Top 10 Dogs in Dubai – A Guide to Finding the Right Dog

Top 10 Dogs in Dubai You Must Meet

Dubai is currently a vibrant, famously known destination for tourism worldwide, home of entertainment and all types of luxurious equipment, restaurants, and brands within the city. However, the city is also home to famous types of dogs worldwide despite being judged as a hub of trade and oil in the Middle East.

Although, most Middle East countries discard dogs as impure creatures exclusive of Saluki. Varieties of dogs are used as pets, especially the small size. Today, the article will disclose some hidden facts about dogs and choose which type you want to domesticate.

Top 10 Dogs in Dubai
Top 10 Dogs in Dubai

1. Beagle

They are suitable for apartments. Beagles are playful and family-friendly to keep your kids busy. Moreover, they are known to be intelligent dogs and easy to train. Sometimes they can portray unusual behavior if they smell something unusual.   

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It is among the most popular dogs. They are easily trained, very beautiful, loyal, and energetic. Keep them active to avoid isolation anxiety; however, they can be destructive, and avoid taking them out during the hot session. Makes sure to give them time to exercise to keep them fit.

3. Pomeranian

It is the tiniest dog ever and suits them very well with the apartment. These puppies are very hardworking that you can’t tell what they are capable of doing. They can be easily trained, but hot areas don’t suit them comfortable hence you can keep your fans on to provide a conducive environment for them  

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4. Golden Retriever

They are golden white and best for houses rather than apartments. Golden Retrievers are playful and trustworthy hence good to keep your kids busy. Moreover, they are intelligent and pleasing to live with. The only problem with domesticating this type is it is likely to get infected by hip dysplasia

5. Yorkshire Terrier

They are also best for apartments due to their small size. Yorkshire is very tiny and known globally because of its personality. The dog is very loyal and can keep your kids busy because they are very playful puppies.

They came from England, Yorkshire, and the presence of silky fur they have worldwide and leave comfortable in hot regions like Dubai. Yorkshire are little hard to train, and the best thing to do is begin in the early stages so avoid problems with your apartment neighbors   

6. Great Dane

Great Dane is white with black spots. Despite their immense size, they can make comfortable leave in apartments. It is a gorgeous dog that blends effortlessly with Dubai’s climate. Fortunately, they are friendly and active.

7. Cane Corso

It is black and has a white strip below the neck. Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is very well-developed and robust; hence, they are used as guards puppies. They get agitated by strangers but loyal family members.

Keep Corso active as they get bored quickly and that time it can make holes or even interfere with your furniture to make themselves busy. Moreover, they do well in the Dubai climate.

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8. Havanese

It is the best dog for apartments due to its small size. They are agile, although very affectionate and prevalent. This puppy comes from Cuba and has silky white protection, making it do well in the hot Dubai.

Havanese are very useful puppies in sports and do help, disabled individuals. Moreover, they are intelligent and agile but can suffer from isolation and nervousness.  

9. Doberman Pinscher

It is the best dog for sports activities like agility. In the 19th century, it was trained as a guard dog in Germany. Despite Doberman having a corrupt status, they are still very friendly and are incredible to domesticate.

Like the German shepherds, they are big-sized dogs and not best for apartments as they need to exercise often. They can be trained and can survive comfortably in hot regions like Dubai.  

10. German Shepherds

It is the most widespread in the city as a pet, but some scenarios are used as safeguards’ puppies. They can get taught; moreover, they are large and also intellectual. Due to their flexibility, they can be multi-use in areas like;

  • Use to perform police duties
  • Used as guide puppies
  • Agility
  • Herding

German shepherds are amiable dogs and make excellent pets if trained from early stages. Moreover, they conduct themself very carefully; however, they usually grow big do, which might not be appropriate for apartments as they need adequate space.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs of Dogs in Dubai

Final Words

If you live in an apartment and need friendly dogs, then look for the beagle, Pomeranian, etc. You can try German Shepherds for security purposes. Make your kids busy with dogs if you’re caught in your daily routine. You can buy your favorite dogs from Pet mania at an affordable price. 

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