How to Find a Unified Number for UAE

Find a Unified Number for UAE

Suppose you have a look at your UAE visa; do you know where to find your unified number? It’s a good idea to know what’s actually on these important documents. The unified number, also known as the Emirates ID card number, is one of the most important identifying numbers relating to your time in the UAE.

So, What Is A UAE Unified Number?

Your unique identification number, or UID, is a 9–15 digit number generated when you obtain your residence visa. This helps identify you as the visa holder and is assigned only to that person; it’s not transferable within or between individuals.

Your UID number is issued by the General Directory of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). These two governing bodies play a role in issuing, managing and distributing residency permits as well as identification documents such as Emirates ID cards.

In the UAE, each individual is given a unique number that remains with them throughout their time in the country. Let’s explore what this means and how to find your own personal UAE unified number on your visa.

How to Find Your Passport Number on Your Visa

Your residence visa document contains important information about you as a tourist or ex-pat in the UAE. The unified identity number (UID) is an important part of your visa, and it’s located above the file number on your document.

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How to Find Your Unified Number Online

To quickly find out your UID, do this:

How to Get a Unified Number for UAE

If you are unable to find your UID number or if it is not linked correctly in the online portal, submit a direct inquiry through GDRFA’s website or use contact information;

  • The toll-free number for the UAE is 8005111.
  • International call: +971 4 313 9999.


We have tried to add detail and depth to our discussion on unified numbers in the UAE in order to clarify any confusion that our readers may have on this topic. Hopefully, we managed to shed some light on the matter and perhaps answer a few questions you didn’t even know you had.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of the unified number (UID)?

Your UID is a unique identifier that has various uses.

  • Applying for your residence permit
  • Applying for an Emirates ID card
  • A guide for supporting your identity in the UAE immigration system

Can I have more than one UID number?

No, this is not usually the case. The UAE issues a single identification number to each person entering, traveling through, or residing in the country.

However, there are times when a computer glitch causes two different unified numbers to be assigned to one person. If this should happen, go directly to the GDRFA office and have your UIDs merged immediately (or as soon as you discover that it’s happened).

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