UAE Citizens across the globe.

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You might have come across this saying “With Lulu, your money will reach its destination safely.” That’s not far from reality.

Keep in mind that Lulu Exchange is a walk-in office at a physical location while Lulu Money is an online platform owned by Lulu Exchange for easier transactions and broader reach.

Services Offered by Lulu Exchange

The Lulu Exchange is a financial institution with numerous services that keep its customers smiling. The list of services at Lulu Exchange includes:

  • Money Transfers: Experience hassle-free Transfer of credit across the globe to banks in India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, and Indonesia quickly and easily either directly to the Account or via the country-specific inter-bank network.
  • Currency Exchange: Exchange between currencies at unbelievable exchange rates on the Lulu money online platform or by patrons through our wide network of branches.
  • Wages & Salary Administration: This is a dream come true for employees and employers as Lulu Exchange introduces the UAE’s first Digital Native WPS Payroll Solution, a licensed service dedicated to ensuring timely and accurate payment of wages.
  • Value-Added Services:You need more than payment receipts, transfers, and more to lead hassle hassle-free life. That’s why Lulu Exchange provides top-up services, recharges, and utility services to make you experience a good life.
  • Lulu Gold Card: premium tools for the premium life. You get to enjoy lots of exchange bureaus, and mind-exiting discounts at various shopping and hospitality partners using the Lulu gold card.
  • Import & Export of Currencies: Experience smooth movements of high-volume transactions. It’s not only secure and easy but benefits stack.

Other services provided by Lulu Exchange are corporate services, Lulu Premiere, and service charges. However, let’s focus on what brought you here and that’s 

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Comprehensive Guide to Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance Check

The MyPaymycard is the Lulu Exchange salary card, a credit card where you do not need a bank account to operate.

There 4 ways you can check your Lulu exchange salary card balance which is:

  • Through the Online Bank Balance Check.
  • Through the Lulu Exchange mobile app.
  • Use the USSD Code(via sim card)
  • Visit the Lulu Exchange branch office

#1. Through the Online Bank Balance Check

Kindly log into your card account navigate to where your details will be demanded then proceed to get your salary card balance. This process happens to be the easiest way to check your Lulu exchange salary card balance because you’ll know your balance at a glance.

#2. Through the Lulu Exchange Mobile App

Visit the app store or the Google Play Store:

  • Download the Lulu Exchange app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Install the app and log into your account with your details.

You’ll like the seamless and navigation-friendly interface. You’ll access your Lulu bank balance with ease.

With the Lulu Exchange app, you can carry out value-added services such as

  • Fund transfers,
  • Bill payments,
  • Currency exchange rates, and more.

#3. Use the USSD Code(via sim card)

In case you don’t have access to inter enabled device, maybe you’re reading this via a friend’s, then resort to checking your Lulu Exchange salary  card balance via SMS:

  • Send a text message to Custom Care as preformatted for you on the website.
  • You’ll send an SMS with your updated salary card balance.
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#4. Visit the Lulu Exchange Branch Office

If you like to be there in person to ensure that you have your eyes on everything – which there’s no need for, you can visit any of the Lulu Exchange branches and request your Lulu Exchange salary card balance.

You’ll be met with friendly staff with your interest at heart willing to assist you in any magnitude of demands may be simple or complex. You’ll end up coming out from that building a satisfied customer giving a five-star review.



Life is smoothed by a series of gainful transactions, meaning you must either receive payment or send money. The medium through which our money passes to get to its destination determines whether or not we’ll successfully receive or send that payment.

Although such risk has been effectively arrested by numerous financial institutions, some stand out in their service.

Lulu Exchange is one of the top and leading remittance and bursary services in the UAE with seamless service to its customers both at home and abroad.

Any individual in UAE, at least 21 years and above is eligible to do business with Lulu exchange.

Lulu Exchange helps both employee and employer maintain consistency, trust and ease in transactions.

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